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A cultural festival in Cuban capital, marking the glorious 48th anniversary of the start of DFLP
March 4, 2017

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine established in the Cuban capital, Havana, a mass cultural festival to mark the forty-eighth start of the combative left, in the yard of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with Peoples (ICAP), last February 28th.

The yard was crowded with the members and friends of the DFLP to mark the occasion, a vast crowd of Palestinian, Arab, African, Cuban and Latin students from various colleges and universities in the Cuban capital also participated in the celebration.

The cultural activity was attended by official delegations of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, many Cuban organizations and institutions, the ambassador of the State of Palestine, Palestinian factions’ members and representatives of international liberation movements and parties.

Many speeches were delivered, among the most important was the word of comrade Waseem Rodayni, DFLP Secretary in Cuba, and the word of the international relations official at the University Student Federation, also the word of deputy official of the African Union students, the speakers paid tribute to the DFLP in this glorious anniversary, and they praised the struggling role of the DFLP and its intellectual left contributions , they also stressed on the unity of the struggle of the third world oppressed peoples against imperialism, Zionism and local reactionary, and they stressed on the internationalist support for the Palestinians in obtaining their historical right of return to their homes, establishing their independent state, liberating from occupation and releasing all Palestinian prisoners.

They condemned the Zionist daily crimes against the Palestinian people, and called for the lifting of all forms of Israeli unjust siege in the Palestinian territories, especially the Gaza Strip, and they sent their greetings and congratulations to the fighters and militants of the DFLP and its Secretary General Comrade Nayef Hawatmeh.

The program of the celebration began with the national anthem of Cuba and Palestine, and honoring the late leader of the Cuban Revolution, the internationalist leader, Fidel Castro, then revolutionary lyrical songs were presented, and the images and scenes of the National Resistance Brigades, and the DFLP prisoners and martyrs were exposed. The yard was decorated with Palestinian, Cuban and DFLP flags.

A documentary historical film about the cause of the Palestinian people and their suffering because of the Zionist project, backed by imperialism, and the resulting displacement of Palestinians was introduced, the film talked about the march and the most prominent historical stations of the DFLP and its struggle over the 48-years, for the right of the Palestinian people of return, self-determination and establishing their independent state with Jerusalem as capital on all the occupied territories in 1967.

Some lyrical revolutionary songs were presented by Cuban and African friends, all of them glorifying the struggles of the Palestinian people against suffering and oppression and attempts to undermine its determination, the ceremony was concluded with folk and popular performances by DFLP youth groups.


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