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The BDS movement: A massive confrontation to the Trump-Netanyahu vision
By: Ahmed Abu Srour
February 14, 2020

After the American announcement of the details of the “Deal of the Century”, the institutions and associations concerned with boycotting Israel hastened to confront this deal and warning of the danger of what it includes.

On the Palestinian level, our people were hurried to face this disastrous deal, through calls for the necessity of imposing a comprehensive boycott on all Israeli goods and products, and preventing them from entering to the Palestinian territories, to reach a complete economic and security disengagement from the Israeli occupation state, which leads it to heavy losses, and as a result, several institutions were quick to form an operations room to start boycotting Israeli products, where product suppliers of (vegetables, fruits, mineral, and carbonated water, juices) announced, for their commitment to the application of the government's decision to ban the introduction of Israeli goods and products to the Palestinian markets.

For his part, Tayseer Khaled, member of the Political Bureau of the Democratic Front, member of the Executive Committee of the Liberation Organization, called for the formation of national committees for the boycott in all governorates in which various sectors and social groups participate, including labor unions, professional federations, women and youth sectors in order to impose a comprehensive boycott on the products of the occupation in general And settlement products in particular, and preventing their entry into the Palestinian markets.

On the Arab level, the popular campaign to boycott Israel condemned with anger the Deal of the Century, and stressed its continuation in its stance rejecting and boycotting the occupation, and supporting the resisting Palestinian people with all available tools to boycott the occupation and his collaborators, it also demanded freedom for the detained members of the campaign because of their position rejecting normalization, and in conclusion, the campaign called on all Egyptians and Arab peoples to boycott the occupation and its collaborators.

During a meeting with the Minister of Youth and Sports Affairs, Tunisian President Qais Saeed called for an urgent investigation to be opened with the participation of an Israeli player in an international tennis tournament, after protests in Tunis against the normalization with the Israeli occupation, while the Tunisian campaign for the academic and cultural boycott condemned the participation of the Israeli player (Aaron Cohen) in The international tournament, which was held in Tunis on January 26th.

The Qatar Youth Against Normalization, QAYON, also announced a campaign titled "Biskm normalization" to monitor the series of normalization that took place in Qatar during the past three years, to educate society about the increasing cases of normalization in the country and its effects and how to confront them, and to educate the Qatari community and residents in Qatar of the danger of normalization. In the Sultanate of Oman, the boycott movement denounced the presence of the country's ambassador to the United States for the "Deal of the Century" conference, affirming the Sultanate’s steadfast stance in rejecting all kinds of normalization and supporting the Palestinian cause.

On the European level, a delegation from the Palestinian Democratic Gathering in Austria participated in the protest, which organized a rejection of what has become called the "Deal of the Century", which came under the slogan the " Deal of the Century will not pass", as many Palestinian and Arab institutions and a crowd of the Palestinian and Arab community participated Austrian solidarity and human rights activists and activists from the boycott movement. The Irish-Palestinian Solidarity campaign organized a protest in Dublin in front of an international tourism exhibition, in a refusal of the participation of the Israeli Ministry of Tourism, which trying to polish the image of the Israeli apartheid system, while the boycott of the Israeli apartheid regime in Ireland renewed the call to boycott the ‘’Tesco’’ group of stores British, due to its import and sale of goods and products to Israeli settlements. In the United Kingdom, the activists of the "Manchester Palestine" movement organized a protest in front of a factory for an Israeli weapons company (House Ferranti) in the British city of Manchester, demanding the cessation of military cooperation between Britain and the Israeli occupation.

With a large crowd of the Palestinian and Arab community in the Netherlands, with the participation of activists from the BDS movement, a protest was organized in front of the American consulate, in the Dutch capital, Amsterdam, in opposition to what has become called the "Deal of the Century" announced by the US President Donald Trump's political framework; with the participation of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, which included a liquidation project for the Palestinian cause and the national rights of the Palestinian people, who has been fighting for it for more than 70 years. In France, the boycott movement intensified its movements and calls against ‘’HP’’ company, because of its complicity in providing the Israeli occupation army with the technology used to strangle the Palestinians while passing through the Israeli checkpoints.


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