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«Achievements»… The French initiative!
Mohammad Al-Sahli
November 8, 2016

Paris launched its initiative to cover the vacuum and prevent the occurrence of «undesirable» Palestinian developments.

The observers of the Palestinian affair noticed the exit of «the French initiative» suddenly from the deliberation by the Palestinian negotiator, who was «preoccupied» throughout the year in the talking positively about the outcomes of the French effort on the settlement.

Between Paris conference and the meeting of its members on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly, the banner of the promised international conference was the last «charming» phrases that was repeated in the marketing of the initiative Fair. Then a heavy silence!

Who checked the headlines of initiative since its launching, realized the danger of dealing with it as a proper for the benefit of a settlement are supposed to ensure the embodiment of Palestinian rights, and warned in advance of the disastrous results that will be produced from the celebration of the Palestinian negotiating team and betting on it.

Where is the initiative? If its circulation stopped, that means who welcomed it, may folded the front page, so why that not announced it in the context of a critical that re-considerates the options of the national consensus and that was confirmed on it by the Central Council's decisions at its last session?

When the Palestinian Central Council adopted in the spring of last year developed a package of advanced decisions, it seemed to many international sides that the Palestinian situation likely to enter a new phase, in line with the determinants of the policy which is adopted by the Palestinian negotiator and his political reference.

It is normal that this possibility is very disturbing for Tel Aviv and Washington, because the implementation of those decisions put an end to the series of the free achievements that the occupation accumulates them on the one hand, and opens the door before the settlement to way out of the US exclusive patronage, to return the Palestinian cause for its natural place, the United Nations its various institutions, especially the Palestinians succeeded in the autumn of 2012 in upgrading status of Palestine in the United Nations and UN recognition of it as a state under occupation on the fourth of June 1967 borders with its capital in East Jerusalem.

The Decisions of «Central Council » were issued and before that happened the success of the Palestinian effort at the United Nations as a result after the availability of the national consensus about the settlement failure with its previous terms to make any progress in the embodiment of Palestinian rights, and thus the Palestinian negotiator was not in a position to re-marketing of the US role on the settlement front.

As it happened during the era of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, was repeated in the current era of President Hollande, from the angle of launching a French «Initiative» that covers the vacuum and prevents the occurrence of undesirable Palestinian developments.

At the same time, there was a Palestinian «private» reading what happened in the Central Council, and before that at the United Nations. Instead of these achievements serve as weapons that enable the Palestinians to regain the initiative and get out of the negative state and the hesitancy.

The Palestinian «official» considered that these achievements should put both Washington and Tel Aviv in front of rethinking in the basis of the settlement from the angle of improve it no more, and the reason for this reading is that the official Palestinian leadership does not want to fight an open battle with the occupation and see in this option a kind of «destruction».

While observers saw that this retreat linked with the non-availability of the political will of the official leadership to confront the entitlement option of an open confrontation with the occupation, and basically to adopt a unified national program and correct the path of the National Action which is based on the reconsideration of the laws of the national liberation movement, especially the political partnership in the national decision-making and implementing it.

Thus, the Palestinian negotiator found himself in a trouble. As he cannot re-market the US role on the one hand, nor he is ready to run for open confrontation with the occupation. At this particular time was the launch of the French initiative «ideas».

Paris was aware of the nature of the impasse that we have mentioned. Therefore, it introduced two attractive tittles at the forefront of its initiative. The first relates to talking about the timeframe for negotiations and the trending towards holding an international conference on the settlement. The second is the declaration of Paris readiness to recognize the State of Palestine if the negotiations had ended and did not accomplish anything.

The Palestinian negotiator saw it as a saving stage; and clung to it since its launch; and marketing particularly among the Palestinian groups and the hesitant Palestinian categories towards the open choice with the occupation.

The Israeli rejection of the initiative came to be for the Palestinian negotiator, as an additional promotion for this initiative, though most of the Palestinian political situation alarmed that not all what is rejected by our enemy is to our advantage.

Most importantly, the refutation of this initiative came at the hands of their producers. Since its launch, and even arriving to the Paris conference, beginning last May, it has been cut at the hands of the American clipper, so first the French pledge to recognize the Palestinian state, was dropped and then the time limit for the negotiations, then it was clear that Paris conference was just a meeting to deliberate the settlement and it came with a futile statement, even the Foreign Minister of the Palestinian Authority, expressed about his frustration.

The falling bet was repeated the failed bet on another meeting on the sidelines of the current session of the General Assembly of the United Nations, and nothing happened to suggest that the initiative had been created to live.

For its producers, the initiative achieved many goals through its adoption and the enthusiasm to it by the official Palestinian leadership; and the most important of these «achievements»:

• It put many difficulties of in the face of the Palestinian youth uprising which started at the beginning of October last year, especially the results of the security coordination with the occupation, which has increased, and the entry of Palestinian security services directly to the curbing line operations against Israeli soldiers.
• The Palestinian endeavor towards the United Nations was frozen, so no causes were submitted against the occupation before the International Criminal Court, and the endeavor to submit draft resolutions before the General Assembly and the Security Council regarding the settlements, also was declined.
•Ignoring the Central Council resolutions, which will keep the Palestinian situation, in a case of hesitancy and paralysis with the aggravation of the division repercussions and the deterioration of the national relations.

The continuation of this situation has led to the emergence of additional tensions in the Palestinian territories, and significantly appeared the security role of the PA and the predominance of its services in suppressing the social movements which increased the tension state.

All this confirms that the initiatives that are improper for the rights of the Palestinian people only succeeded to achieve the goals of their producers, and basically the deportation of the Palestinians from the options that open the door in front of them for the progress on the road to the completion of their national rights.

The silence of today about the initiative and its results does not mean recognition of the failure of betting on it or the other of useless initiatives, because if that happens, it would have the return to the decisions of the national consensus and commitment of its implementation are the first indicators of this recognition.

Mohammad Al-Sahli is the editor in Chief of Al-Hourriah newspaper, the official speaker of Democratic Front for Liberation of Palestine
Translated by Al-Hourriah English staff

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