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Embassy of Aggression
By: Mohammad Al-Sahli
May 20, 2018

At the time when the occupation army was committing a massacre against the Palestinians involved in the "million march of return", the Trump administration was plotting one of its political massacres against the Palestinian people, when it raised the flag of its country in Jerusalem, marking the inauguration of its embassy in the occupied city.

Like Tel Aviv, Washington is turning its back on the international community, and does not care to the opposition of most of its components to the American aggression on the city of Jerusalem and its declaration that it is the capital of the occupying state. Thus, the Israeli arrogance has met with American haughtiness in the face of international law and the UN Charter.

As the American and Israeli narratives have corresponded on the identity of the city, Washington has not only come out from its mediation of any settlement of the conflict, but it openly and pragmatically has turned into an accomplice to the occupation against the Palestinian people. Trump's administration thus has become accountable before the international law for crimes committed by the occupation as long as it provides political and material support for their committing and protects it from accountability.

The condemning reactions to the US decision expressed its complete contradiction to UN resolutions. At the same time they warned that Trump's decisions towards Jerusalem would lead to the explosion of Palestinian tension as the US and Israeli war on Palestinian rights has been intensified.

Many analysts have linked what happened in Jerusalem through the demarcation of the US embassy and what happened in the Gaza Strip at the hands of the occupation army, whose leadership has already decided to target the participants in the "million march of return", with live bullets, which has caused so many martyrs and wounded.

What has happened in both Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip on the eve of the Nakba commemoration reaffirms that the "deal of the century" has surpassed the previous American plans in the sense that it does not present goals and titles to be reached between the Palestinian and Israeli sides. Rather, it is a set of gradual steps that are put forward for immediate implementation against the will of the Palestinians. At the same time, it is an expression of the scenarios developed by the Trump administration on the arrangement of the situation in a region experiencing stormy conflicts.

Trump has placed on the agenda of the Arab countries concerned with the implementation of the deal, a basic task of direct normalization with the occupation in isolation from the aggressive steps and actions taken by this administration against the Palestinian people, in other words, cancelling the last link between the official policies of these countries and what is happening in the Palestinian territories and what could the paths of the implementation of the "deal of the century" be, even if they are at the expense of the rights of the Palestinian people.

The Trump administration benefits from the panic and apprehension of a number of Arab countries' officials about the dangers they suppose for their existence, especially what these officials call the Iranian threat, to justify their drastic shift towards full subordination to the will and priorities of the US administration in the region. It is clear that these officials can do much to calm their concerns, even if it comes to disengage from the Palestinian cause and not to link normalization with the occupation by finding a comprehensive and balanced solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. What we are witnessing currently (a rush towards normalization) confirms the validity of this conclusion.

It is natural for Netanyahu and his government to find it as an inducement for him to change his aggressive and expansionist policies, knowing that most Arab politicians have changed their policies' priorities on the Palestinian issue. On this basis, the Netanyahu government and the Trump administration do not care much about international criticism of what they are doing against the Palestinian people because of the absence of a collective Arab position that supports the Palestinian people and constitutes a political support for it.

Thus, there was a shift in the scenarios of pressure on the Palestinian side, so the Palestinian negotiator was stuck in the narrow corner of the negotiating table and dealt with it according to the "carrot and stick" approach, but now it is not invited to participate in the formulation of any solution in the settlement. It is only requested to implement. Thus, the direct pressure "does not carry any promises or incentives". In short, this means that the Palestinian negotiator has been expelled from the settlement and has become one of its executors.

According to this, the official Palestinian policy will not find any excuse to refrain from taking the steps and procedures stipulated in the decisions of the national consensus in different stations, including the decisions of the Central Council in its last two sessions and the decisions of the National Council, as well as the decisions of the comprehensive national dialogues.

It is no longer feasible to stop at the limits of declaring the intention of the Palestinian official leadership to file complaints against the occupation before the International Criminal Court and other relevant international institutions; as the direct step required, is to do so immediately; there are no negotiating offers that can be awaited, neither from the Americans nor from the others.

As the Palestinian people is now subjected to political and field massacres , the official Palestinian leadership must deal with it as a state of war, and therefore, it is not understood to keep adhering to the concept of not (leaving Oslo, disengaging from its borders and moving towards the United Nations to internationalize the Palestinian cause and rights and the initiative to seek Palestine's full membership in the United Nations, in connection with the experience of 2012, which succeeded in promoting the status of Palestine and recognizing it as a state under occupation until 4 June 1967 with East Jerusalem as its capital). This battle opened the door for countries that support Palestinian rights to exercise their role and assume their responsibilities after they were excluded by the exclusive American supervision of the settlement between the Palestinian and Israeli sides.

It is worth mentioning that the position against the occupation and its crimes necessarily includes the Trump administration, which not only protects it, but also shares the crimes against the Palestinians. Therefore, it is essential that the Palestinian official leadership to cut its ties with the United States and free itself from any agreements with it, especially the security "understandings" that have been intensified since the establishment of the PA after the signing of the Oslo Accords.

In the context of confronting the war waged by Washington and Tel Aviv on the issue of the Palestinian people and its rights, the popular resistance should be allowed to launch with political protection by the Palestinian political situation with all its components and to speed up the request for international protection for the Palestinian people, who is facing this terrible war with bare chests.

It is the state of war imposed by both the American administration and the Netanyahu government on the Palestinian people, which has the right - and not the occupation - to defend itself and its national future.

Mohammad Al-Sahli is Editor in Chief of Al-Hourriah newspaper, the official speaker of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Translated by Ibrahim Motlaq

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