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When Abbas said: «When I have become a president… everything was destructed»
By: Moatasem Hamadeh
November 2, 2016

Abbas said when he took his responsibilities as a successor to Arafat: «When I have become a president… everything was destructed » Is he also intending to deliver his successor «everything destructed».

In an unusual event, since more than a quarter of a century, the war of articles and press columns, has raged between “Al-Ahram” and other Cairene newspapers, and between the “Al-Hayat Al-Jadeeda” and “Al-Ayyam” newspapers , which are loyal to President Abbas in Ramallah.

One does not need to be a genius to reveal that the reason for this war, is the Egyptian role in the drafting of the paper of the « Arab Quartet’s initiative» to arrange the Palestinian house, including the situation of the internal Fatah, and the return of Dahlan and his brothers to the ranks of the movement.

The calling for «Ein Sokhna» workshop in Egypt, in which made the matters more complicated there was a debate on the Palestinian issue and the situations of Fatah , and there were participations from the Gaza Strip, nearly all of them from Fatah , so Fatah was irritated and considered it an introduction to the conference, which Dahlan intends to call for it soon in the Egyptian capital, to discuss the conditions of Fatah and the conditions of the Palestinian case, in a move seen to target the position of President Abbas, and the pressure on him to apply what was in the paper of the Arab Quartet.

The observers consider the tour of President Abbas in Turkey and Qatar, and the reckless remarks by some of his companions, as an attempt to entangle the Palestinian national cause in the game of the Arab and regional axes , Abbas was driven by the reactions on the paper of the «Arab Quartet» and by the invitations to him to follow the steps, that are seen by the Arab Quartet as necessary to arrange the Palestinian ranks, under Arab developments, that assume the adjustment of the Palestinian case, outside any context that does not serve any of the axes.

Perhaps the reaction of Abbas, to go to an axis not the other, will only produce more complications, especially that such move would hurt deepen the Palestinian crisis, not solving it, knowing that the maliciousness and reactions policies were not , a wise policy followed by leaders keen on the interests of their people.

In parallel with this external situation, we are witnessing a development in the internal situations that would push matters toward further aggravation on more than one level.

At the level of the internal conditions of Fatah, the tension is expanding in the ranks of the movement on the eve of the preparation for the Seventh Conference of the movement, some field Fatah leaders gathered, to discuss the internal conditions, from the site of the basal share to take responsibility. A behavior seen by the leadership of the movement as a trend towards «making wings» (a secret name for everyone who of the opposes the Fatah leadership, and described as a «Dahlanic») what pushed the concerned authorities to expel a row of the sons of Fatah, including members of the Palestinian Legislative Council, and that indicates to the extent of fragmentation and disintegration, that the conditions within Fatah have reached to , and warning at the same time of the dangers of convening the seventh Conference under such severe stress.

Perhaps the danger in all this, is that Dahlan carrying out his threat to hold a parallel conference to the conference of Fatah, in Gaza or Cairo. In both cases, such a move would reflect itself negatively, and deeply, not on the open alone, but on the general Palestinian situation, including the possibility of convening a Palestinian national council abroad, and organizing inclusive elections at home and abroad to rebuild the Palestinian institutions.

In the same context, the security forces of the Palestinian Authority increase their intervention in the public political affairs, including the arrest of some activists, whether to prevent mobilizing the uprising of youth, or as a general move to treat the conditions of the Palestinian case from the entrance of ending the division or the interior conditions of Fatah.

In turn, the Palestinian press is under security pressures that led to the prevention of the publishing of some articles, even for some columns’ writers who are affiliated to the Fatah leadership and they have a long history whether in the defense of Abbas's policy, or for his positions.

The sin of those, is that they wanted to say their word in criticizing the existing situation and to contribute in making suggestions that will help in lifting the general situation of its crisis.

It is confirmed, that the patience of the Palestinian Authority and the institution of the presidency, cannot afford any criticism, noting that the call for the conference of Fatah, requires the launch of the freedom of debate and criticism, and opening the door before all opinions.

Chasing the freedom of opinion, repressing on the opinions of others, and closing the door of innovation, do not tell that things are going in the right direction, but indicates that there is a desire to impose the single opinion on everyone, which is the opinion of the institution of the presidency, which is not approved by all within Fatah, or by the national consensus.

On the other hand, we note at the national level that things are not going as they should , as the Executive Committee in the PLO is the largest absent, despite the very serious Palestinian developments , including the recurrence of the talking about the pressures on the Palestinian Institution , to prevent it to head towards the Security Council to discuss the settlement, and also including the talking (from one side) about the invitation of the Palestinian National Council to a new cycle, as we have not seen any good preparation yet for this Council and the agreement on its place and the nature of what decisions and plans will be issued from it.

At the same time, the Central Council of the PLO still stalled since the last meeting on 05.03.2015, noting that the decision was to convene periodically once every two months to discuss the general situations , the target of its deactivation is the persistence on disabling its decisions, including the halting of the security coordination with the occupation authorities, boycotting the Israeli economy, mobilizing the popular uprising, and the internationalization of the national rights and issue in the concerned forums.

The case do not stand at the borders of disabling the decisions ,but it goes beyond toward making decisions and formulating policies that contradict with the Central Council’s resolutions and orientations, which enhances the individual policy, seizing the decision , enhancing the coup on the national program , weakening the bases of the PLO ,as it considered as the United National Front for the Palestinian people, and deepen the state of tensions in the national ranks , also it deepens the state of uncertainty in the ranks of the popular situation about the possibility of saving the Palestinian situation from its crisis and repairing what can be repaired, and the opening on a new future for the national cause.

When Mahmoud Abbas took his responsibilities, he said: «We have received everything destructed». In a sharp criticism of the previous phase.

But fear, all fear, that the next president, who will come after Abbas to find everything destructed…again.


Moatasem Hamadeh is a member of the Political bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine

Translated by: Ibrahim Motlaq


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