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Trump... the Settler
By: Mohammad Al-Sahli
February 15, 2017

With Trump administration’s attitudes towards the settlement, and its embassy in Jerusalem, the Palestinian negotiator has nothing to do regarding the settlement.

A few weeks separated between the adoption of Security Council resolution which condemning the settlement and the Israeli Knesset's decision to «legislate» the systematic degradation of the Palestinian land under the title of the «Settlement Act».

This means at least that the international community before a new text to maintain its resolutions and put them on the road of implementation, in spite of that the indicators say that the result of this test will be the catastrophic failure, especially, after the US considered that the settlements does not disrupt the «peace process».

So, the American position moved from the media criticism of the settlement expansion to be supportive and protective to it, by the coming of Trump Administration, and this is the «historic» opportunity that is expected by Benjamin Netanyahu and his government to escalate the settlement attack on the ground and to legalize the settlement infrastructure through the laws of the Knesset that they are expected to be repeated and escalated to reach to the public annexation.

The Obama administration also worked to protect the settlement by standing against any Palestinian move towards the United Nations and s the international institutions and especially «ICC».

And it used with the Palestinian negotiator the policy of «the carrot and the stick», when Obama announced in «Cairo speech» (2009), the need for freezing the settlement and launching the settlement process in order to establish the Palestinian state, then this attitude began to fade, up to direct the pressure on the Palestinians to continue the negotiations despite the settlement expansion.

And who’s monitor the escalating expansion of the settlement structure since the launch of the settlement process after the Oslo agreement, simply realize that the successive US administrations, including the Obama administration did not consider (practically) the spreading of settlement disrupts this compromise . The reason for that was the rules and mechanisms of this process that placed away from the supervision of the United Nations and the presence of its relevant resolutions, after Washington imposed itself the exclusive sponsor of this settlement.

On the other hand, the Palestinian formal acceptance to enter into the settlement with its known rules is the major sin which entered the Palestinians in a dark tunnel. And the submission to the American promises put the Palestinian case in a state of paralysis and enabled the occupation to exploit the exiting climate to spread the settlement and increase of the Judaization campaigns.

There were available serious opportunities for Palestinians to get out of the hesitation and weakness state when the endeavor towards the United Nations succeeded in upgraded status of Palestine in the International Forum and the recognition of it as a state under occupation, with 4th of June borders 1967, and thus the doors of international institutions were opened before the Palestine's membership, which enables to prosecute the occupation for its crimes, in the forefront, is the settlement.

If this great national task had been frozen under the illusion of betting on American promises, the Trump Administration puts the Palestinian case as a whole in front of a settler, who is leading a United States as a president. The American press itself revealed that Trump was one of the financiers of the settlement of «Bet el» near Ramallah.

So, it was normal to get angry when Obama administration passed the UN resolution which condemned the settlement, and he promised to «fix it» when he takes the reins of power. Here, he is doing what he said. Thus, what would the Palestinian official leadership wait for, until the application of the Palestinian Central Council resolutions and other of the national consensus decisions, including the activation of Palestine's membership in the international institutions, and especially the «ICC»?

A number of observers considered that the Obama administration is to passage the UN resolution as a message to Netanyahu (who rejected its content) and to Trump's management (who is working on to blow it up).

The content of the letter confirms on the continuation of the blockage of the settlement will lead to explosions that are not calculated in the Palestinian occupied territories in 1967, and in the territory of 48; and perhaps around.

Some observers also considered saw that the Obama administration wanted to keep some «hope» for the Palestinians by pumping more promises and other soothing factors that ensure the continuation of calm.

Despite the importance of the resolution, which was passed by Washington in the Security Council, but it knows that it is without implementation mechanisms and out of the Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations. And any action will be proposed against Israel in the Security Council will not pass in the presence of the US veto and others.

The only open way before the Palestinian cause is the arrangement of the internal Palestinian house through practical the steps of the process that based on the implementation of the national consensus resolutions, leading to save the Palestinian political system from the slack ness and corrosion, by the reconstructing it on democratic foundations by the election of the national institutions in PLO and the PA.

Which requires to implement the consensus that achieved in the preparatory meeting of the «national council» last month in Beirut, and convening of an elected national council in the Palestinian occupied territories and abroad, and to neglect any orientations that seeking to hold it with «who attended» only.

Because it will increase the complicated crisis of the Palestinian political system, and exacerbate the repercussions of the division, at a time when the political developments on the ground impose the unifying of the elements of the Palestinian forces to confront the growing dangers which threat the national future of the Palestinian people.

To keep up with the required practical steps, it is assumed that the components of the Palestinian cause to put the popular resistance and develop it in front of the major national tasks that should be promoted, as it is unreasonable to let settlement rampant and Judaization without a serious confrontation on the ground.

The neglect of the Palestinian national rights by the international community will cause the storm developments in the Palestinian occupied territories. And the right situation calls for the intervention of the international community to protect its resolutions regarding the settlement, and other that related to the Palestinian cause.

The land is the essence of the conflict with the occupation, and if the continuous looting does not call for an open confrontation with it, then, what else?

Mohammad Al-Sahli is Editor in Chief of Al-Hourriah newspaper, the official speaker of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Translated by Al-Hourriah English Staff


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