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Between the Bets and the National Program
By: Mohammad Al-Sahli
December 10, 2016

The talk about steps towards the UN without implementation of them proves the continuation of the bets' policy on the unsuccessful initiatives.

When the Palestinian authority announces that it is ready to do two contradicted steps, logically that means at least one of them will not be implemented. This conclusion comes after the announcement of the minister of Foreign Affairs D. Riad Al-Malki few days ago, that his ministry is about to propose a draft resolution to the security council that condemns the settlements, and during the same interview on the “Sound of Palestine Radio” he insured that they are still working on holding the “International Conference for Peace” connecting it with the “French Initiative”.

These two steps according to Malki are supposed to be done before the end of the current year. Although all the consultations about them with the relevant Arab and friendly countries have not been accomplished yet, and the United State hasn’t clarified so far its position about attending the mentioned conference, while everyone knows for sure its position from any draft resolution about the settlement, as it has used the “veto” against a similar resolution.

When “Paris Conference” was held in last May, it was clear to the Palestinian Authority that the French are unable to go on with their initiative without passing it through the American and Israeli scissors. That exactly what happened when the weak statement of the conference was issued. At that time Malki expressed his frustration of the statement, pointing out that there was an intervention from international sides to empty the statement from any benefit for the Palestinians. It was so clear that he meant the United State firstly. Secondly, the French Initiative before reforming it was not expressive about the Palestinian rights but after making it include a time frame for the negotiations, beside that Paris was ready to recognize the State of Palestine if the negotiations failed, all that provoked the United State and Israel so it was deleted from the initiative points.

Thirdly, Malki pointed clearly that the conference which will be held by the end of this year is going to be on the level of Foreign Ministers. This is not a matter of formality, all of us remember what was meaning the announcement of the US administration that Obama will not directly intervene with the path of the settlement between the Palestinians and Israelis, and that this mission is related to the Foreign Ministers only. Which means that this issue is less important to the US than it used to announce before, and it also means that it wants to let the balance of powers to control the settlement path. Thus, Netanyahu and his government have found a broader range to unleash its expansionist policies on the rhythm of the US poor media objections.

Even if this conference is held, Israel will not attend it and all the signs show that Washington is not going to participate, thus what incurable issues could this conference be able to solve with the absence of the relevant parties?

Well, we do not believe that these issues are absent from the Palestinian official political awareness, which means at least that the talking about the “International Peace Conference” connecting with the French suggested ideas isn’t more than a continuation with the bets policy on the sterile initiatives.

Regarding to submit a draft resolution about the settlement to the UN with its both associations; the General Assembly and the Security Council, it is one of many issues that the Palestinian Central Council took decisions about them. All of them included the necessity of the continuation on being open to the UN and to the international associations as an introduction to fight the occupation and push toward trying it for its crimes.

With the emphasis on the importance of submitting the draft resolution about the settlement but it still worthy to mention that in regards to previous experiences that the talking about the “French Initiative and the settlement simultaneously is meaning that the Palestinian negotiator is going to talk about the draft from the angle of betting by ignoring it in a favor of an interest of the US with the “International Peace Conference”.

What raises all these fears is not only the previous experience but also the non-implementation of the CC resolutions such as: ceasing the coordination with the occupation reaching to the reactivation of the popular resistance and many other resolutions which could help in correcting the Palestinian political path.

Therefore, the talking about any step just like submitting complaints against Israel in the International Criminal Court, or proposing any project against the settlements is not worthy, if that wasn’t in accordance with an united national program.

What is being talked about is not some mistakes in the political performance but it is one of the expressions of the critical and complex crisis suffered by the Palestinian political system which needs for a reconstruction through the democratic bases, and the re-election of the PLO and the PA associations by the full proportional representation law.

Otherwise all of decision making mechanisms will stay controlled by the deteriorated internal relations in the PA and PLO, whereas the decision is made outside them. And even if some developed decisions were made by it, they will be ignored, the examples are many.

Recently there is the talking about the preparations to hold a new session for the National Council, it is useful to insist on the importance of holding this session by a new elected council in accordance with the full proportional representation law. To reactivate the council’s role as a parliament to the Palestinian People, it is also useful to insist on holding it out of the Palestinian occupied lands to be possible to everyone to attend it.

To grantee the success to this conference, it is necessary to make a whole review to the policy which was followed by the PLO and the Palestinian authority during the previous period, and to formulate a new national policy that pushes the whole Palestinian situation forward.

Notes:Mohammad Al-Sahli is Editor in Chief of Al-Hourriah newspaper, the official speaker of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine.
Translated by Rawan Al-Bash and Ibrahim Motlaq

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