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The Under Secretary-General of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine speaks at the Sixth International Conference in Support of the Intifada in Tehran
March 14, 2017
Suleiman: Palestine is not alone, and regional conflicts will not throw the struggle off its course to put an end to division and to address the peoples of the world and its forces with only one position and a unified national policy

The Under Secretary-General of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, comrade Fahed Suleiman, expressed that the Palestinian people is not alone vis-à-vis the plans and projects of the Israeli enemy. Also, that all noble and free men of the world are at their side and put all their possibilities at the service of the struggle of the Palestinian people with a view to assure the failure of Israeli and US intentions, and to achieve the legitimate national rights of the Palestinian people.

The Conference in Support of the Intifada, hosted by Iran, with the participation of fighters from every country of the world, is a medium of support for the Palestinian people. It is also a clear message to all those that attempt to throw the struggle off its path, and to create alliances and conflicts in the region with a view to cover up the main conflict, the original cause of all the other conflicts in the area: Israeli occupation in Palestine.

Thus spoke the Under Secretary-General of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Comrade Fahed Suleiman, in the framework of the Sixth International Conference of Support for the Intifada, which took place in the Iranian capital. There, he underlined that the bloody conflicts in the area will not alter at all the true nature of the fact that the main struggle is against Israeli occupation, which is usurping an Arab and Palestinian land. He cautioned that any attempt to re-direct attention to regional conflicts of a communitarian and confessional nature will only have the goal of keeping the region immersed in a state of political tension and internal corrosion which would force the Arab peoples to be immersed in situations alien to their internal, patriotic and national issues. Arab peoples will furthermore undergo a constant hemorrhage and will suffer an exhaustion of their potentials in inconsequent belligerences that generate nothing but chaos, allowing the Israeli enemy to act with impunity against the Palestinian people and their resistance as a preamble to impose its project to liquidate the Palestinian cause.

Comrade Fahed Suleiman continued saying the peoples of the region well know the true sense of the compass with respect to the true struggle. Therefore, they do not see in Israel the state on which to bet in the light of extremism and terrorism, but rather as a hostile and racist entity, an occupying, colonizing state that practices the most horrendous forms of terrorism against the Palestinian people

Arab and Muslim peoples will continue to see in the Palestinian cause the central cause that must receive the support of everyone with a view to have at their disposal all the resources for the triumph of the Palestinian people. We consider that there is a pressing practical need for the Arab and Muslim peoples to recover their active and vital role of support for the Palestinian cause and to exert all sorts of pressure on the official regimes for them to adopt policies consistent with the level of the challenges, particularly the threats to their integrity, their wealth and the soil of their fatherland.

We caution about the nefarious consequences of going along with the efforts of the US administration to arrange solutions that only respond to Israeli interests, such as the normalization of relations with Arab states. We also call on Arab popular forces from every tendency to adopt once again their usual role of political as well as material support through the various forms of mass mobilizations.

At a Palestinian level, the DFLP Under Secretary-General underlined that the internal Palestinian division reached a level of seriousness the continuation of which is unacceptable, more so when the unilateral solutions adopted by both parties of the division have reached a situation of dead end.

They have tested every option and the only remaining option is the one having to do with a serious and true national unity, proven and tested in previous fighting experiences that have always allowed them to crown their efforts with resounding victories in favor of the national liberation movements and the defeat of the occupying force.

That is the reason why we are calling on our brothers in Al-Fatah and Hamas, those who are aware of the serious consequences of their policies for the totality of the Palestinian cause, to put national unity before their differences. We had already arrived at conciliations concerning those differences, but what is still lacking is a true will to put those conciliations in practice...

He added that we can only address our people, as well as all Arab and Muslim peoples and all the forces of progress and freedom in the world standing on one and same position, through a unified national policy that would be something different to what prevails nowadays. As Palestinians, all the various trends and groupings are today calling on us to revise our policies.

The leaderships of the Organization for the Liberation of Palestine (PLO) and the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) are called on to undertake a serious reevaluation of the experience of over a quarter of a century betting on only one alternative, and in particular, under the shadow of the ferocious alliance between the new North American administration and the Israeli government of extremism. They coordinate their actions on the field with the acceleration of the process of colonization and Judaization, or in the political scenario by destroying every possibility of establishing a sovereign Palestinian state on the territories that were occupied after the 1967 aggression, and with Jerusalem as its capital.

Suleiman concluded his address by saying that, in their condition as the Democratic Front, they are calling to convene a new strategy of struggle that would put an end to the only one option and would also attempt to quit the useless and vain tunnel of negotiations, which have been turned into the cause and the headline of all the policies of Zionist colonization.

Nowadays, we have in our hands the results of the dialogues that took place in Beirut and Moscow, and the only thing still lacking is the political will to begin to implement them with a view to put an end to division by way of setting up a Government of National Unity that would be responsible for monitoring elections in every Palestinian institution.

This proves the need for a total break with the Oslo Agreements and for putting an end to the materialization of all its annexes, in particular the coordination in security matters and the elimination of the Paris Economic Agreement, and to consolidate the membership of Palestine within the UN at an international, a legal and a diplomatic level, within the framework of a national plan that would detail the aspects of confrontation and the development of a Palestinian political system with a view to capacitate it to take up the tasks of confronting the enemy and to continue forward with the efforts aimed at isolating the state of Israel, of boycotting it and of having it put to trial in the specialized tribunals and courts at an international level.

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