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The "Deal of the Century" has not Died
By: Moatasem Hamadeh
January 5, 2018

The "Deal of the Century" is still alive, and Oslo Accords are still alive, as long as the ongoing policies are still under their roof and have not broken their link with them yet.

Even before Trump announcement about his decision to recognize that Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and his intention to transfer his country's embassy to Israel, there were voices that declared that Oslo's were died a long time ago and they should be buried. They ignored the fact that the Oslo Accords, are still being committed to, by the Palestinian Authority: the recognition of Israel, the security coordination, the economic dependence, the commitment to the bilateral negotiations under the American auspices as a single option, the bet on the permanent status negotiations on the basis that "the land is disputed" and these negotiations are about the future of Jerusalem and the Palestinian entity and its borders, therefore, the borders of Israel, beyond the line of June 4th , for its benefit, of course, but not for the benefit of the Palestinian side, including the annexation of the settlements, under the title of "an agreed exchange of land" and to drop the right of return under the name of "an agreed solution between the two sides for the refugee issue."

After Trump's decision, these voices have risen more and more, as if they are absolving the PA of the obligations of disengaging from Oslo, with all their obligations. So, when we say that Oslo is dead, we cannot, by simple logic, ask the PA to disengage from them: Do not you say that they died?

The voices that declared the death of Oslo (which are still alive, provided by the PA's commitments to support their daily life), were complied with voices that declared the death of the "Deal of the Century". So, because it has died, there is no need to draw up the plans, the programs and the mechanisms to address it. Such a statement, about the death of the deal of century, is very dangerous, because it falsifies reality, deceives the consciousness, spreads the relaxation in the air, and even opens the door to infiltrate again into the American solution, or an equivalent, or an alternative to it, i.e. "the commitment to the negotiating process as a single option", with the search for an alternative sponsor for the United States, may be France, may be the "international quartet" or may be another international bloc, but always within the framework of Oslo Accords , the map of road and the "two-state solution", all of which refer the fate of Jerusalem and the land (as disputed and not occupied by Israel) to negotiations of the permanent solution. They also refer the future of Palestinian entity (which these projects did not resolve that this entity will be an independent and fully sovereign state with East Jerusalem as its capital and on borders before the June 4th, 1967), and the issue of refugees to the negotiations under the « just and agreed solution» (which means Israel agreement on the solution) and under the umbrella of the Arab peace initiative, which dropped any reference to the right of return, and which , as Shimon Peres, the Oslo Accords and the road map, spoke about the "agreed solution". These are all solutions that not only undermine the right of Palestinian people in self-determination on its own land, but also they don't consider it as a united people with unified rights, but as human communities located in different regions, each of them with an "identity". As there are the 48 areas and the occupied territories in 1967, with the distinction between Jerusalem , the West Bank and the Gaza Strip; in addition to the refugees with the distinction between the residents in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria or other countries; all this to put fragmented solutions to the Palestinian issue, starting from the fragmentation of the issue itself and then claiming the solution of the Arab-Israeli conflict, which opens the door to all forms of normalization with the Israeli entity, pursuant to the Beirut Arab Summit Initiative (2002).

The "Deal of the Century" which was proposed by Trump, was welcomed by the official Palestinian leadership and it unilaterally claimed that it has the desired solution of "the two-state solution". We must not forget, for a moment, that the official Palestinian leadership has confirmed in more than one place, that it is ready to cooperate with Trump's administration to achieve the "Deal of the Century". It also confirmed that it is a partner in this deal. Then, this leadership has turned on itself and claimed that the Americans are "cheating" and "deceiving us". As if the process of negotiations with the cooperation with the Americans, has begun since a few months and not since a quarter of a century, since the Palestinian and Israeli sides signed the 9/9/1993 agreement, in which the Palestinian leadership has recognized of Israel, even before reaching to a permanent agreement, and declared the biggest fraud on the Palestinian people and the biggest falsification of history: the birth of the peace of the brave whose "heroes" won the Nobel Peace Prize (!), which is still unborn and its wars are still burning in Jerusalem , the Palestinian Bank, and on the outskirts of the Gaza Strip, and its disastrous effects are still along the length and breadth of Palestinian refugee camps.

Since Oslo, there has been a talk about the historic solution, which, with the birth of the Trump administration, has got another name, the "Deal of the Century".

• Oslo, as they are well known, are to build an administrative autonomy for the Palestinians , that would be an alternative to the occupation, to manage their affairs, and to relieve it of the hardships of this process and its political, security and moral responsibilities before the world and its laws and principles. For a quarter of a century, with the weakness of the official leadership role and its voluntary relinquishment of elements of power, the administrative autonomy [the so-called Palestinian National Authority] has become for the occupation. It is, therefore, not surprising to hear from time to time, a threat from those who are close to the PA that "the Palestinian leadership will hand over the keys to the occupation authority." Because it basically received these keys from the occupation, and was not «a national authority», that was established on a liberated land, as provided for by the national program. The issues of the permanent solution have remained unresolved and the PA has remained at the stage of the "transitional solution", which was supposed to last no longer than three years.

• An important step, taken by the United States on April 14, 2004, in which the "issues of permanent solution" were taken apart and two of these issues were unilaterally resolved. As In a message from GW Bush, to Sharon (Israeli prime minister then), the US administration (the sponsor of the peace process) announced that the June 4th line had been dropped as the basis for drawing the borders, and on this basis Netanyahu built his plan to keep the occupation army along the Jordanian-Palestinian borders, after the June 4th line was not recognized. It also had dropped the right for return of refugees as a basis for the solution, and alternative solutions were called for. According to this, the initiative of the Arab summit in Beirut "made its solution" by dropping the right of return. The city of Jerusalem has remained in an ambiguous status as "the capital of two states" without an explanation for such a formula.

• Trump has come to complete what GW Bush started with Sharon, through "resolving" the issue of Jerusalem as «the capital of Israel». Thus, he is putting a "solution" to one of the most important issues of permanent solution.

So, according to the Deal of the Century:

• The borders' issue is not a negotiating issue, as Bush's message, on April 14th, 2004, dropped the June 4th borders. Also, the "wall of separation" delineates the internal borders, and Netanyahu's "security" plans insist on keeping the borders with Jordan and parts of the West Bank up to 62% of its areas (i.e. all the so-called Area C).

• The refugee issue is not a negotiating issue, as Bush's message, also dropped it when it considered the return, as an unacceptable and unrealistic solution. Moreover, he was accompanied by statements and articles by the Palestinian leadership and the Arab summit initiative (2002).

• The issue of Jerusalem is not a negotiating issue, after Trump's decision to be the capital of Israel.

There is another issue, which is the issue of prisoners, that is, the holders of long sentences, and other partial issues, which can be solved by "developmental" projects and "generous" financial assistance within the framework of a "regional solution", which will not hesitate to fabricate a "Palestinian entity", that its features have been leaked in more than one research center and in more than one newspaper and media center, which is an "entity" that will never be promoted to an independent Palestinian state.

Last but not least, as long as Oslo are still alive, and the PA has not announced its disengagement from them, with all their commitments, in addition to the re-formulation of its political strategy, and the return to abide by what has been agreed upon: in the Palestinian institutions, i.e. the Central Council (5/3/2015), in the meetings of the Committee for the Activation and Development of the PLO (which includes the Executive Committee and its President, the Secretaries General, the President of the National Council and independent figures), and in the Preparatory Committee of the National Council meeting in Beirut (January 2017), the "Deal of the century" will still alive.

Moatasem Hamadeh is a member of the Political Bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Translated by: Manal Mansour
Revised by: Ibrahim Motlaq

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