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Speech by Walid Ahmad, Representative of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine at the act held in Havana on the occasion of the 48th anniversary of the FDLP
March 29, 2017

Dear comrades and friends,

First, we thank you for your presence here this afternoon to commemorate together with us the anniversary of the founding of the Democratic Front. We feel honored with your participation, which represents for us a gesture of solidarity with the Palestinian cause.

We wish to express here today, once again, our deepest sympathy to the Cuban people and its Party due to the physical demise of our eternal Commander in Chief, Fidel Castro, an international and exceptional leader who will always be present in our hearts and in our conscience.

We make these condolences extensive to ourselves, to our people, to Arab peoples and to other peoples who struggle for their freedom, for progress and equality, in the framework of the obvious human values of socialism.

The departure of the historical leader of the Revolution is a heavy loss for all the revolutionary forces throughout the world.

Fidel, a symbol of struggle, history, ideas, performances and initiatives for the natural liberation of peoples and for socialism, for development and social justice, for the present and the future, will continue to be a force and a source of inspiration for the movements of national liberation and for democracy and socialism. His very encumbered figure left its indelible imprint during over half a century.

Under Fidel’s leadership, Cuba represented the highest threshold looked up to by the suffering people of the earth. Half a million Cuban internationalists fought throughout the Third World, in every front of struggle vis-à-vis imperialism, Zionist expansionism and obscurantist regimes. Thousands of Palestinian and Arab students graduated in Cuba, built more than one Medical Faculty in cities of the Arab world and, to our day, some 30 000 Cuban doctors remain posted in the Third World.

Revolutionaries do not die, because of what they have contributed to peoples, to the forces of national liberation movements and for the free and democratic states of the world.

We also recall our cherished and beloved international leader Hugo Chávez. We renew our condolences to the Venezuelan people for the death of the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution.

Palestinians will never forget Fidel Castro’s decision of breaking all forms of relations with the Israeli occupying force since 1973, as well as Hugo Chavez’ and Evo Morales’ breaking off of relations with Israel in response to Zionist aggression against the brave Gaza Strip.

We express our admiration for the road to freedom taken by the revolutionary peoples and governments in Latin America in spite of obstacles, and we thank their support for the Palestinian struggle.

We remain at the side of Cuba in its firm and constant struggle of over 55 years against the criminal blockade.

We condemn the policies and maneuvers of the rightwing forces against progressive forces in Latin America, the intents of destroying the President of Venezuela in order to deal blows against the achievements of the Bolivarian Revolution, just as the rightwing forces which implemented a political coup in the Senate to overthrow socialist president Dilma Rousseff, turning their backs to the people and to presidential election results.


We closely follow developments in the Middle East, the painful situation experienced by brother peoples. We also see the level of damage affecting the Palestinian cause, which is everyone’s cause.

We are aware of fact that the policy of the new US administration is an interventionist, more aggressive policy, expressed in the increase of its military capacity and of its historic budgets, multiplying its military force in our area to fuel local wars and to fragment Arab countries, and to keep the region immersed in a state of political tension and corrosion.

Let us reject the foreign interferences and interventions, as well as political and media manipulation of religions and ethnic groups, and also terrorism, waged by dark forces that falsely use religious laws and absurd arguments that only shed blood and destroy the life of the population.

Arab matters must be solved through dialogue, and with appropriate methods based on respect for the rights of people of the region, in the construction of democratic systems that would guarantee freedom, respect for human rights as well as the right to develop national economies that would assure social justice, especially for the dispossessed, and also the right to work, to education, to health and to a dignified life.

In this regard, we express our support for a democratic solution that will enable the Saharawi people to decide their own destiny.

Attending friends,

With great pride, the Democratic Front began a new year of its struggling march in defense of the Revolution, the fatherland and the people; a new leftwing party that upholds the banner of resistance on the one hand and the national program on the other, on the path of return, self-determination and independence.

In the midst of this struggle, the Front has made great sacrifices. Thousands of fighters have incorporated themselves, one generation after the other, to the unending caravan of martyrs and to the dozens of thousands wounded and invalids who uphold their commitment in spite of pain, as well as thousands of prisoners who have been familiar with the cells of the enemy and, behind bars, traced glorious struggling epics.

48 years of armed struggle, inside Palestine and its vicinity, in the glorious Intifada to achieve independence and to expel occupation.

48 years of struggle to implement a movement of refugees in defense of the right to return and against the projects of naturalization, to protect our people in the camps, and their right to a dignified life and to continue to walk ahead on the paths of the struggle for national rights.

48 years of in rooting of the PLO and of consolidating its position as the sole and legitimate representative of the Palestinian people.

48 years of struggle to construct the current of the democratic leftwing in the ranks of our people, and among its political forces, to guarantee the path of struggle and to preserve national unity, the unity of the people.

48 years of struggle at the side of our people inside the Zionist entity vis-à-vis the set of racist laws, facing the regime of ethnic cleansing, facing the policies of marginalization, exclusion, Israelization and dissipation of the national and patriotic identity of our people present there.

48 years of struggle in the framework of the process of Arab liberation together with the progressive forces with a view to construct the civic, democratic State of social justice.

48 years of internationalist struggle, together with the progressive forces in the world, facing the policies of arrogance, pillage and aggression at the hands of the imperialist-Zionist alliance; and in favor of a new world in which justice, security, stability and wellbeing would prevail, a new world free of famine, unemployment, ignorance and exploitation.
We celebrate the anniversary of the Front, at a time when the Israeli offensive against our people exacerbates, supported by the new United States administration with positions that fully coincide with the policies of the Zionist extreme rightwing to prevent the creation of the Palestinian state. The chain of statements, produced by President Donald Trump himself, or by Netanyahu, proves that betting on the continuation of the negotiating process along the lines of the old rules amounts to betting on nothing more than an illusion.

The policy of only one option, of negotiations that would favor the enemy, is a policy that contributes even bigger disasters to our cause, puts a brake on the mobilization of our people and of its political forces and weakens the positions of support to our rights of sister and friendly nations.

The Front advocates an abandonment of this policy of waiting and to adopt a combatant policy, of mobilization of political and popular forces and of recovering the program of the national coalition, the program of return, for self-determination and for the independent state, the program of resistance and of the Intifada, the program of struggle on the field against occupation, colonization and blockade, the program of internationalization of the Palestinian cause and rights.

In this context, the Fronts makes a call to:

1- Free ourselves from the strappings of the Oslo Agreement, withdraw the recognition of Israel, after experience has only demonstrated that this agreement did not bring anything other than disasters and served as a political cover-up for colonization and for the destruction of the Palestinian national project.

2- Put an end to coordination on security issues with the occupying force, boycott its economy and favor the construction of a Palestinian national economy.

3- Go back to resistance and to the Intifada, and develop it with a view to turn it into a national insubordination in the territories occupied in 1967.

4- Internationalize the Palestinian cause and national rights in the Security Council and the General Assembly, calling on the implementation of UN resolutions in the framework of an international conference the results of which would lead to the exercise of Palestinian rights: to be liberated from occupation and colonization, to establish the independent Palestinian state and its capital, Jerusalem, within the borders previous to June 4 1967, to guarantee the right of refugees to return to their homes and to award full membership to the Palestinian state in the UN.

5- Renew the denunciations at the International Criminal Court against Israelis responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity committed against our people, isolating the Zionist state due to its condition as a lawless state that violates international resolutions and human rights.

As the Front says goodbye to a year of its life of struggle, it welcomes a new year affirming the decision of carrying forward the trajectory, in spite of obstacles, with all that this requires of demands and sacrifices.

In this opportunity, the Front addresses the memory of the selfless martyrs, all the martyrs of Palestine, of Arab peoples and of the liberation movements in the world and their relatives, with a sincere welcome, and renews the commitment of loyalty to its blood.

We send a cordial greeting to the Palestinian fighters who resist in Israeli cells and jails, and to their relatives, affirming that one day the chains will break, prisons will be destroyed, the occupying force will withdraw and, doubtlessly, a new dawn will arrive.

A greeting for every comrade in the ranks of the Front who upheld the flag, defended the national program and waged the battle in whatever position, on the path to freedom.

Long live friendship between the peoples!
Long live the Cuba!
Long live Palestine!


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