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The Dead Do Not Speak
By: Moatasem Hamadeh
February 10, 2017

The US-Israeli rules of the game have been changed, but the Palestinian official leadership strategy has not been changed.

The current scene confirms that the Palestinian issue, is exposed by the extremist right-wing Netanyahu government, to a multi-level war, that takes different forms, through the confiscation of wider areas of the Palestinian occupied territories, the immunization of confiscation by the laws that are fabricated in the government and in the Knesset, which are completely contradicted with the international laws and norms, and through complicating the reaching to a settlement, in order to impose the Israeli settlement, which is supported by US, and which is based on the abortion of the Palestinian national rights, in independence, return and self-determination.

After the issuance of the resolutions, in less than a week, and after the construction of thousands of settlement apartments, in Jerusalem and in the West Bank (566 +2500 +150 +3000), Netanyahu's government has allocated 5 billion shekels (more than a billion and a quarter US dollars) for ripping the West Bank to pieces, through the incision of further settlement bypass roads, tunnels, bridges and extending the railway lines, to create an urban communication between the settlement blocs and the settlements that are called «isolated», and between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, and so to turn the settlements, according to this scheme, to wide cities, surrounded by lands to build on them , and at the same time besieging the Palestinian towns and villages, marginalizing them, and turning them into rural «parts».

The Israeli press does not hide its estimation that the function of this scheme, is working on the annexation of the West Bank, as a realistic and practical procedure for Israel, and to complete the separation of Jerusalem from the West Bank, and to tear the Bank into demographic geographic squares, triangles and rectangles, and transforming Jerusalem and its settlement «cover» to a barrier between the north and south sections of the West Bank.

At the same time, the Knesset with the support of the Likud and the «Jewish Home» will discuss a bill that allows the government to confiscate lands that are belonged to Palestinians and deprive them of their right to resort to the judiciary or the objection, also the Israeli press sources, quoting the words of the «Zionist camp» headed by Herzog, that the real objective of this project is to facilitate the annexation of settlements, even the small outposts, to Israel, in the framework of the major annexation project, which operates Netanyahu government is working on.

On his turn, the prime minister stepped a major step in the political escalation, when he «developed» his negotiating position, so that he prerequisites for the resumption of negotiations (not to reach an agreement) the Palestinian pre-recognition of Israel as a «national homeland for the Jews», this recognition will cause geographical (annexation) and demographic (transferring and expelling the Palestinians from the Zionist entity to the borders of the Palestinian territories) and major political (final approval to cancel the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and properties) repercussions.

The second condition for the resumption of negotiations is the recognition that Israel's security borders, as understood by Israel, extend between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean, so that this region will be (i.e. the whole of Mandatory Palestine) under Israeli security authority and without conditions.

As recognized by the concerned departments, this is another title on the same topic: the complete annexation of Palestinian land to Israel, within a specific settlement, based on the principle of the «imperfect state» (i.e. no state) which Netanyahu talked about, and which is the other name of the self-management that is represented by the current Palestinian Authority.

So, now we have an integrated political project that Netanyahu government is working to reveal its features, piece by piece and at the same time to apply it chapter by chapter. This is not a project for advertising, but it is a very important executive project, which has its daily applying mechanisms, with their «legal» justifications according to the understandings and standards of Zionism, it also has a basis in the Oslo Accords, which set aside the United Nations resolutions about the Palestinian occupied territories, for the benefit of the agreement that «the land is disputed» and will be agreed upon only by negotiation.

While President Abbas is emphasizing that the only way toward the solution is negotiation, the government of Israel is confirming, practically, that its way to the solution is by imposing field facts through confiscating lands, expanding settlements, reducing the Palestinian country, besieging the Palestinian cities, deepening their dependence on the Israeli economy, and linking their fate with the decisions of the civil and military administration of occupation.

Against this Israeli policy, the PA Foreign Ministry found that the only way to respond to it is by issuing a statement, claiming that the Palestinian Authority will not allow to Netanyahu's procedures to evoke it, and that it will remain committed to the international resolutions and to the speech of the President of the PA before the General Assembly of the United Nations.

The resolutions of the international legitimacy need to be turned into a practical weapon, through activating them in the United Nations, and other relevant bodies.

The experiment of resolution 2334 was failed, as after its release, Netanyahu replied by making a frantic settlement campaign. The Security Council was satisfied by the briefing which was given to it by the Secretary-General on the matter, but it did not take a single practical step against Netanyahu's challenges to the international will.

It seems that the Palestinian Authority is following a strategy of not clashing with the new US administration on settlements, and on the internationalization of the national issue and rights, and on heading to the Security Council and the International Criminal Court, in exchange for a promise to «postpone» the moving of the US embassy to Jerusalem.

So, we note the repeat of the talk about the embassy in the PA media, but at the same time, we note the marginalization of PA media to the issues of settlements and the rest of the projects and schemes of the Israeli annexation.

The talk about the commitment to the speech of the head of PA in the United Nations, is just a joke nothing else. The speech was about the «mutuality» in committing to the signed agreements.

Although Netanyahu canceled this «mutuality» file, and he is practicing the violation of agreements policy, we note that the PA consistently emphasizes on its adherence to the agreements, down to consider the «security coordination as sacred», and opening the door to further cooperation and dependence on the Israeli economy; which contradict with the calls of the Palestinian, Arab and international sanctions (BDS).

The rules of the game between us and Netanyahu have changed completely ,as the US administration has changed and, it also has changed its view to the files relating to the solution and how to address it, in favor of the Israeli side drastically.

Israel's policies are very clear, Netanyahu is no longer hides his intentions, but he began to translate them into plans and projects, and began to prepare for these plans and projects large financial budgets, supported by the American financial, economic and military aids.

Fatah Central Committee (which the PA president used to cook his steps in it before transferring them to the Executive Committee) is very busy with searching for candidates to attach them to its membership, and with appointing a secretary to the Committee to serve as a «deputy of Abbas» or «the second man» in the movement.

The Revolutionary Council of the Fatah movement, is the also busy with naming the rest of the members, as stipulated in the rules of procedure of the movement.

Members of the Executive Committee and its Chairman are living a normal life, as if nothing has happened. The Central Council's meetings have been suspended since March 2015, despite the fact that the decision is to convene a session every four months.

The administration of the official leadership is paralyzed, and has great confusion, under «uncomfortable» Arab relations and an American administration that carries a stick and under the Israeli intransigent government.

The solution is known, but the dead Administration is obstructing the implementation of this solution, and who expects that the dead will make a sound or cry, they will have to wait long… as the dead do not speak!

Source: Moatasem Hamadeh is a member of the Political bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine .
Translated by: Ibrahim Motlaq and Rawan Al-Bash

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