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The Deal of the Century… The Inevitable Fate
By: Moatasem Hamadeh
August 13, 2018

We daily read in the media, especially in the Palestinian News Agency (WAFA), statements by spokesmen in the name of the Palestinian Authority and loyal to the official leadership, who boast of frustrating the "Deal of the Century". They declare that the deal failed to achieve its objectives. And that because of the opposition, led by the President of the PA, the "deal" has reached a dead end and is no longer on the agenda of the region. And that the only possible solution, is the President's "initiative" proposed to the Security Council on 20/2/2018, in which he called for a return to the negotiations of the permanent solution, under the Oslo Accords, their bases, and mechanisms.

As long as the Deal of the Century has been aborted, and as long as the two partners Kouchner and Greenblatt have failed to promote it, there is no need to implement the decisions of the Central Council (15/1/2018) and the National Council (30/4/2018), which were taken in response to the Deal of the Century and the US administration's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and transfer its embassy to it.

The reality that the groups of political hypocrisy are trying to falsify and obliterate it, says clearly:

• The United States has not withdrawn its recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and the preparation of the US embassy building in it is still under its decision. And this is one of the terms of the Deal of the Century.

• The United States has not withdrawn its recognition of the "legitimacy" of settlements and the "legitimacy" of Israel's annexation of the settlements, and it no longer protests, even in word, on the settlement expansion projects in Jerusalem and throughout the West Bank. This is also one of the Deal of the Century terms.

• The United States has not retracted from its decision to stop UNRWA funding, and the call for its dismantling, and to resolve the refugees’ issue, by resettling or relocating, and to refuse to recognize the right of return to the homes and properties which they have been displaced from since 1948. This is also one of the Deal of the Century terms.

Not only has the United States taken this step, which prompted other parties to do the same, but it has taken an additional step when the US Congress put on its agenda the redefinition of the Palestinian refugee to only those born in Palestine before 1948. While their offspring, or who was born in the countries of the diaspora and refugee camps, they do not belong to this definition, do not benefit from the services of UNRWA, and their case isn't included in the negotiations of permanent solution. According to the congressional bill, the number of Palestinian refugees is decreasing from more than 6 million refugees, to less than 40,000. In other words, the refugee issue to be vanished and no longer has the importance of the issue of 6 million. This will facilitate the resettlement of 40,000 people in different places. And as for the others (the six million) their case will be discussed within the host countries. Israel is not interested in them, nor the international community. And all of this, too, is included in the Deal of the Century terms.

• The Deal of the Century also includes the ongoing consultations and scenarios between Washington and Tel Aviv to solve the "humanitarian problems" of the Gaza Strip, with a multi-billion dollar projects, to establish desalination plants (after its drinking water has become invalid), sewage , waste treatment and power plants, develop agriculture and industry, improve infrastructure and to build a project of a floating port in collaboration with Cyprus and an airport in cooperation with Egypt, and other related projects. The question is the secret of this sudden interest of Washington and Tel Aviv for the Gaza Strip, as they are the two capitals that led the global campaign against Gaza as a major source of terrorism. It is the Strip which Condoliza Rice, G W Bush's Secretary of State, asked Ehud Olmert to prolong his war against it, under the pretext of destroying the infrastructure of the resistance. This remarkable interest by Kouchner and Greenblatt, who are in charge of consultations and contacts to develop the final version of the Deal of the Century, is only part of this "deal" and of its vision of solution, so that the Gaza Strip is the center of the Palestinian "state" (its port and airport) and the West Bank will be part of this solution, but within the context of security and economic enrollment to Israel.

Some of the owners of false declarations of obituary for the Deal of the Century claim that the delay in the declaration of the “deal” is a sign of failure. But this some, either he do not read or observe, or they read but do not understand, or they read and understand, but insist on fraud and obliteration. And this is the most dangerous possibility.

The US State Department has made it abundantly clear that it will not reveal the elements of the Deal of the Century until conditions are met. This time, the United States will not repeat what the administrations have done and then take shuttle tours between Ramallah and Tel Aviv to discuss its offers, to convince the parties. The American project, proposed this time, as Trump stresses, is on the table for implementation, not for discussion about it or its content. So, if there are obstacles to its application, the United States will remove these obstacles. This (again) explains its position on the elimination of the issue of Jerusalem from the negotiating table, as well as the settlement, the issue of refugees and the right of return, moving in Arab capitals and with Israel in order to achieve two things:

• The Arab capitals for further consultation to cooperate with them in the framework of the construction of intersections and common points of convergence between the Deal of the Century and the so-called Arab Peace Initiative (Beirut 2002), including the agreement with these capitals on the issues of Jerusalem, settlement and refugees, in a way that the United States will not be obliged to make a retraction from its positions, in other words, the "qualification" of the Arab capitals to accept the formula of the Deal of the Century from their positions of partnership with the United States in a regional alliance against Iran. As well as from the role of the Arab capitals in "persuading" the Palestinian leadership to "respond" to the Deal of the Century in return for maintaining its position within the framework of the new political equation for the Middle East, as will resulted from the Deal of the Century.

• As for Israel, to agree with it on the joint practical steps to develop the Deal of the Century, and draw the required field steps, at each stage to age the "deal" and provide the necessary field to its accomplishment.


The Deal of the Century has not died, but is progressing and achieving an additional steps and it cannot be eliminated by wishes, nor statements, nor insults, nor heinous descriptions.

The way to besiege and restrict it, and plant obstacles in its way, passes through the following way: an internal unit, and the implementation of the decisions of the Central and National Councils.

This way, as it seems, is still ignored and avoided by the official leadership. Perhaps its last mistakes towards the internal unity, is its new battle against the DFLP and its failure to clash on the ground with Israel and the United States.

Neither the press releases nor the hostility to the democratic forces in the Palestinian national movement, drop the Deal of the Century.

Notes:Moatasem Hamadeh is a member of the Political Bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Translated by Manal Mansour
Revised by Ibrahim Motlaq

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