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Palestinian Refugees, the Displaced and The Final Status Negotiations
By: Ramzi Rabah (Member of Palestinian Democratic Cultural Forum)

The Refugees, the Displaced and the Permanent Status Negotiations

Besides the land, the Refugee issue is just one other cornerstone of the Palestinian national question in the present phase. The Right of Return embodies the right of self determination along with establishing an independent national state. This is what international law has granted as reward for the Palestinian People’s National Liberation struggle as well as an expression of its inalienable national rights.

The importance of this study coincides with the beginning of the permanent status negotiations which includes issues of the Refugees and the displaced. Furthermore its publication follows the annulment of the National Covenant by the Palestinian National Council (PNC) during its twenty first session meeting, under the pretext of cancelling the clauses which call for the elimination of Israel’s right of existence.

Undoubtedly relating these two events is essential. To advancing the issues of the Refugees and the displaced, on the Palestinian street level there exists a deep feeling that the Palestinian Oslo Team will offer the biggest concessions on these two issues.

It will be clear to the reader that the study has focused on new cornerstones on the status of Refugees and displaced, including the important and significant role that is supposed to be played by the Palestinian Refugees in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and their own land -The Palestinian Refugees in the state of Israel. The Hebrew State has succeeded in suppressing the latter issue while at the same time the Palestinian side has avoided it although it is a national an a human issue whereby Arab Community depends on local laws to defend their rights as much as on the United Nations Resolutions like their compatriots the 1948 Refugees and the 1967 displaced people.

The study aims at focusing on new sides of one of the National Palestinian issues; it does not claim to cover all angles. Rather it is considered to be an invitation to those concerned to take matters into their own hands.

The Publisher
May 1996


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