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The Momentous Field Messages
Mohammad Al-Sahli
August 4, 2017

Palestinians recognize that accepting any occupation procedure on the gates of al-Aqsa means recognition of Israeli sovereignty.

The Palestinians in every pivotal station restore the issues to its real situation, and with their great determination smashes the cupidities of their enemy.

This is also happening this time in Jerusalem, with the start of countdown of the Netanyahu government's retreat from its occupation procedures around Al Aqsa Mosque and Old Jerusalem, under the Palestinian popular pressure, and the Jerusalemites' mobilization in defense of the capital of their future state.

With every progress made by the Palestinians in this battle, Netanyahu's calculations and aspirations are narrowing to achieve what he could not achieve in 2015 when his government tried to divide al Aqsa Mosque spatially and temporally, and was forced to retract during the outbreak of Palestinian youth uprising in October of that year.

Today, as two years ago, the US administration has intervened, on the line of stormy developments in Jerusalem, and their repercussions, in the region, in an effort to support the occupation and to adjust the level of loss, that has been put by its arbitrary measures in confronting them.

The Palestinian operation, which took place on the 14th of this month, has delivered, as its predecessors, a clear message that the occupation is not in a picnic, and that its continuation, is the ever burning fuse, in any explosion occurs, so, since then, the observers have realized that the operation will open an immediate battle in relation to the time and place in which it happened, and linking to the ongoing and plotted measures of occupation towards the city of Jerusalem.

For Netanyahu and his government, the "harness" was ready; and the aim was to embody the procedures, that the occupation had not been able to implement them towards Al-Aqsa and Old Jerusalem in the past, even he can close the area and prevent the access from outside and he did! Moreover he installed some electronic gates on al-Aqsa gates, and perhaps the occupation was expecting to receive severe opposition and rejection toward these procedures from the Palestinians, but every time it fails to estimate the Palestinians' ability of confrontation, steadfastness and escalation.

Prior to the operation, Netanyahu was broadcasting a speech about of acceptance of Israel by most of its Arab surroundings, and that Tel Aviv is a nominated to be at the heart of or at the head of an alliance, that will arise in the face of Iran and the resistance forces, and that the accelerated steps of Arab normalization with the occupation are moving quickly towards the legislation of relations by the American ally and friend in addition to the "new friends".

Netanyahu's calculations were not wrong in this regard, and perhaps this explains the slow emergence of strong reactions on the Arab and Islamic levels! But the nature of battle and its place, especially the Palestinian public alertness and the unity of defenders of the Jerusalem identity and the escalation of confrontation with the occupation and its continuation, have put everyone in front of entitlements that cannot be escaped under any argument.

The Palestinians immediately realized that accepting any minor occupation action on the gates of al-Aqsa and in Old have Jerusalem would means practically recognition of in Israeli sovereignty over them.

As usual, when the battle reaches its peak and the positions of the ruling Israeli coalition complicate and when the discrepancy between the political and security institutions arises in evaluating the situation and the available exits, the American side quickly intervenes to contain the situation, especially after the crime committed by the security apparatus of the Israeli Embassy in Jordan, and its killing of two Jordanian citizens, and the tensions between Amman and Tel Aviv.

Many tried to portray the occupation removing of electronic gates and replacing them with "smart" cameras, as a «ransom» paid by the occupation, in order to save the murderer of Jordanian citizens and brought him to Tel Aviv ,while In fact, the decision of Israeli mini cabinet, was taken because of the overwhelming Palestinian popular confrontation and the insistence the Jerusalemites to remove all occupation procedures, which have been taken recently by the Netanyahu government over the Aqsa Mosque and the Old City.

If the estimation of the above mentioned portray was true, so then, the confrontation had to be ended with the occurrence of the "deal" according to their definition, but things remained within their proper framework and the battle continued to achieve what the Palestinians wanted, in returning the matters to what they were before the 14th of this month, around Al-Aqsa and Old Jerusalem.

At the beginning of the battle, Netanyahu tried to pass one of his usual maneuvers when he transferred the power of estimating the situation and taking "appropriate" procedures to the field command of Israeli police in Jerusalem! In order to maintain the speech of political escalation that he has announced since the beginning, hopping that he will escape from any responsibility, if the estimates of police and its procedures, are contrary to the decision taken by the Miniature Council of Ministers with pressure of Netanyahu in which he installed the electronic gates on its basis.

While Israeli sources say that the installation of smart cameras takes six months to be completed, so Netanyahu insists on conducting a strict security inspection for those who enter the Al-Aqsa Mosque, which is a procedure categorically was rejected by the Palestinians. All the indications confirm that the battle is ongoing until the Israeli full retreat from all the measures that have been taken in Al-Aqsa and its surroundings.

Netanyahu is moving in this battle, according to his concerns towards the results of corruption files that are relevant to him, and monitoring the positions by his rival in the coalition, Naftali Bennett, the head of Jewish House Party, who seeks to form an axis, opposed to Netanyahu's positions and performance and the course of ongoing battle on the ground.

This battle with its circumstances and the actions been placed many parties in the face of new entitlements, including the Palestinian Authority after President Abbas, announcement freezing the contacts with the occupation government until it retracts its procedures at Al-Aqsa.

We understand from this announcement that it is an advanced position, but it is a temporary one, linking with the expiration reason of its issuance, while the decision of the Palestinian Central Council, as a model of the national institutional consensus called for stopping the security coordination with the occupation immediately, and re-dealing with it, as an expansionist occupation that is hostile to rights of the Palestinian people.

This practical situation is what the Palestinians need, in their field confrontation against the occupation; in addition to activating Palestine's membership in the international institutions, especially the international criminal court.

Although the Fatah Central Committee took such direction in one of its decisions, but the legitimate question that will be asked immediately after the announcement of these decisions, is whether these decisions are based on immediate implementation, or as their predecessors, are merely messages to speed up the settlement process, which will bring to the Palestinians only more disasters.

Mohammad Al-Sahli is an Editor in Chief of Al-Hourriah newspaper, the official speaker of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Translated by: Rawda Abo Zarqa
Revised by: Ibrahim Motlaq

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