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46th Anniversary of DFLP in pictures
46 years of struggle for freedom… and we still resisting

March 2015
The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) organized dozens of military marches, ceremonies, political and cultural acts, meetings and demonstrations in the homeland, exile and diaspora, on the occasion of its 46th anniversary.

Thousands of our people, militants and leaders of the DFLP, representatives of the Palestinian factions participated in these activities, showing the Palestinian spirit of struggle and sacrifice for our inalienable national rights represented on self-determination, independent state with full sovereign and return of all refugees.

Ramallah City, West Bank: Military march during the main celebration of the DFLP's 46th anniversary, with the participation of thousands of our people and the presence of national faction leaders and representatives, the governor of Ramallah and Al-Bire, Laila Ghannam and President Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen):

Gaza City: More than ten thousands DFLP's members participated in the military march and parade, in the 46th anniversary of its foundation, under the slogan: "End of division is the way to rebuilding, breaking the blockade, recovering political initiative, and resistance against occupation":


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