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The "Two-State Solution" according to Netanyahu (1)
By: Moatasem Hamadeh
November 15, 2017

After celebrating with the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, of the centennial of Balfour Declaration, the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu visited the Royal Institute of International Affairs, commonly known as Chatham House, based in London, to give his view about the issue of conflict resolution, presenting a new series of ideas, which are old ideas basically, but he presented them in a new form, which contained prerequisites for the solution, in addition to the nine conditions which were brought by the US envoy Jason Greenblatt to the President of PA after they were formulated in the Prime Minister's Office in Tel Aviv. After that Greenblatt has added his three conditions on them including: withdrawing the resistance's weapons in the Gaza Strip, Hamas's recognition of Israel and the agreements signed with it, and last but not least, renouncing terrorism and adopting negotiations under the American sponsorship, as the only option for a solution with Israel.

In London, Netanyahu has repeated his rejection for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, full of sovereignty, with Jerusalem as its capital on borders before June 4, 1967, and ensure the right of return of refugees to their homes and properties which have been abandoned from.

This time, he rejected in a way in which he tried to show his talent in lying, counterfeiting, and reform the facts, principles, values and customs to comply with the aggressive, security, and racist interests and policies of Israel. Therefore, he proposed to give a new definition to sovereignty of states. A special definition to the countries that resemble to Israel, where they have full sovereignty over their borders, lands, airspaces and territorial waters, and have the "right" to wage war against the "others" within the framework of so-called the pre-emptive war, depending on assumptions that "others" are preparing to wage war against Israel. According to this principle, and these definitions, Israel becomes the police of region, and in accordance with the principles of Netanyahu, Israel has the right to violate, whenever and wherever it wants, under the pretext of pre-emptive war. This would threaten the security of Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Gaza Strip and West Bank, moreover, perhaps other areas whose geographic coordinates were drawn on the maps of Israeli Chief of Staff.

However, the countries that do not resemble Israel, such as the Palestinian state (to which Netanyahu spoke), or other Arab states, such as Syria in particular, and other countries, such as Iran, are assumed that new rules of sovereignty will be made for it because they threaten Israel.

Netanyahu says that state project in Arab countries has failed, because where the colonialism had withdrew and the Arab states were established, the Religious fundamentalist terrorist forces dominated. When Israel had withdrew from the Gaza Strip, Hamas terrorist movement and the other Palestinian forces which involved with Hamas in "terrorism", dominated on the Gaza Strip. Therefore, these countries do not deserve full sovereignty, but they must remain controlled to the domination of a third party, which disrupts their "terrorist" role.

In this context, Netanyahu believes that a Palestinian state must be demilitarized (only by providing the internal security control and combating domestic terrorism) and that it should not have control over borders, crossings, airspace and territorial waters. According to Netanyahu's definition, the occupation army should exist along the Palestinian borders with Jordan and monitor the air, land and sea crossings of the Palestinian state so as not to be a way for the sneaking of external international "terrorism" and that Israel controls the airspace of Palestinian state so that the Israeli Air Force is the only one that allowed to fly in the airspace of Palestinian state, and the same applies to the Palestinian territorial waters and The Israeli Navy.

Netanyahu does not hide the background of his policy, stressing that the security of Israel is the main and first factor which determines the nature of solution with Palestinians, and the nature of Palestinian entity that will result, in addition to the borders of sovereignty of this entity.

There is nothing new in Netanyahu's words. These words clearly said before by the prime minister of Israel, Ehud Barak and Ehud Olmert, beside that the Israeli Labor Party presented a similar project, which is supported by the extreme right wing of Israel.

In other words, the occupation army remains at Jordan River, with a security maintenance for this existence, where it has roads of movement and supply to the "Israel", i.e. the West Bank is the place of its movement and thus will be a deceptive withdrawal, in the framework of a new plan, to draw «borders of security cooperation» between the Palestinian state and Occupation Authorities, but this time it will take the character of "the cooperation between two states" within the framework of a "peace agreement".

The Israeli army is existing with the Palestinian security at the land, sea and air border crossings (either directly or via the Rafah crossing which is monitored by electronic monitoring) along with a third route (the European Union) in which the Israeli army has the right of veto to prevent what they wants from travelling or entering, regardless of their nationality, according to the principle, that the sovereignty over the crossing is not for the Palestinian state, but for the Israeli army.

Of course, this procedure does not only affect travelers, but also the commercial movement, for two reasons: first, "preventing the smuggling of weapons and subversion tools" into the territory of Palestinian state so as not to reach terrorists or smuggling them into Israel. The second reason is to impose customs duties on goods that enter into the markets of the Palestinian state, so that their prices are close to the prices of those in Israel, so as not to be secretly smuggled into Israel, thus the Israeli economy will be affected. This brings us back to the Paris Protocols, but this time it will be a protocol of "trade and economic cooperation" between two states, which are Israel and the Palestinian state.

With a little bit of scrutiny, we will find ourselves facing another version of autonomy, that is politically, security and economical dependent to Israel, but rather it has the name of Palestinian National Authority, it will have the name of Palestinian state, without Jerusalem as its capital. This may explain to us why the Palestinian Authority has planned for dozens of years for the city of Ramallah to be the first city in the Palestinian state with removing borders of the June 4 that Netanyahu does not recognize. The Resolution 242 explains that he speaks about (only) the secure borders for Israel. Because the issue of borders and security is an issue that is defined by the Government of Israel, and not others, the safe border for Netanyahu, is the border with Jordan, where the occupation army must be deployed, which means the fall of even the prior approval of Palestinian negotiator on the exchange of lands that have been agreed upon.

Nothing is agreed upon except the matters that serve the security of Israel, and it is concerned to impose its conditions on the ground as it considers appropriate.

After that, it is not ruled out that the two sides have reached to a practical solution that implements the two-state solution. Israel is based on the principle that has been agreed upon by the official leadership of PA which is: any solution that will be agreed upon by the two parties, will form a practical implementation of relevant international legitimacy resolutions.

The questions remain: Did the news of Netanyahu's lecture reach to the official leadership of PA? Did it read Haaretz on 5/11/2017?, and Is it still betting on resuming negotiations and the promise of President Trump to PA's president, to offer an initiative of two-state solution?

Netanyahu offered "the initiative", which Trump will later announce (if the Palestinian leadership's bets come true) and that is the "two-state solution" as Israel and US administration considers it.

To be continued

Moatasem Hamadeh is a member of the Political Bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine.
Translated by: Manal Mansour and Hassan Barazi

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