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The "Two-State Solution" according to Netanyahu (2)
By: Moatasem Hamadeh
November 22, 2017

Netanyahu is no longer hiding his goals in rejecting an independent Palestinian state, the return of refugees, and the withdrawal from Jerusalem.

After Netanyahu put the boundaries of Palestinian state he would allow, in the Palestinian Bank, he talked about the settlers' issue in the Royal Institute of International Affairs, commonly known as (Chatham House), which is based in London. In which he stressed that the settlers will remain in the Palestinian Bank and will not leave it. As Israel, as official sources confirm, has not built the settlements in the West Bank, surrounded Jerusalem by them and separated them from the West Bank, in order to eventually give them up to be taken over by the Palestinians.

Netanyahu claimed that the Palestinian demand for the departure of settlers from the West Bank is a part of an "ethnic cleansing", as it is based on the discrimination between the population, in favor of "the Palestinian component" and at the expense of "the Jewish party."

In this context, we must note that Netanyahu is stealing the vocabulary of the Palestinian discourse that is based on the facts, in describing Israeli practices as they are based on "ethnic cleansing." We should also note that Netanyahu is exploiting the book of Israeli historian, leftist and anti-Zionism, Ilan Pappe, in which he talked about «ethnic cleansing», in describing the displacement of the Palestinian people in the events of 1948 by the armed Zionist gangs. Netanyahu is exploiting the words of our speech to use them to distort the picture and to cover the reality of settlement, which is based on the theft of Palestinian land and the confiscation of it, in daily acts of aggression against the Palestinian people, in addition to bringing settlers to live on the ruins of destroyed Palestinian homes, or in the confiscated lands where they expel the Palestinian farmers from their lands, and claim the ownership of the lands.

This action, as a whole, falls under the category of war crimes and crimes against humanity, and its perpetrators deserve to be referred to the International Criminal Court, so that the Palestinian farmers can regain their confiscated lands.

In his claim, Netanyahu uses obvious fraud, which is contrary to the facts on the ground , violates international laws, and turns the settler from the position of perpetrator to the position of victim, who will be exposed to what he called the ethnic cleansing, if the stolen land is restored.

According to all estimates, Netanyahu's claims fall within the context of the search for alleged "legal" and "humanitarian" pretexts to justify the policy of settlement, and the annexation policy that he is paving the way for it in the settlement that he believes to come under American pressure. These claims have been preceded by an enactment of a law to apply Israeli laws in Israel on settlers, after they were subjected to the civil administration's laws that follow the occupation authority.

This new law is as a legal annexation of the settlements and considering them as an integral part of Israel, although the official and clear declaration of this annexation has not yet been made.

His claims also fall within the context of providing a "humanitarian" legal formula for settlement, and liberating it from being a war crime. As long as the departure of settlers into the "Israeli interior" is considered as an ethnic cleansing, then, the opposition and resistance to the expansion of settlements, falls within the same context.

What is strange is that Netanyahu is comparing between Jewish settlers in the West Bank and Jerusalem, and the Arab Palestinians inside Israel, and he is trying to compare the two groups, to conclude that as long as the expulsion of Palestinians from Israel is considered as an ethnic cleansing, the departure of settlers is also an ethnic cleansing.

In this context, we must stop before the general situation in which Netanyahu's lecture was held in London.

This lecture is a part of a large-scale Israeli campaign, aimed at winning European public opinion, in favor of the policy of the far-right government.

In addition to launching the start of the campaign to defend settlements and settlers, in a large-scale media campaign, he launched a massive campaign, in which he has allocated millions of dollars, to obstruct the activities of the BDS groups, and considering this activity as an anti-Semitic act, as Israel has succeeded in inciting European countries to enact a law that criminalizes anyone who criticizes Israel as anti-Semitic.

Thus, we are before a clear equation: B.D.S campaign that is anti-Semitic, and any similar campaign against settlement and settlers, is also anti-Semitic. We must note that the two issues relate to settlement. As B.D.S campaign aims at boycotting settlement products, and boycotting the companies that are active in settlements or in contributing to settlement projects. So, the charge of "ethnic cleansing" is to protect the principle of settlement, to establish the survival of settlers in the occupied Palestinian territory since 1967, and to prepare for the annexation of settlements to Israel.

On the other hand, we must note, on the Palestinian side, that the Palestinian Authority has complied with American instructions and warnings, on the pretext of not disturbing the preparations for the resumption of negotiations.

So, it has stopped its movement towards the International Criminal Court to refer Israeli war crimes, primarily the settlement, the prisoners, the blockade on Gaza Strip and the daily attacks on it. It also has suspended the affiliation of the Palestinian state (the observer in the United Nations) to the international organizations, including suspending the request for full and active membership in the United Nations and the demand for convening an international conference for the Palestinian issue under international legitimacy resolutions, and the patronage of UN Security Council in addition to ensuring independence and the right of return for refugees , as well as providing international protection to the people and land against occupation and settlement. All this is under the pretext of not disturbing the American preparation, and stopping incitement against Israel.

A stalemate in the official Palestinian diplomatic and political movement in international forums. In the other hand, there is a frantic activity by the Israeli government, which allocates millions of dollars for it, in cooperation with legal companies that employ many specialized and skilled lawyers for this purpose.

If we add to this, Netanyahu's attempts to end the issue of refugees and the right of return from the gate of UNRWA's reformulation: either by dissolving it, or by transferring its functions to the UNHCR, or by redefining the refugees, to be only those who were born in Palestine before 1948, without their wives or children.

He believes that by this he can cancel one of the issues, that is troubling Israel, the United States, Europe and the whole region, and remove from his project of the solution the most difficult issue in the Palestinian question.

Also , if we add to this his project (the accepted Zionist project) for Jerusalem, as "one city" and an "eternal capital" for Israel, and his refusal to withdraw from the occupied eastern side since 1967, or to include it on the agenda, in any negotiations, except at what is related to religious rights for sects (Muslims and Christians), we will realize the reality of the project, that is being prepared, in the name of the peace negotiations, and we will realize the political boundaries that he is drawing, with the understanding and agreement with the American side for any future solution.

The head of PA, in his article, in the British "Guardian" about Balfour centennial, admits that Netanyahu is not "a partner for peace" (as if the issue is a war between two states and not acts of aggression practiced daily by the occupation authorities against the Palestinian people and its land).

He also admits that the occupation is going on in its project to create facts on the ground, and he stresses in the context on his adherence to negotiations, as an only option, and at the same time emphasizes his adherence to «peaceful popular movement», similar to what happened in Jerusalem recently. But he does not clarify to the Palestinian people (as he is the head of state of Palestine, the president of the Palestinian Authority, and the president of the Fatah movement) how this Israeli intransigence will be displaced, especially in light of the blatant American bias to the Israeli side.

As while Netanyahu presents clear policies based on force, domination and oppression, the PA official leadership does not offer any clear answers to resist Israeli policies except public statements about betting on the American role (which we have tried for a quarter of a century in vain) and about the commitment to agreements signed with Israel [for a quarter of a century without success, which were supposed to reach their final in May 1999, and adherence to negotiations (which have become a waste of time and a cover for the expansion of settlement projects).

We believe that Netanyahu's lecture in London does not lack clarity, and we believe that Palestinian responsibility requires reviewing the situation and the existing policies, in favor of the national alternatives that all forces (including Fatah and President Abbas) have agreed upon, in the Cairo Dialogue (2005), the National Reconciliation Document (2006) and the decisions of the Central Council (2015).

Without this, the Palestinian situation will continue to revolve around itself, and gradually weaken, which is the worst thing that one can wish for the cause of a people that has entered its 100th year, in struggling for its independence, and the restoration of its land and freedom.

Moatasem Hamadeh is a member of the Political Bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Translated by: Rasha Abo Allan
Revised by: Ibrahim Motlaq

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