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Refugees in the Speech of Forgery
By Mohammad Al-Sahli
March 1st, 2018

The number of Palestinian refugees is currently only 20 to 30 thousands, who they are still alive from approximately 750,000 who have left Palestine in 1948 because of the Nakba. So, it is not logical to establish an international agency, such as «UNRWA », for this small number, and therefore their situations should be referred to the United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) as other refugees in the world.

What has been mentioned above is a part of the conclusions of American-Israeli vision about the issue of more than 6 million Palestinian refugees who are distributed between Palestine and its neighboring and the diaspora countries.

In the context of this vision, Washington and Tel Aviv have launched a fierce war against UNRWA and considered its existence, as "a major obstacle to make peace". Perhaps the most who expressed this, was the writer George Roman, the director of ''the Middle East Forum'', who has not only written off the relevant UN resolutions, but he adopted the Israeli-American definition of the Palestinian refugee, and he has concluded that the talk about "Nakba victims" has been overtaken by time.

In his article, Roman has depended on the "State of the Nation" speech, in which President Trump announced his administration's intention to cancel dealing with the UN definition for Palestinian refugee, which gives his children and grandchildren the refugee status and rights. What Roman has written, is an attempt to turn Trump's positions into a "persuasive speech", but what he has concluded is merely a random reverse of historical, legal and political facts.

The successive US administrations have not recognized the liberal aspect of the Palestinian cause and therefore, they do not recognize the Palestinian people's right in self-determination. On the contrary, they called the war waged by the Zionist gangs on the Palestinian people as the "War of Independence", as it is in the terminology dictionary adopted by the Jewish state. For this reason, it is not strange that Roman has stressed the "right of the Jews in self-determination" and denied it to the Palestinian people, and this is the basis on which Trump has built in his fierce recent war on Palestinian rights.

This is also the basis for Roman's writing for his article in which he has called for the cancellation of the Palestinian refugees' issue and their relief agency, and anyone who reads his article (p. 11 of this issue) will realize that the main aim of it, is a try to impose the disengagement between the decision to establish UNRWA in 1949, and the resolution 194, issued a year earlier and calls for allowing the return of Palestinian refugees to their homes and properties and the compensation for what happened to them by the Nakba. But without the connection between these two resolutions, the issue of refugees loses its characteristic as the essence of the Palestinian cause, and thus turns into a "humanitarian issue", that is why Washington and Tel Aviv are talking about a "humanitarian solution" to this issue; and Roman is working to propagandize this speech.

The noteworthy, is that the US action to withhold a part of Washington's contribution to UNRWA's budget, is accompanied by generous financial offers if the Palestinian refugees agree to resettle them, so, Roman in this article, calls for the transfer of funds to solve the ''humanitarian'' issues of refugees away from their right of return and their connection to the Nakba and its repercussions, considering them as victims of the international collusion that led to its occurrence.

According to the current American scenario, the displacement of the Palestinian refugees issue, and reducing it to a problem of a few thousands, as well as the removal of the issue of Jerusalem from the negotiation process, if it occurs, come within the context of the announced mechanisms for the implementation of the American plan, called "Deal of the Century", and launching the path of regional solution, through US arrangements in the region, with the Israeli occupation state.

To launch this path, Washington is escalating its threats to all countries of the Arab region that are targeted by this solution.

Observers note that what Washington and Tel Aviv propose regarding the UNRWA is in line with what Greenblatt had previously proposed to the Palestinian Authority, in terms of conditions that begin by demanding not to incite the occupation, while Roman in his article, accuses UNRWA of inciting Palestinian refugees to stick to the right of return to their homes and properties ,without paying attention to the fact that the refugees are firmly adhering to this right and do not need to be incited by any institution or agency.

However, Washington and Tel Aviv want UNRWA's education curricula to go in the opposite direction, in the name of a "culture of peace"; which means stop blaming the Israeli occupation and its allies the responsibility for the Nakba and its continuation, while Roman considers that the large number of refugees has caused the continuation of the Nakba as he said, and therefore this makes UNRWA as «a major obstacle to peace», and this is the title of his mentioned article.

The additional US aim for not inheriting the aspect of refugee for the next generations, is to ignore history and Nakba with all its destructive effects on the Palestinian people, and the exemption of international community, including the United States, from any responsibility of its occurrence, or from pressuring on Israel and submitting it to the relevant resolutions of international legitimacy, and reminding that the recognition of the membership of occupying state in the United Nations, was conditional by Israel's implementation of resolution 194, which happened at the signing of "Lausanne Protocol" prior to the international recognition of it.

On the other hand, Palestinian refugees consider what Washington and Tel Aviv are trying to do as a part of a long series of resettlement and deportation projects that has been thwarted, although the American-Israeli offensive is at its zenith on their rights. However, the widespread protests against Trump's decisions on Jerusalem and UNRWA, indicate that Palestinian refugees will remain steadfast in their right to return to their homes and properties, which requires support, and at the forefront, from the Palestinian political situation, in particular the official leadership, which must take serious actions to enhance the Palestinian situation in the face of the American-Israeli offensive, and cancel the betting on any American role in the settlement by adhering to the national consensus decisions, in particular, the decisions of the Central Council in its last two sessions.

The reason for stressing on this issue, is the continuous American-Israeli attempts to separate between the Palestinian national rights and the try to swap with each other, in particular, to swap a small Palestinian entity by relinquishing the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and properties. And this is a swap that will not be done.

Mohammad Al-Sahli is an Editor in Chief of Al-Hourriah newspaper, the official speaker of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Translated by Rawda Abo Zarqa
Revised by Ibrahim Motlaq

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