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Fahed Suleiman: The victory of our prisoners over prison administrations is a historic station in the long struggle of our people
June 8, 2017

Comrade Fahd Suleiman, Deputy of Secretary-General of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine DFLP, described the heroic victory that was achieved by the brave prisoners in the battle of freedom and dignity against Israeli prison administrations as a historic station in the long struggle route of our people against occupation, settlement and policies of racial discrimination. He also considered it as a remarkable victory at a time when the policy of futile negotiations has no longer benefits for our people but only the loss and disaster for them.

Comrade Fahd Suleiman was speaking at the celebrating tent about the victory that has been held by the PLO factions in the camp of Jaramana, near Damascus, for praising the heroic prisoners' victory over the Israeli prison administrations in the big strike that lasted more than forty days, that made the prison administration submission to the demands of our prisoners.

Fahad Suleiman called for learning from the important lessons of the heroic battle of the brave prisoners inside the prison. He said that their battle, in spite of the overwhelming imbalance of power in favor of the occupation authorities, was a historic station which will remain one of the brightest points in the history of the movement of Palestinian prisoner where hundreds of national leaders enriched the march of our revolution, our national movement and the struggles of our people.

Fahd Suleiman added "This battle has presented the collective heroism of the captive heroes, who have been engaged with the collective heroism of our people, in the areas of 1948, Jerusalem, Palestinian West Bank, Gaza Strip, Diaspora and the refugee areas”.

Fahad Suleiman stressed that this collective heroism, as well as the historical authenticity of all our people and the authenticity of its adherence to its national rights and adherence to every inch of its land, and its readiness to defend it whatever sacrifices.

About the settlement gangs that loot the homeland and occupy its land and people, Fahd Suleiman said: We are steadfast in this land and they are the temporary. We are rooted in the deep past of our homeland, in the near future, and they are the passers-by, and no matter how much they try to invent lies, myths and violations, more than an interval in the history of this land.

Fahad Suleiman explained that the demands of the captive movement were all humane. However, the steadfast and heroic strikers were aware at the same time that the goal was not to meet the demands of legitimate human rights but exceed these goals, to put the national dimensions as a strike battle of successive national battles, continuous and permanent against the occupation and settlement.

He said that we were considered the Palestinian national movement hesitant in supporting the struggles of our prisoners, and it would have been possible if all forces had mobilized their energies in this battle to turn this battle into a new platform for launching a renewed uprising against occupation and settlement and on the path of freedom, independence, return and national dignity.

He described the people who said that the demands of the prisoners could be realized on the fifteenth day of the strike, that they tried to strip this large movement of legitimate demands of its national political content and remove it from the whole Palestinian popular movement against the occupation and settlement, and to bring it to public opinion as a mere protest situation, out of any context of Palestinian national struggle.

Fahad Suleiman noted that the longer the strike, the deeper its goals and national meanings, and this strike became a national lever that inflamed the enthusiasm of our people and friendly forces in every field.

Fahd Suleiman concluded by paying tribute to every Palestinian and Arab prisoner in the occupation prisons who fought the battle of heroism, freedom and dignity, to all of our people, who proved their historical authenticity over time, and to our Arab peoples and their political forces, which stood by our people and prisoners in a well-known national position.

He also paid tribute to the democratic forces that love peace in the world, stressing that this rich experience confirms that we are not alone, the world is besides our side, and that the Zionist entity is suffering isolation despite the unlimited support provided by the United States of America.


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