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Kushner… The Idiot
By: Moatasem Hamadeh
July 10, 2019

We are convinced that the godfather of the Bahrain workshop, Jared Kouchner, is a stupid person, and does not understand who the Palestinian people are, as he is trying to promote for corrupt goods as a good product.

He also is trying to promote futile projects as a distinctive model and old plans and scenarios as being modern.

As well, he is trying to promote ideas that the Palestinians have tested with blood as a service to the Palestinian people, its cause and future.

Last but not least, he is trying to offer the Palestinian people a gift filled with destructive explosives.

In all this, he is trying to present himself as the owner of creative ideas, new visions, and a creator of modernity in solving the Middle East issue.

However, he did not succeed in camouflaging his stupidity, and appeared in all stations as a stupid person.

Kouchner's only skill is that he is the husband of Ivanka, the daughter of Donald Trump, the owner of the dubious deal, which now known as the "Trump-Netanyahu deal".

Before Kouchner's birth, the PLO launched its political program, which was created by the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, in two phases: the "Interim Program," entitled "self-determination, the return of refugees and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital on June 4, 1967" borders. The second stage to reach the solution is by the establishment of a democratic state on the entire Palestinian national territory.

The entire world (except Israel and the United States) stood up, and welcomed the Palestinian people and its national cause, and the Palestinian liberation movement, with its title, the PLO. In the international and regional organizations, the Palestinian people has accumulated great gains, which have opened wide horizons for its cause and have besieged the occupying state in the narrow corner, to the point that the Zionism was considered a form of racial discrimination.

When Sadat went to Camp David, he offered the Palestinian people autonomy over the entire occupied Palestinian territory. But the international and Arab balance of power, and the unity of the internal situation, provided to the Palestinian people with the elements of power to say "no", to encircle Camp David, and to keep the national program as the only Palestinian project.

Even when the Palestinians went to Camp David, they were offered with projects, solutions and ideas that were even more than what Kouchner is currently presenting. So, despite the state of Arab weakness and the international imbalance of power, not for the sake of Palestine, the Palestinians rejected the Clinton-Barak proposals and went united towards the second intifada.

A quarter of a century or more later the Oslo owners recognized their failure and accepted the decisions of the National Council (23rd session) and the decisions of the Central Council (the 27th and 28th sessions) and returned to the independent and sovereign Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital on the June 4, 1967 borders. And to resolve the issue of refugees under Resolution 194, which guarantees them the right to return to their homes and properties from which they have been displaced since 1948.

These decisions have cancelled the Oslo Accords and the US-Israeli negotiations, in favor of an international conference, called for by the United Nations to implement its relevant resolutions, sponsored by the five permanent members of the Security Council, as a substitute for the individual and biased US sponsorship, with a fixed time-limit and binding resolutions, guaranteeing the inalienable legitimate rights of the people of Palestine.

Before it, the United Nations through (Resolution 19/67) recognized the Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital on the borders before June 5th and the right of return for refugees.

The Security Council also condemned in its Resolution 2334 (28/12/2016) the settlement and the Judaization, stressing that Jerusalem is part of the Palestinian territory occupied on 5 June 1967, refusing to recognize it as the capital of Israel.

Without forgetting for a moment, the great sacrifices of thousands of martyrs, and about one million Palestinians who were arrested, without forgetting the great suffering and torment suffered by the Palestinians since the Nakba until now. Kouchner has to realize that all these are priceless.

Kouchner is trying to adopt word manipulation as a means of obscuring his project. So, he uses a dictionary of words, gathered by his aides and language experts, so that his speech to appear as attractive and seductive, expressing a civilized personality, away from hatred, calling for tolerance, love and good-neighborliness. Kouchner of course does not have the trouble to convince his father-in-law President Trump, to adopt the same policy of tolerance, love and good-neighborliness with Russia, China, Syria, Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Iran and even Europe.

In this context, Kouchner does not stop inciting the Palestinian people against its leadership it as a corrupt one that has wasted the vast sums of money which the world has donated to the Palestinian people. He says that what the Palestinians received was not provided to any other people. However, the corruption and the lack of accountability in the leadership have led to the waste of this money.

It is true that there is corruption in the Palestinian establishment. This is not denied by anyone, a corruption that the media openly reveals without shame. But Kouchner, who talks about the Palestinian corruption, ignores the corruption in Israel, his biggest ally.

• He ignored the corruption charge against the former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, who hid the money from the electoral commission in Washington, which is contrary to Israeli law.

• He ignored the corruption of the former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his children in their suspicious and illegal transactions with a Greek businessman.

• He ignored the corruption of the head of Israeli state who was referred to courts, and spent years in prison.

• He ignored the corruption case in which Aryeh Der'i, the religious leader of the Shas party, when he admitted his embezzling of the Funds of Ministry of Religions for his religious movement and imprisoned.

• He ignored the corruption issue for which former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was imprisoned.

• He Ignored the corruption case that involved the former Israeli Chief of Staff Yitzhak Mordechai, and then he committed suicide before his trial.

• He ignored the corruption case of former minister Haim Ramon, who was dismissed and imprisoned.

Last but not least, he ignored the corruption issues against the current Prime Minister of the occupation state, Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sarah.

Kushner is an idiot. He has not read the history of the region or the history of Palestine. He believes that the more he talks, the more he will convince the Palestinians of his policy. But he has missed that the more he speaks, the more he assures the public that he is a first-rate idiot.

Moatasem Hamadeh is a member of the Political Bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Translated by: Manal Mansour
Revised by: Ibrahim Motlaq

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