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Thank You Mr President
By: Moatasem Hamadeh
December 21, 2017

After Trump's move, the choice is obvious: Either with Oslo or with the Palestinian National Program.

Trump's move in recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and to transfer its country’s embassy to Jerusalem, is supposed to put an end to a long Palestinian phase, which has lasted longer than it should, and since the beginning of 2005 particularly, it has bet on the role of Washington in resolving the Palestinian issue, depending on a sadistic conviction that dominated the consciousness of the Palestinian official leadership that came after Yasser Arafat, that 99% of the cards are in the hands of the United States. For more than a quarter of a century, the Palestinian issue has been in a state of exhausting negotiations, in which Palestinians have suffered countless political, economic and social catastrophes.

These negotiations have also caused a great deal of damage to their political reputation, in addition to providing many reasons for many official Arab political currents, to extend the lines of relations with Israel, and to establish some kind of undeclared normalization, under the pretext that the Arabs (and others) would not be more Palestinian than the Palestinians themselves.

Trump step came to say, that bilateral negotiations were an allusion and that the American supervision was a lie. It also says that Oslo Accords were an unforgivable sin, and that the political manipulation with the Palestinian cause, has ended, as the policy of turning the Palestinian issue into political, economic and financial investments and a way to build political and social influence at the expense of millions of Palestinians, under the rule of apartheid in 1948, or under the bloody occupation and colonial settlement in East Jerusalem and Palestinian Bank, or under an unjust siege in Gaza Strip, or along the camps of misery in Jordan, Syria and Lebanon, or in the agonies of migration and expatriation in the world, away from their home and their families.

After Trump's decision, you can’t any more claim that you are with an independent, sovereign Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital on the June 4th borders, and you no longer can claim that you are with the end of the refugee issue under resolution 194, and the Arab Peace Initiative, and at the same time, you affirm that you are committed to the Oslo Accords and bilateral negotiations under the American auspices as the only way and option.

After Trump’s decision, it is no longer enough to complain that you are in a "state without authority", in a "un-sovereign state "under an occupation without cost" and at the same time assert that security coordination is "sacred" and irreversible.

Moreover, after Trump’s decision, it is no longer enough to complain that the occupation violates the Oslo Accords, and that the solution is to go to negotiations, to discuss the issues of Jerusalem, borders, water, prisoners and other issues and the files that were supposed to be solved only five years after the signing of Oslo Accords.

Trump has trampled on the negotiations of the permanent solution, and ended the issue of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and Netanyahu has ended the issue of borders, stressing the deployment of his army along the Jordan River, and Palestine’s territorial waters, sky and lands.

The settlement projects also, have swallowed up the land and water, and the racial wall of separation and annexation has drawn the new "borders" that are about to expand, to include the remaining settlers east of the "wall" to Israel and to turn the Palestinians who are in the west of the wall, into new refugees. As if the 1948 war had not stopped yet, covered with political manipulation called the Oslo Accords and bilateral negotiations under the alleged auspices of USA.

After Trump’s, it is no longer feasible to wait for the "century" deal, nor the "two-state solution", which was promised by G.W Bush, to cover the crime of his invasion of Iraq and the occupation and the destruction of its national army.

The frenzied American bull wiped out all deals with its horn, and the "two-state solution" has proved to be a hoax since 2001, until the US ended it by the end of 2017.

(Last but not least) after Trump’s, it is no longer feasible to receive Jason Greenblatt, to record in your notebook the preconditions for entering into negotiations, that were emptied of its content by Trump’s decision or to hear Jared Kouchner offers you promises and dates, come or not, and if they came, but in the form of Trump’s promises: in which everything is for Israel, and nothing for the Palestinians but bowing to Israel and its conditions. This is the deal of the "century".

Now, after Trump’s, you have to reconcile with yourself, with the cause and with the people, and say: Enough, I have reached the end of the line, and I have to walk on a new line.

You must cancel your signature on the Oslo Accords and withdraw the recognition of Israel (whoever recognizes Israel means that it will recognize it as it introduces itself, which means that the occupied East Jerusalem is its capital).

You have to remove the "sanctity" from security cooperation and cancel it, issue a decree that prevents dealing with the Israeli economy, push monetary authority of PA to reconsider its actions in favor of stopping dealing with the Israeli shekel, and to ask the Palestinian workers to stop working in the settlements, in return for gradual solutions, developed by the PA government in cooperation with the Arab countries and their financing, even if this leads to a reconsideration to the imaginary privileges, enjoyed by the first class in the official institutions and others.

You have to invite your brothers, in the Palestinian leadership, from all factions, to agree on the Palestinian national program that unites the people in all areas of its existence, unites its political forces, and clearly sets its goals and mechanisms, after putting aside all the illusions of the failed settlements of the American, or other.

And what is agreed upon nationally will be presented to the Arabs, peoples and officials, to the Muslims peoples and leaders, and to the peoples of the world and their capitals:
This is our program, and these are our rights, and goals. We are a people under occupation. We are a national liberation movement. We have the right to resist.

Let everyone take responsibility for us, taking advantage of the global position, that rejects the American decision, which recognizes that Israel is an occupying state, as stated in the UN Security Council last resolution at the end of last year i.e. resolution 2334.

You have to redraw the image of «peace of the brave».

The "brave" are the heroes of the "Intifada of Jerusalem and Freedom". They are the heroes of resistance. They are the ones who came to the streets, in Jerusalem, Palestinian bank, Gaza Strip, camps of the diaspora, in the areas of the 48, and everywhere in this world, to say to Trump: "No" and "the Occupied East Jerusalem is the capital of state of Palestine".

The "brave" are the ones who have clung to the Palestinian national program in the darkest and most complicated circumstances and they refused to be tempted by the Oslo Accords and what they contain of functional and social, temptations and others.

"The brave" are the ones who said to the occupation, "No," and entered the detention, and who defied the occupation army and became martyrs.

They are the ones who told "No" to the United States that included them on the list of "terrorism" and claimed that their deposits in US banks have been confiscated, although it is well aware that their only deposit is their honorable history among their people.

"The brave" are the ones who not just turn the page, but also turn the table in the face of Trump and Netanyahu, and open a new horizon to the case, which lights the way to the next intifada, "Intifada of Jerusalem and freedom."

If all this happens, then I, the writer of these lines, should go to the American president to thank him, in my poor English, for "his move" and saying to him, "Thank You, Mr. President."

Moatasem Hamadeh is a member of the Political Bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine.
Translated by: Rasha Abo Allan
Revised by: Ibrahim Motlaq

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