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Letter from Hawatmeh to Mohammed Baraka
April 11, 2017

Dear combatant comrade Mohammed Baraka (Abu Al-Saeed)
Comrades and members of the Ninth Congress of the Democratic Front for Peace and Equality
Greetings of appreciation and love, greetings of the mutual struggle

Greetings to the valiant struggles that you are making daily, for peace and equality, for the balanced peace that meets the legitimate and inalienable national rights of the Palestinian people and for full equality in the political and civil rights of the Palestinian masses in the regions of 1948, to establish a prosperous future for all peoples and countries of the region, Including the State of Palestine on the borders of the fourth of June 1967 and its capital the occupied East Jerusalem, away from wars and all forms of colonialism, occupation and oppression, a promising future in this region of the world, which was plagued by all forms of conflict and destruction, which affected the Palestinian people mainly and make them victims.

The founding of the Democratic Front for Peace and Equality (DFPE) was a defining moment in the history of the struggle of the Palestinian people at home, as in the history of the struggle of democratic and progressive forces in Israel. The Front presented the finest examples in the joint struggle between the Arab Palestinian Communists and Progressives in addition to Jews in Israel, and it contributed to unmask the aggressive racist nature of the ruling Zionist establishment, that is associated with imperialism. It also presented an inspiring model in the creative combination of forms of popular, political and intellectual struggle in defense of the collective and civic national rights of the steadfast part of our people at home and in defense of the national rights of the Palestinian people, including the right of return, self-determination, the independent state and its struggle under the leadership of the Palestine Liberation Organization.

We applaud the distinctive combat relations that bind the Democratic Front for Peace and Equality with the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine. We salute all the fighters of the Democratic Front for Peace and Equality, and we recall with pride the leaders and symbols that participated in the establishment of the Front who have distinctive relations with us, especially leaders, Maeer Flaner, Tawfiq Tubi, Tawfiq Ziad, Emile Touma, Emile Habibi and many heroic leaders who made this glorified history.

We salute you and wish you the success in the work of your conference, affirming our confidence that the success of your conference is a success for all of our Palestinian Arab masses at home and for all our People.

With a great appreciation and respect

Nayef Hawatmeh
Secretary-General of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine


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