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The orphans of the «two-state solution» are before the ghosts of «one state»
By: Moatasem Hamadeh
March 13, 2017

We cannot tamper with the big issues and we are not in front of fashion shows, so we can pick and choose what fits our mood.

The game of «two-state solution» is over after it lasted for years, and it was intended to create Israeli-American alternatives to the Palestinian national program. So, after that game has achieved many of its goals (dropping the right of return, separating us from our people in the 48 regions, a state with an incomplete sovereignty [and with an economic and security dependency) the US «shepherd» announced the end of the game, inaugurating a new game named the «one state solution».

The «one state» is a mysterious title for many projects, and therefore, we should not be fascinated by it, before checking its content, and its dimensions, and its guarantee for the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people (the national rights of the people in the 48, the legitimate national rights of those in the 67 regions, the right of return for refugees in the West Bank, Jerusalem, Gaza Strip and the diaspora camps).

Therefore, we must say that it cannot be tampered with big issues, as the Palestinian issue, as if there is a series of «solution», and we are invited to choose one of them. We are not in a fashion show, but we are in the midst of a national battle of fate, so it is assumed to have its national, political, clear and explicit vision.

On this base, we should analyze the content of what is presented as the «one state solution», which Trump himself called to, and before that the former Israeli defense minister Moshe Arens, also settle the president of the Israeli extreme right-wing government, Benjamin Netanyahu, alluded to it in his «economic» solution, as well as it was stated in presentations by the Israeli opposition leader, Chaim Herzog.

All of these solutions revolve around an issue that is a subject of consensus for the Israeli political forces, which insists on the consideration of Israel as «the national state of the Jewish people», and any solution, the Palestinians want to participate in it, must be preceded by the recognition of the content of this state.

This means, as we have made clear on many occasions, devoting the Jewish law of return as one of the firm foundations for the establishment of this state. These solutions also centered around dropping the right of return for Palestinian refugees to their property and their homes, because it contrasts with the «Jewish national state», and it opens the door to a «bi-national» state, even if the Palestinian Arab nationalism does not have the same rights as the «Jewish nationalism».

Also, these solutions are centered on the refusal to recognize the rights of citizenship to the non-Jewish, what supposes to provide a «legal» formula for the Arab Palestinian presence in this state.

This calls for a special system to the Palestinians, like giving them the right of residency , as an alternative to the right of citizenship, and transforming their cities and their population communities to «Palestinian ghettos» in the face of Jewish cities , that extends on the whole of Palestine, and in a self-management governed by closed laws, that does not allow to perform any form of the so-called «civil struggle» against the racial discrimination, which the «one state» will be established on it with its «Jewish nationalism» in the context of achieving the Zionist project .

Therefore, we are not in front of the one state that is based on democratic foundations, and that ensures equality in citizenship, and national rights, and ensures the social justice for its citizens, without racial, ethnic, religious or ideological discrimination, but we are in front of the Zionist state, on the whole land of Palestine, based on its racist laws system, which the state has been established on them in 1948.

Such a state, which will be called Israel, will be based on the retreat of the Palestinians and giving up their right to establish their own sovereign entity, and their right on self-determination, and their acceptance, in return, to devote the occupation, and grant the legitimacy to it. So, become the occupation will be sovereign over every inch of the Palestine.

Such a state has one flag, which is the Israeli flag, and one anthem, which is the Israeli anthem, and one army, which is the Israeli army; that state is going to achieve a single project is the Greater Israel project.

Such a state means the fall of the national program, and the reorganization with the victory of the Zionist project, not only on the Palestinian national project, which but also on the Democratic Progressive Arabic project.

As the victory of Israel, will not be only on the Palestinian land but it will extend with its consequences and impacts towards the entire region, which opens the door to the geopolitical changes and developments, that will exceed the Sykes-Picot borders and the Balfour Declaration borders, toward goals that the American-Israeli alliance has begun to with some them in the regional context.

Thus, the fate of the Palestinian issue would necessarily reverse itself on the fate of the entire region, not only from the gate of the Palestinian refugee issue, but also from the gate of the whole national project, the project of resisting the American-Israeli alliance and the Western interests in the region at the expense of the interests of the Arab peoples and their future and building their national state, the state of citizenship, equality and social justice. When Trump tries to show his innocence, and tolerance with the Palestinian issue and claims that he is with any solution that is mutually accepted, two states or one state, then he decides to move its embassy to Jerusalem, and condemns the resolution 2334 regarding the settlement, then he agrees on the survival and expansion of settlements and annexing them to Israel, he has shameless lying and declared his bias to the Zionist project publicly at the expense of the Palestinian national program.

When Netanyahu tries to « give a hand » to resume the negotiations without pre-Palestinian conditions, but he stipulates in return on the Palestinians to recognize (before they sit down at the negotiating table) Israel as «a national state for the Jewish people», and that the safe borders of Israel stretches from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea and, when he stipulate to exclude the issue of Jerusalem (as it considered the capital of the State of Israel and is not a subject for negotiation) and the exclusion of the refugees’ issue (considering that Israel is not responsible politically, historically or morally for their suffering and their cause), so, it means that the Palestinians are before two choices:

Either the full acceptable with the Israeli conditions, and the declaration of the defeat of their national project, or keeping things as they are, under a self-management with limited powers that, cooperates in security with the occupation, and perpetuates the existing of the occupied territories as a colonized backyard to the State of the occupation based on the principle of racial discrimination.

The offers that are proposed, now, under the title of «one state solution» with the American scope, according to Trump’s conditions, or with the Israeli scope according to Netanyahu's, Arens’s, Eland’s, Livni’s, and Herzog’s conditions, are only new calls for deepening the confusion in the ranks of the official Palestinian leadership, and deepening its bet on the improper solutions, and gaining more time to complete the settlement projects, the Judaization of Jerusalem and the reformulation of conditions in the Palestinian Bank projects. In light of a Palestinian situation, with two contradictory scenes:

* A leading scene that its fragmentation is increasing between the two parties of division, in their particular bets on the expense of the national bet, and the fragmentation is extending more and more towards the civil institutions.

* The Palestinian street scene, as it is boiling, what predicts with Inevitable coming explosion.

Then, there is no place in the Palestinian arena, but to the Palestinian national project.

[To be continued]

Moatasem Hamadeh is a member of the Political Bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Translated by: Al-Hourriah English Staff

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