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The three-state solution
By: Moatasem Hamadeh
March 25, 2017

The three-state solution as an alternative to the national program, is a part of the regional solution, which Trump and Netanyahu call for it.

Tampering with the Palestinian national project by offering failed alternatives to the Palestinian national program did not stop. So, after the «two-state solution» as drafted by the United States, to serve the Zionist project, to the so-called, «one state solution», the solution of the great Israeli state on all Palestinian national soil, under distasteful racist regime, to what is called by observers « the three-state solution».

The three-state solution is not different in its goals from the rest of the solutions and scenarios which aimed to the tearing of the Palestinian people, the fragmentation of its land, writing off its national project, preventing the establishment of its national entity, and involving it in territorial disputes that are unrelated to the Palestinian national cause.

The source of this solution is the Zionist active political mind in the research and studies institutions in Tel Aviv, in the Israeli Foreign Ministry, or under the auspices of the Ministry of Defense or the prime minister, it falls in the context of a regional solution based on the normalization of the Arab-Israeli relations, the annexation of the Syrian Golan to Israel forever and providing a «solution» for the existence of the Palestinian People , based on the fragmentation of it to four major gatherings without connection among them, in the context of writing off the Palestinian national identity.

One Palestinian gathering inside Israel, and assimilating them in the Zionist society, then Israelizing them and writing off their national identity, another gathering in the West Bank and third in Gaza Strip and fourth are the refugees in the diaspora.

The project is based on the principle that the solution to the Palestinian issue falls in the completion of the Treaties of Wadi Araba (with Jordan) and Camp David (with Egypt) and an end to the conflict in the region in accordance with the Arab Peace Initiative (Beirut 2002). Among the most prominent callers for this solution is Giora Eiland, the national security adviser, in the Israeli Ministry of Defense and this solution is based on the following details:

• Who are in Israel, are Israeli citizens, and they will be called «Arabs of Israel», and their future is to blend in the Israeli society, after separating them politically and nationally from the rest of the Palestinian people's communities, and who does not want this solution, could move to the Palestinian West Bank in the framework of the final settlement within a certain timeframe.

• The Palestinian West Bank (or what is remained of it outside the framework of plans and projects of the settlements and the expansion of bypass roads and the transportation network which aims to link between «the depth of Israel, Jerusalem, the settlements and military sites»), will be annexed to Jordan, in a federal framework agreed upon it by Palestinian and Jordanian parties, in which the Palestinians will have a form of self-management [legislative council , executive council , local government, local police and local judiciary within a certain ceiling], linked to the central administration in Amman, and the population of West Bank will have the Jordan nationality as Jordanian citizens, and their capital Amman and the administrative capital is Ramallah, and as for Jerusalem ,the Islamic holy places (and some Christians) could have a special system, under the auspices of the Jordanian Awqaf and under Israeli sovereignty.

In this context, Palestinians are subjected to what came in the Wadi Araba treaty terms for «peace», then some modification will be added to it which will take into account the new reality, including the return to the ideas Shimon Peres about the economic trilateral cooperation [Israeli-Palestinian- Jordanian] in the context of an economic confederation, to protect the Israeli economy from the risk of smuggling from the West Bank to Israel, and to deepen the Palestinian economic dependence on Israel, and develop the prospects of the Jordanian-Israeli economic normalization.

• The solution to Gaza Strip will be by the cooperation with the Egyptian side. So, that its space will be expanded to ease the overpopulation through granting it a large area from the land of Sinai, and some neighboring areas in the Negev. Its political choice remains open, between a «Palestinian state» that its depth is the Egyptian presence, on the one hand, and the Israeli presence on the other hand, in a context of a particular agreement, in which a port will be built , either on its coast, or in an artificial island next to it , as an outlet to the outside, but under the Israeli security control , to protect the Israeli economy, and not to lose the strip as a consuming market for the Israeli industries and goods, and to maintain the role of the Israeli traders and brokers, also a small airport will be constructed with the cooperation of the Egyptian administration, for technical ,security and economic reasons, and so that the airport remains as the harbor, outside the Palestinian sovereignty.

The Palestinian entity in Gaza [whatever its name: state or self-management] connects with the Egyptian side by signing an economic security agreement, since Sinai is its access to the strip manages its affairs by the permanent consultation with Cairo in order to preserve the Egyptian security and economic interests. The strip also shall have its legislative council, its executive council: local government] and its local judiciary and all the necessities of the entity and its requirements.

And the level and nature of its relations with Egypt, agreed upon by the two parties with the Israeli approval, as the third party on the management of the relationship with the strip.

• The refugees in the West Bank, will be resettled in their places in the context of a project to develop the camps and convert them to urban communities with external financing, and put an end to the phenomenon of camps [ending the presence of camps and dissolving UNRWA are permanent two demands on the Israeli agenda].

• The refugees in Gaza will be resettled in it, through its new political formula in the framework of a project, similar to the West Bank project.

• The refugees in the Diaspora there is more than one scenario to resolve their case, notably «Geneva- Dead Sea», Arafat -Barak -Clinton agreement at Camp David 2, the project of Lebanese Minister Fares Boueiz regarding the refugees in Lebanon.
All of them are based on the principle of resettlement or re-deportation to a third country, and writing off the right of return. This solution is supported by the Arab peace initiative, which dropped the right of return in exchange for normalization with the Israeli side.

• UNRWA will be dissolved, and probably an alternative agency, or a group of agencies, their job is to help the new Palestinian administrations (in the West Bank and Gaza) to enhance their foundations, or to supervise on the resettlement of refugees under plans to be financed by donors.

This is the project of the three-state, i.e. the fragmentation of the Palestinian cause to three solutions in three countries: Israel, Egypt and Jordan.

We have to note in this context the following:

• frequent talk by Netanyahu about the need to go beyond the two-state solution with the Palestinians, and go toward a regional solution, in which the Arabs, specifically Egypt and Jordan, could be partners in it.

• Trump's talk about the fall of the two-state solution, and even the one-state solution, and his call for a regional solution, by calling for a regional conference, along with Jordanian, Israeli and Palestinian parties. And the door will be open to the Egyptian side, due to the role of Egypt at the Arab level and because that the United States, Jordan, as well as Israel know that any regional solution must be participated by Cairo.

• Also, it is useful to draw attention to what was written by Maj. Gen. Mohammed Ibrahim (one of the ex-leaders of the Egyptian intelligence service) in «Alahram», in which he warns of the danger of the separation of Gaza Strip from the West Bank, and the establishment of a «Palestinian state» in the strip.

Last but not least, the coup of Oslo on Palestinian national program is what caused this tampering with the Palestinian destiny, through presenting different scenarios and solutions.

[To be continued]

Moatasem Hamadeh is a member of the Political bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Translated by Ibrahim Motlaq

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