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He who walks on the trail… will arrive
By: Moatasem Hamadeh
November 23, 2016

Rotation about the self, the confusion and the chaos, the denial of the reality have become the dominant qualities in the situations of the Palestinian Authority and its leadership.

The French government claimed that its project to the Paris conference on the Middle East and the Palestinian issue, has still being cooked on the fire of the silent preparation. It sent in this context, its delegates to Israel and Ramallah, to complete the consultations. Despite Israel's clear and explicit refusal , which does not need any explanation to attend this conference, making him it loses its justifications of convention , the Palestinian Authority is still betting on it to be a way out to the negotiating crisis, which reached between the two sides to the impasse at a time when Israel is violating the (humiliating) agreements with it and behaving in the occupied territories as it sees fit, imposing its conditions on the PA, refusing at the same time to comply with any of the signed agreements' protocols.

The position of the PA from the Paris Conference, in the light of the Israeli rejection, forms a denial bright mark for the political fact which is experienced by the negotiating process, and an incomprehensible insistence to revive its dead corpse, through weak bets that reveal the extent of the political predicament of the PA, which does not hesitate, in the search for any entrance, to transfer it - through its media and the statements of its spokesmen - to be the expected outlet of the crisis.

The same is repeated with the round of the Russian prime minister in the region, and his visit to Israel and to Ramallah, and what was released from him and his announcement about the invitation of the two parties, Abbas and Netanyahu to meet in the Russian capital, in an attempt by President Putin to revive the negotiating process and to enter on the line of the Palestinian issue.

It is normal that the Russian action is welcomed by the PA, because it helps it to get out of the negotiating trouble, and it is normal that Netanyahu gets along with Moscow, through the bridges between the two parties, especially after the increase of the Russian effect in the region through the Syrian gate. But the question remains: Will Moscow succeed where Washington failed? Is the issue lies in the «mediator», or first lies in the Israeli project, which increasingly turns toward the right, and increasingly becomes more rigid and stubborn and overestimates in the imposition of its preconditions?

Or is the issue relates with the weak site of the Palestinian negotiator, who gave up all the elements of power in the national situation, and went naked to the negotiating table, in a naive bet on the possibility of reaching a solution, that the basis of it offers more free concessions, under a false and deceptive slogan , which is the prolongation of the political engagement . Noting that the political engagement is not at the negotiating table, under dysfunctional conditions in favor of the other party, and under invalid foundations and mechanisms, that their introductions and outputs will only be in favor of the other side.

The political engagement should be in all fields. In the street against the occupation and settlement, in the international forums, and finally, on the negotiating table if it is provided with the foundations and mechanisms and the international sponsorship represented by the international legitimacy in the United Nations and its relevant resolutions that ensure the inalienable national legitimate rights for the Palestinian people.

The Palestinian scene in recent weeks, specifically the scene of PA and its presidency has become a source of surprise for observers, especially in light of its keenness to look for any move, no matter how marginal it is to consider it as an input for the resumption of the negotiations. Despite the fact that the Israeli side declares, without any equivocation, that the «two-state solution» - with all its serious concessions on the national rights of the Palestinian people - has died, and it is no longer a subject of negotiation , as Netanyahu's government wrote it off its agenda, and about this situation, the right and the extreme right, in the government of Tel Aviv, and the opposition forces represented in the Zionist camp headed by Herzog and Livni: are agreed upon it, which looks like a «national consensus» [so to speak] held in Israel about the need to drop of the account the «two-state for two peoples solution», searching for another solution, that will put the Palestinian citizens out of the circle of Israeli citizenship, in order to preserve the Judaism of the state, but at the same time it should not put the Palestinian occupied territory, and the Palestinian popular presence out of the circle of the Israeli security sovereignty and control.

So , why should Israel «concede» for the Palestinian negotiating side, and be satisfied with a Palestinian state next to it, as long as it is not exposed to political, security, diplomatic, economic or international pressures, to provide such concessions, and as long as the occupation forces are connected with a security coordination that turned the Palestinian security services to a first line of attack on its behalf, against the Palestinians and what is happening in the West Bank camps of armed clashes between the residents and the Palestinian security forces, is a bright and dangerous evidence on that.

What will obligate the Israeli side to bow to the French pressure (assuming the existence of such pressure) and the Russian pressure (under the assumption itself) as it refused to bow to all types of American «pressures» whether in the meetings with the US Secretary of State, John Kerry, or through the comments of the spokesmen of the US administration.

And what will pay Netanyahu to provide a concession from here or there ,to the Palestinian side, in Moscow or elsewhere, as he is watching the begging and policy in Ramallah, in a search for a negotiating meeting, that the PA presidency believes it would get out from its political crisis even temporarily?

From the moment of the launch of this negotiating project - which is an adventure and even a staking with the interests of the Palestinian people and its national rights - it tried to give itself a local, Arab and international justifications, that the facts proved their falsity and the hiding behind them is only an attempt to justify being dragged behind an alternative project for the national project, based on the principle of the concessions and sliding without limits. And instead of arriving for a solution through this project to the Palestinian national cause, its goal becomes providing the bases and conditions for the perpetuation of the status quo, represented by the Palestinian Authority, fearing its collapse. Especially, that all are watching how it started to erode and decline.

Not in the eyes of the Arab and international forums, but also in the eyes of the Palestinian street, too, who broke its long silence, and became without any patience as it monitors the state of wear and corruption prevalent in the ranks of an authority that is trying through the «whip» to regain its prestige on the skins of its children .

The PA is constrained with the conditions of its survival, through its commitment to the signed agreements with the Israeli side, and with the terms of perpetuating its finance by donors, by offering what confirms its commitment to the functions for which it was founded for.

Though some have tried to misbelieve the possibility of building the foundations of the independent state during the occupation, but the illusion was soon dissipated , as neither the alleged development projects made their way and led to the liberation of the Palestinian economy from the Israeli economy, nor the Israeli side accepted the reconsideration of the signed agreements which it practices a daily violation against them.

The matters of the Palestinian Authority have reached to a very low level, so that the patching policy has become useless, and the policy of the failed bets is not able to supply it with oxygen to prolong its life.

The situations inside Fatah are clear and explicit, and we do not say that from the entrance of the issue of Dahlan and his brothers, but from the entrance of the controversial debate among Fatah itself about the importance of the seventh conference, and about the importance of the political review, for the march, which prolonged more than necessary.

The economic conditions are also affected the decline of the donors' transfers which causes an imbalance in the movement of the markets in the areas of PA. The political situations entitled also full of chaos and confusion, turning around the self, and the denial of the status quo.

The leadership for a quarter of a century has walked on the thorny road of Oslo, and he who walks on the trail should … arrive.

Moatasem Hamadeh is a member of the Political bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Translated by: Ibrahim Motlaq

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