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Trump the Tourist
By: Mohammad Al-Sahli
June 1st, 2017

It is so clear, that the US president Trump, was so worried to not hear from neither the Palestinian nor the Israeli sides but what he preferred, and he kept his hosts optimistic about what the next period could bring by the US administration.

At the same time, he did not make a statement during his visit to both Bethlehem and Israel that meets the expectations of both sides. So, he kept the "two-state solution" out of circulation, and on the other hand he did not speak about the transfer of the American embassy to Jerusalem. Then, he kept every one waiting the visit of his representative Greenblatt , to talk about the US «efforts», which will be active during the next month about the settlement issue.

During the visit, the "protocol" and taking the commemorative photos were the most common, without forgetting to reassure the Israeli side that Washington was keen on its military supremacy over all around, referring to the huge US arms deal with Saudi Arabia.

Israeli analysts were quick to reduce the dose of optimism that Trump tried to inject into the "morale" of both sides of conflict. They pointed out that the settlement agreement, which it previously blocked, has become more thorny, and that the American priorities in the region do not refer that the settlement process is ready to be launched.

However, this does not preclude, according to the opinion of most observers, from keeping the settlement file within the American position as a "facilitator" to the Arab official normalization process with the occupation, in order to enable Washington to manage the implementation of its objectives in the region , depending on the concerns of some of its countries about the "Iranian threat", which was the most prominent title in the deliberations and statements that took place and were issued from the US Arab Gulf Islamic meetings.

It is clear that Washington's quest to place the region's components into two opposing fronts, makes it easier for the US administration to enter the line of ongoing conflicts and wars and to intervene strongly in the restructuring of the existed geography . In all of this, the Palestinian situation will not be immune to American attempts to reconstitute it, and maybe the characterization of Hamas movement after Hezbollah in the field of terrorism, to be an introduction to talk later about the other Palestinian forces and factions that their positions and resistance are against the satisfaction of Washington, which it considers them as a platform to incite the occupation and resisting it and, therefore, it requests the official Palestinian leadership to deal with these forces and factions according to the American-Israeli assessment.

In talking about the settlement ,what draws attention is the Israeli talk about a package of offers and facilities intended to be given to the Palestinians as a gesture of confidence during the Trump visit , which is a recurring theme that Netanyahu's successive governments have used to announce whenever there are signs of political moves on the settlement.

The Israeli announcement is important to draw the attention of the American administration toward the easier and quicker way in the eyes of Tel Aviv to find "practical" solutions to the conflict. This is the "economic solution" that Netanyahu has already proposed. As he is talking now to an American administration led by a successful businessman in making big deals, as happened during his visit to Saudi Arabia. Therefore, Tel Aviv believes that it is necessary to reach detailed understandings with Washington ,that will direct any solution to the conflict that will be deliberated.

In the context, the talk about a US (general) perception of the settlement , based on trying to find separate solutions to each of the issues of the permanent solution draws attention. Here, it is normal , that Tel Aviv seeks to impose absolute priority on security before the borders, Jerusalem and elsewhere. Because, according to past experience, it is functional to fix any future negotiations at this point in particular.
Also, the Netanyahu government is aware that reaching an agreed solution to this issue means that it will resolve many other issues, including the borders which Tel Aviv considers them a security issue that will decide the limits of these borders in connection with the settlements and the Israeli security needs.

Within this "vision", security solutions will cover both the settlement horizon and the internal Palestinian situation, in line with the conditions of the American administration to "rehabilitate" the Palestinian situation, which were presented by the US Envoy Greenblatt to the PA's leadership.

As long as all indicators confirm that the Trump administration is not going to make any pressure on Netanyahu's government to change the extremism, which has been practiced over the past period, this is confirmed also by the American position toward the settlements, when it ignored the mere reference to it during the visit.

What has been announced previously on this subject, clearly shows that the Trump administration will supervise the future of settlement and protect it, if it intervenes in the settlement in case it is launched.

The main dilemma, lies in the Palestinian official insistence on putting the keys of the political process, on the settlement, exclusively in the hands of the American administrations. This clearly underscores the need to establish the political process on a basis that responds to Palestinian national rights, in particular resolution 194 that ensures the return of Palestinian refugees to their homes and properties. It is not useful here to talk about these rights before any person, as long as the decisions that meet them are written off the rules of the proposed settlement and its bases.

Therefore, the proper approach to correct the formal policies towards settlement, is to return to the United Nations and its institutions, as the last short experience has shown that the Palestinian effort towards the United Nations has achieved significant achievements that were supposed to be built on them, after Palestine has become a member in a number of international institutions, which enables it to fight the occupation in these institutions by submitting complaints about the ongoing Israeli crimes, the deployment of settlements, the support of prisoners and demanding the adherence to the Geneva Convention and its annexes and calling the international community to intervene to rescue the prisoners of hunger strike and oblige the occupying state to meet their demands and to impose their liberation.

The continuation of the bet on the US role is nothing but walking towards the trap of Trump and looming in a vicious circle, through the continuation of the policy of waiting that has damaged the Palestinian national action and put the Palestinian situation in a state of paralysis by the continued division and its aggravation.

Mohammad Al-Sahli is an Editor in Chief of Al-Hourriah newspaper, the official speaker of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Translated by: Rawan Al-Bash
Revised by: Ibrahim Motlaq

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