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«Their Regional Peace»?!
By: Mohammad Al-Sahli
February 27, 2017

With the leaving of Obama and the coming of Trump, Netanyahu believes that the chances of success in implementing his vision have greatly increased.

What recently was published by the Israeli newspaper «Haaretz» about the secret «Aqaba summit», which was held a year ago shows the American political ceiling that determines the features of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict settlement.

If «the Regional Peace Initiative» which was presented by the Secretary of State in the Obama administration, John Kerry was not adopted, it is because that Benjamin Netanyahu has not lost «hope» to impose his plan that in essence is based upon the «economic peace» with the Palestinians, in addition to legitimize the normalization with Arab states versus the «acceptance» of Tel Aviv for the «Arab initiative» after it was attacked it during the past years. What was offered by Kerry differs from what Netanyahu is seeking to achieve, while the two suggestions contradict perfectly with the essence of the Palestinian national program and its objectives in the return and real independence.

It is sure that after the coming of Trump's administration to the White House, Netanyahu will seek to gain the US support for his plan, especially after the recent statements by this administration, which gave the green light for the predominance of the settlements and condoled the «two-state solution» toward a path that is run by Tel Aviv and sponsored by Washington and its blessing, thus, Does Trump's administration embrace Netanyahu’s economic «peace»?

What Kerry suggested in the «Aqaba summit», according to «Haaretz» begins by writing off the right of return of Palestinian refugees to their homes and property from which they were expelled. And when he is talking about « safe international borders » he describes the «political» Palestinian state as a demilitarized, and this state, according to Kerry viable and connected» but he did not describe it as «independent» or linking the 1967 borders, with the exchange of territories.

Thus, he canceled the United Nations General Assembly resolution which was issued in 2012, which recognized the State of Palestine under occupation, by the 4th of June 1967 borders with its capital in East Jerusalem, which Kerry called for it in his «initiative» to «an agreed solution» regard it. Thus, the matter is up to the terms of the Israeli occupation, exceeding a package of relevant UN resolutions regarding the city.

Shortly, Kerry and his administration wanted to end the conflict through suppressing it and moving immediately towards legitimizing the normalization of Arab-Israeli relations; surpassing the Palestinian national rights. And, according to his initiative, the Palestinian born entity will remain as a hostage to the Israeli security and economic dominance.

But all of that, is not consistent with Netanyahu's vision and his government, as he firstly canceled the «state» expression for any Palestinian entity in the West Bank, and there are many indications on the ground confirm that he is on the road to restore the «Civil Administration» without bearing the costs of this administration.

So, he wants a weak Palestinian Authority that its existence is recognized internationally, in order to be in a continues need for the international aid, and to ensure the success of his plan the (economic peace) and the establishment of economic projects here and there in order to keep the Palestinians away from their seeking for independence in a sovereign state with all its titles.

The observers did not surprise when the Israeli Prime Minister announced that his conditions for the resumption of negotiations are, firstly, the recognition of the Palestinian negotiator and his political referentiality of the Jewishness of the State of Israel, and secondly their recognition that Israel's borders are from the River of Jordan to the Mediterranean Sea.

Certainly, he does not even hear the reply on his conditions in the context of the application of his vision on the ground though the escalating the spread of settlements and the escalation of the demolition of Palestinian homes and accelerating the Judaization campaigns, in conjunction with racist expansive legislation that are enacted by the Israeli Knesset, beginning from the settlement expansion legislation in preparation to annex the settlement infrastructure; without leaving the West Bank and control the whole occupied Palestinian territories through security and economy.

The Basic difference is between the ideas that were proposed by Kerry and what Netanyahu wants, is that the first ones wants to enter titles with attract the Palestinian negotiator and enable him to market his bet on the settlement. While Netanyahu does not want a settlement between the parties, but to impose his vision on the Palestinian side... the weakest, and squeeze the Palestinian Authority in the narrowest possible corners.

Between this and that, the largest absent is the unified Palestinian program with its libertarian titles. What sustains this case is the hesitation of the official leadership and its waiting for the «clarity» of Trump administration position on the settlement and the possibility of providing an integrated vision. Although its position from the beginning is clear and it confirms that it will be a partner to Netanyahu's government in a lot of the elements of his vision.

Even with the presence of Obama's administration, the unified Palestinian position was an absent and the half-steps were the prevailing characteristic that in the Palestinian official policy, and it did not complete any positive step that has been achieved , starting from the lack of the construction on the UN resolution by upgrade the status of Palestine in the international forum through its enrollment to the international institutions and leading to the non-implementation the Central Council resolutions in March 2015; and what was recently released from the Preparatory committee meeting of the Palestinian «national Council» in Beirut and the meeting of the Palestinian factions and forces in Moscow.

With the coming of Trump, it is natural that the Palestinians should do the practical steps to cope with the mounting risks that threats the Palestinian people’s rights by, steps that lead to the applying of the Palestinian Central Council resolutions, and in the forefront, stopping the security coordination with the occupation and the liberation of the Palestinian economy from the Israeli economy by the cancellation of Paris agreement and the adoption of social and economic policies which enhance the steadfastness of the Palestinian society, and boycotting the goods and products of settlements.

On the political level heading towards the United Nations and submitting an immediate complaint to the International Criminal Court to halt the settlement according to the Security Council resolution No. 2334 and submitting a complaint to stop the demolition of the houses; and submitting new draft resolution to recognize in Palestine as an active member in the United Nations, besides that submitting a draft resolution to hold a comprehensive international conference to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the Arab issues under the auspices of the major five states in the Security Council and under the terms of the international legitimacy resolutions.

In the context of these supposed steps, ending of the division and restoring the unity should be a prominent title on the Palestinian national work agenda by the implementation of the comprehensive Palestinian dialogue resolutions in their various stations, and following-up the PNC preparatory committee resolutions, in preparation to hold an elected council session in accordance with the full proportional representation law, and hold the local elections as scheduled by removing all the obstacles that led to the previous postponement and later to hold the presidential and legislative elections.

Urgent and integrated steps that will lead to the creation of an advanced unique shift in the Palestinian situation and enable it to break out the statues of hesitation and negativity to regain the initiative and enhance its ability to counter what threatens the Palestinian people and its rights.

Mohammad Al-Sahli is Editor in Chief of Al-Hourriah newspaper, the official speaker of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Translated by: Rawda Abu Zarqa and Manal Mansour

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