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Speech of Comrade Fahd Suleiman in Jaramana camp festival on the occasion of the 48th anniversary of the DFLP start

Comrade Fahd Suleiman, a Deputy Secretary-General of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, begin his speech by greeting to the refugee camps in Syria and Lebanon and the steadfast Palestinian people in the face of the occupation and settlement in the West Bank and Jerusalem, and the heroes of the resistance in defense of the Gaza Strip against the brutal Israeli blockade, also he greeted the Palestinian people in the diaspora who are still, despite the difficulties and complex circumstances, adhering to their cause and national rights. In a special greeting to the Palestinian people in the Israeli entity, Fahd Suleiman evaluated the victims of the national unity of the Palestinian Arab parties in Israel, in their different trends, in their struggle against all forms of racial discrimination and ethnic cleansing and the Zionist oppression.

Arab and regional turmoil time

Fahd Suleiman, in his speech talked about the Arab and regional situation and said: «We living now the Arab and regional turmoil time, where plans and political scenarios are plotted, to target the national state, in various forms, as talking about the safe regions to divide the ground and to violate the sovereignty».

Fahd Suleiman said, «Our region is witnessing geopolitical wars, in the framework of regional and international power struggle for influence and interests, at the expense of the national interests of our Arab peoples, in the framework of projects that are designed to redraw the map of the region, and weaken its regional role, and reformulate the regional relations on new foundations, and neutralize the Israeli enemy as the first source of danger on our Arab national causes, consider it as a part in a new alliance under the pretext of combating takfiri terrorism in the region».

«In this context, some parties are working on drawing fake dimensions of the nature of conflict in the region and considering it as a sectarian conflict, what justifies the alliance between the United States, Israel and some Arab parties in confronting the so-called the next danger of the Islamic Republic of Iran».

«The region is standing in the face of what he called the “barbarism alliance”, which includes the United States of America with its new administration that its policy characterized by barbarism under the logo “America First”, and a coalition government of the extreme right in Israel, in a more brutal policy against the interests of our people and its national rights».

Fahd Suleiman described, Washington's policy in light of the new US administration, as a «policy of intervention», that expresses itself by raising its military capabilities in a legendary budgets, and pushing of the more US troops to the region, to enhance the local wars, and the call to divide the Arab countries, especially, Syria through the talk about the security zones.

He added that the US policy is also an «aggressive» policy, referring to the beating of drums of war to get around the nuclear treaty, by imposing new sanctions on Tehran, claiming that it promotes its arsenal of ballistic missiles.

In addition to all this, Fahd Suleiman said that Washington's new policy has become more biased to Israel, for its intention to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, and the technical and security, American missions and teams are coming to Israel from time to time for this purpose. It also announced its support for Israeli settlement that seizes the Palestinian land and creates serious facts in the field; also it condemned the Security Council resolution 2334 regarding the settlements, in a position that defies the will of the international community and the decisions of its institutions.

It also announced its renunciation of the “two-state solution”, as an alternative for the Palestinian national program, the program of return, self-determination and independent state with full sovereignty and Jerusalem as its capital on the borders of June 4th, 1967, and the return of refugees to their homes and properties in Palestine, and it called instead for the establishment of the State of major Israel on the entire Palestinian national soil, as the national-state of the Jewish people, and the siege of our people in the West Bank and Gaza, in a security sections with local self-management.

Fahd Suleiman noted that in the midst of these stormy and regional developments, and in the light of savagery policy which adopted by Trump administration, Israel has made high-risk strategy move, when it moved from the settlement, the depredation land of policy and the expansion of bypass roads to the formal annexation of the legal settlements and large areas of the West Bank policy up to 62% of the West Bank (Area C).

«At the same time, Israel has made a decision to disrupt the political process, and bilateral negotiations with the official Palestinian leadership, and it began to promote, with American support for alternative regional negotiations, that aim to formulate new American-Israeli, Arab-Turkish alliances, that lead to the marginalization of the Palestinian national cause, and the normalization of Arab-Israeli relations and endangering our national interests and rights, and the fate of our people».

As for the official Palestinian policy, in facing these developments, and how to deal with them, Fahd Suleiman saw it as «waiting policy that monitors the scene and its developments, and shows no move, and it has tied itself with its unilateral option, the bilateral negotiations with the Israeli side option under the Oslo roof, sponsored by the Americans».

He added, «The Palestinian official policy, is still up to the minute, bets on the possibility of resuming the negotiations, and ignoring the size of the developments that witnessed by our region, and witnessed by the Israeli policy, which does not hesitate to declare its incapacitating conditions for resuming the negotiations, such as the recognition of Israel as a national-state for the Jewish people, and the recognition at the same time that Israel's secure borders, extend from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, which means writing off the Palestinian national project, and the acceptance of the project of Greater Israel as a substitute».

Fahd Suleiman added that «The Palestinian official policy is wary of any movement that could be witnessed by the Palestinian street, and it is always look with concern and fear to the Palestinian mass movement. Although it calls for what it names peaceful popular resistance, but it practices in contrast the popular movement besieging policy, and even suppressing it and hunting the activists in its ranks under various pretexts».

He also said that «The Palestinian official policy is wary of the consequences of national unity, and it does not show any enthusiasm to strengthen and deepen this unity, because it recognizes that such move would impose new political commitments, that through them it exceeds Oslo's restrictions, in favor of the restoration of the Palestinian national program.

He also said, «We are facing a policy that suffers from insufficient thinking, and a deficit in the measure, a policy that complains from the weakness of political will, and neglects the elements of power in the Palestinian body, and ignores the Palestinian self-factor and its ability to act, and it lives failed bets».

The Deputy Secretary-General of DFLP assured that we are «in the planting time, and not in the harvest time», the bumper harvest was scattered by the Oslo's Accords which swapped it with cheap price that was represented by limited with self-rule powers. In this context he called, to abandon the sterile policies and to adopt new and alternative policies, to enable our people to plant, once again, through the struggle, which make it able to reap tomorrow nationalist gains in the independence, sovereignty and the return.

The division and the restoration of the internal unity in the field

Fahd Suleiman talked about the division and to restore the internal unity and he stressed in this regard that the National Unity, is existed without a doubt, which is represented in the unity of our people in all regions, and in its adherence to the national rights, while the division is a split in the institution, not in the ranks of the people. «The schism began in the bloody coup of 14/6/2007 that hit our institution, and did not hurt the ranks of our people, and we are now in front of two authorities, one in the West Bank and another in Gaza, but in the struggle we are still and we will remain unified, in the 1948 and 1967 occupied regions, and in the Diaspora».

Then he stressing that «the DFLP has the right to present itself as the National Unity Front, because since its start, it has raised the national unity of our people's cause, and its institutions, to the rank of holiness, and rejected in all circumstances, to depart from this unity, whatever the alternative projects and whatever the temptations were, as The unity of the people, and its institutions, for the DFLP, is the basis of ensuring its unity march towards the independence and the return».

Fahd Suleiman also added that the numerous attempts to end the division, whether through national collective dialogues, such as Cairo, or through the bilateral dialogues between the two parties of division, and how all reached to the failure; he saw that both sides of split, Fatah and Hamas, «bear the responsibility of this failure». Thus, Fahd Suleiman said that the repetition of the talk about the restoration of internal unity, without providing alternative initiatives to what have been agreed upon, would keep us running in a vacuum. From here, Fahd Suleiman called, in parallel with the efforts to restore the internal unity, to adopt a policy of «the unity in the field». He said, «The field is wide, and it has issues of that unite us more than those which divide us». Also He called, for example, regarding the multiple forms of the field unity, to agree on organizing the local elections, as a service to our people that enhances its ability to withstand. Moreover, he called for the field unity «to safeguard the social interests of our people, through the revival of the popular unions and organizing the students elections at the universities, and the maintenance of the workers' rights in the civil service, and organizing the popular movements for boycotting the Israeli products, including the formation of joint military operations room in Gaza, with a unified political reference, that puts a defensive strategy for the strip in different areas and fields, to protect our people in the face of the siege and aggression and to enhance its ability to withstand».

The PLO and the maintenance of its unity

The Deputy Secretary-General of DFLP discussed the PLO positions, assuring again that «being the legitimate and sole representative of the Palestinian people, with all its political parties and groups, and it is the political entity that brings the people together and unites the patriotic, national, social and other struggles», confirming In the same context «to safeguard the unity of the organization on the basis of the coalition».

He added in this regard: «We in the Palestinian national movement live in a private situation that there is no of the so-called the leading party, like the other peoples, experiments, as the war of independence in Algeria, or in Eden, or in other. But we are a liberation movement that is based on the political and intellectual pluralism and on the principle of the national partnership and the principle of parity».

However, he explained, that the parity «does not mean equal in the size and influence, so we call, for example, to an electoral law that is based on the full proportional representation, as it is the law that opens the door for the national partnership, within the framework of the PLO institutions, according to the size of each party and its influence and support».

Fahd Suleiman also talked about the Istanbul conference and saw it as a «serious step, that should not be underestimated and its impact on the oneness of representation and the uniqueness of Palestinian popular Movement», and he said that what was happened «opens the door before the powers towards that tend the confusion and skepticism with the representative site of the organization and thus confusing with the unity of our people and the unity of its institutions».

But on other hand, he noted that «the void that it was left by the absence of the PLO institutions, caused in what happened Istanbul».

He continued saying that «Confronting the Istanbul conference's results condemnation and denunciation, but by working to fill the vacuum in the Palestinian Diaspora, and to put an end to the policy of running back towards the outside, as pursued by the PLO and its institutions», so he called «to pay attention to the Palestinian Communities and organizing in them comprehensive national institutions, also he called for the revival of the branches of the Palestinian popular unions in the abroad, and is activating the competent departments in the executive committee which is concerned with the outside, as a center of refugees, and of expatriates and the cultural center, «all that requires collecting budgets and drawing plans and interacting with the popular movement, and the most important is, to abandon the Oslo Accord, which turned its back to the outside, and to return to the Palestinian national program, which guarantees the unity of the Palestinian people and its national rights unity, particularly the right of return for Palestinian refugees to their homes and properties in Palestine, and their right with a decent living in the camps in the Arab hosting countries».

Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Central Information Office

March 3, 2017


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