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DFLP celebrates its 48th anniversary with a central festival in Beirut
March 14, 2017

Under the slogan "We resist, we fight, for the liberation of Palestine" and in a huge political and public presence, the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine celebrated the 48th anniversary of its start with a big festival in Resalat hall in Beirut, and it was attended by the ambassador of the State of Palestine, Ashraf Dabour, the Secretary General of the Lebanese Communist Party, Hanna Ghareeb, the acting Cuban ambassador, and a number of leaders and representatives of Palestinian factions and Lebanese parties, as well as representatives of unions, popular committees, women labor and youth unions, social institutions, various movements and a crowd from Beirut camps, also a number of members of the Political Bureau, Central Committee and the leadership of DFLP in Lebanon.

The festival began by the two national anthem of Lebanon and Palestine, then a welcoming speech by the member of the Central Committee of DFLP, Comrade Fathi Klaib, who conveyed the greetings of the Secretary General of DFLP, comrade Nayef Hawatmeh to the audience and Lebanese and Palestinian peoples, after that was the speech of the secretary general of Lebanese Communist Party, Comrade Hanna Gharib, who greeted DFLP and Nayef Hawatmeh, and considered that the resistance as the only way for liberation, to achieve the unity and grab the Palestinian people's rights, stressing that the state and the Lebanese parties are concerned to strengthen the common interests, relations and cooperation in order to strengthen security in the camps and to provide the elements of a decent living and to stop the deprivation of human rights policy.

The Hezbollah word was by former MP, Hassan Heb-Allah he greeted the Palestinian people and DFLP on the anniversary of its start and said that Israel does not respond to the positions of denunciation and condemnation by the international community, but under pressure and by the armed force, as what happened in south Lebanon and in the Gaza Strip, stressing that the settlement operations, murder and aggression can be faced only by uniting all the Palestinian people's parties and trends.

Lawyer Ramzi Dassoum, in a speech on behalf of the Free Patriotic Movement, congratulated the DFLP, considering that the Israeli enemy does not pay attention to the positions of protest by the international community and is proceeding with its policy, what requires a united Arab response, stressing that Lebanon will remain, along with the Palestinian people and its struggle for its national rights, according to what recently was announced by President Michel Aoun.

On the impact of cheering and applause the late Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, was honored, by presenting the Palestine shield as a recognition of his courage in supporting the Palestinian people and it was received by the Cuban Chargé d'affaires in Beirut, Raul Madrigal, who thanked the DFLP, stressing that Cuba and its president Raul Castro will be on the covenant to support the Palestinian people. Also the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was honored on the anniversary of his death by presenting the DFLP shield which was received also by Mr. Madrigal. And the Archbishop Hilarion Capucci was also honored by the shield of Palestine in recognition of his national history and his struggle for Palestine and its people.

Amal party word was delivered by Mohammed Al-Jabawi who emphasized on the depth of the relationship between the Amal Movement and the DFLP, and called on all factions to deal responsibly with the risks that threaten everyone, pointing out that Nabih Berri, who sponsored the meetings of the Preparatory Committee of the National Council will continue his endeavors in order to end the division and restore the national unity.

Dr. Sirhan Sirhan talked on behalf of the Socialist Progressive party and hailed the DFLP and all its fighters, calling for the activation of reconciliation among the Palestinian factions and ending the division, and facing Israel and its aggressive projects, and calling again for the recognition of the human rights of the Palestinians in Lebanon.

The word of the DFLP, was delivered by the member of its political bureau, Comrade Ali Faisal, where he considered that all the Arab states are targeted with their unity and sovereignty and that the US-Israeli hegemony project aims to plant sectarian regional conflicts and distract our peoples with their internal issues, so our enemy to monopolize our people and its resistance and impose its project to eliminate the Palestinian cause, calling the Arab popular movement to restore its role to redefine the struggle compass in the right direction and calling the upcoming Arab summit to take serious positions to support the struggle of the Palestinian people.

Faisal said that the Palestinian issue is going through its most dangerous stages as a result of the acceleration of the settlement project , which is backed by the US, as part of the "Greater Jerusalem project" which will include large parts of the West Bank, to eliminate any possibility to create the State of Palestine on the ground, with its capital in Jerusalem, considering that the best Palestinian response lies in working to restore the national unity and end the division and in the development of the youth uprising toward a comprehensive uprising as a part of a new national strategy that formally announces: the end of Oslo Accords and their annexes, the stop of the security coordination, the cancellation of Paris economic agreement, the immunization of the status of Palestine at the international level, the isolation of Israel and putting it in front of the international justice and the development of political system by adopting executive mechanisms to what were agreed upon in dialogues of Beirut and Moscow in terms of the formation of a national consensus government, that supervises on inclusive elections for all Palestinian institutions on the full proportional representation basis.

About the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, Faisal considered that the economic, political, social and security situations form a stressing factor on all the Palestinian situation in Lebanon, which all of them limit the possibility of fortifying the general attitude to distance the Palestinian situation away from the negative repercussions of the regional conflicts, stressing the keenness on the stability of the camps' conditions and strengthening their relations with neighbors, stressing that this attitude is not enough unless it is accompanied by a change in the official dealing of the Lebanese with the Palestinian presence in Lebanon through the adoption of human and social rights, especially the right to work and own a property and the reconstruction of Nahr Al-Bared camp and dealing with the Palestinians displaced from Syria with more humane and here comes the role of the UNRWA and the need to improve its services and keep a watchful eye on its activities in case of any deviation in its role.

He also considered that targeting Ein Al-Hilweh refugee camp with security frequent tensions and terrorizing the people and hitting their daily interests and lives, are definitely an offence to the image of the Palestinian struggle, and presenting camps with unreal image and not as advanced struggle sites that defend their rights, therefore the recurrence of such incidents would harm the issue of refugees and the right of return.


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