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Presentation od the book Palestinian Thought – Selected Articles by Nayef Hawatmeh, in Caracas
October 21, 2019

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine presented in Venezuela on last September the book Palestinian Thought – Selected Articles by Nayef Hawatmeh, published by Editorial Trinchera, at the Colombeia Bookshop in the Venezuelan capital.

The presentation was attended by comrades Elías Jáua, from the National Directorate of the USPV, Amilkar Figueroa, President of Trinchera Editorial House, Jehad Yusef, member of the Palestinian National Council, and Muaz Mussa, representative in Venezuela of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, and also a group of activists and individuals expressing their solidarity with the Palestinian cause, and also cadres of the DFLP.

Comrade Elías reaffirmed the historical importance of the cause of the Palestinian people and lauded their historical resistance facing occupation and in the quest for their Independence. He insisted on the militant and practical solidarity of the Bolivarian Revolution with the Palestinian cause and every just cause and further thanked the Democratic Front and its Secretary-General, comrade Nayef Hawatmeh, for his contributions to this book and to the historical struggle of the Palestinian people.
Comrade Amilkar Figueroa expressed his gratitude for the collective efforts undertaken to make possible the appearance of this book. He pointed out the historical role of the Democratic Front in the Palestinian Revolution and its profound revolutionary analyses in which combatant programs are presented in spite of the sudden geo-political shifts suffered by the Middle Eastern region.

Dr. Jehad Yusef recalled the historical importance of the Democratic Front’s thought and their most important contributions to the Political Program of the Palestinian Revolution in 1974. He added that the Front has upheld relations of struggle and brotherhood with the revolutionary forces in Latin America, such as Cuba and Venezuela, and that is why it has presented over five books in Spanish as a contribution on this path of joint struggle against imperialism and Zionism.

Comrade Muaz Mussa thanked the audience and particularly Editorial Trinchera for its great support to make this book possible. He explained that the book illustrates ideological and political topics on a time span of over 20 years that bring the reader closer to the inside of the Palestinian cause and the battles waged by the Democratic Front on this matter, thus giving the public more reasons to transform spontaneous solidarity with the Palestinian people into a persuasion, for it links the struggle of the Palestinian people against Zionism and imperialism to the struggles of every people against imperialism as a common enemy. He further insisted on the importance of reading the book and of its distribution to turn it into a window towards the struggle of the Palestinian people.


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