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When will the Palestinian leadership solidarize with its people and its national rights?
By: Moatasem Hamadeh
December 10, 2016

It is better at the first place, is to ask the official Palestinian leadership to solidarize with its people and its national rights and not to mess with them.

We call, every year on 29/11, the world to solidarize with the Palestinian people, while firstly we should call the official Palestinian leadership, that heads the PLO and the PA, to take the initiative and to solidarize with its people and its national rights, after it moved away - about a quarter of a century ago – in ignoring these rights, making compromises about them , and even canceling some of them, in order to gain some factional profits with bureaucratic nature that ensures the interests for a specified group, at the expense of the public national interest.

Since the invitation to the Madrid Conference, which launched the negotiating process under the US sponsorship, the official Palestinian leadership submitted to the Israeli requirements, where it excluded from the negotiations the issues of Jerusalem and refugees, when it excluded from the membership of the joint delegation any representative of Jerusalem and any representative of the refugees.

When this leadership discovered, that there is a national leadership, in the negotiations, represented by the late Dr. Abdel-Shafi, who put requirements to ensure the interests of the people and to preserve its land from the invasion of the settlements, it crept towards Oslo, and accepted an agreement that made its administrative authority as a part of the Israeli security system and opened the doors to the enactment of laws for the integration of the Palestinian economy on the Israeli economy. However, this agreement formed a cultural, social and political coup, on the history of struggle of the Palestinian people and its national program, its political ambitions and its legitimate rights.

In the permanent status negotiations, five years after the ominous agreement in the White House gardens, this leadership prefers its bureaucratic interests at the expense of the national interests, and it ignored all the calls of the national situation, and responded to the Arab pressure and caved submitted to the American conditions, and it accepted to blow up the time agenda for an agreement, after about a quarter of a century, since its signing.

Which kept the people, its land and its fighters behind bars and behind a large prison that stretches across the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

When Washington and the Quartet waved with the Road Map plan -which writes off Jerusalem as the capital of the Palestinian state and deletes the right of return for refugees in favor of alternative scenarios- it was quick to agree, without preconditions, and it provided free concessions, starting with the recognition of «right» of Israel to exist, and «its right» of safe boarders, to beg after that a tiny Israeli recognition that this leadership which heads the PA and the PLO leadership, is still a «partner» in a peace process, that the peace in it means to ensure Israel's security and its economic interests.

When the march of the failed negotiations reached to a deadlock, it did not find the necessary courage to confess its historical sin committed over a quarter of a century, but it continued with the policy of disabling the national march through reaffirming the commitment to the signed agreements at the expense of the national project and the people's rights.

This official leadership exceeded what we were considering them as red lines in its Palestinian and regional policies, despite what these policies caused of serious damages to the national interest.

This leadership also did not deny that it exercised repressive role in besieging the Intifada, prosecuting its activists, encircling the schools, colleges and universities, imposing security and punitive measures on their members, admittedly by the security chiefs who boasted - at a time when the equations and values changed - that they thwarted hundreds of operations against the occupation army within the framework of the sacred “security cooperation”.

It deactivated the decisions of the national institutions in the Executive Committee, and the Central Council, especially those historic decisions that will liberate the Palestinian situation from Oslo restrictions, and it insisted on disabling and marginalizing the institutions, and the conversion of the individual decision with the decisions of the institutions, and it disrupted all the attempts to reform the PLO and to develop it on alternative democratic and struggling bases.

Instead of that, it planted the concepts and values of favoritism, and growling, clientelism, regionalism, and all manifestations of corruption, because it is the right atmosphere for passing the improper projects, at the expense of the inalienable legitimate national rights, considering the spreading of the corruption in the institution and emptying it of its content, will strengthen the role of the ruling individual, the alternative even for an administrative authority with limited powers and bare of any features of sovereignty.

Under media cover, that falsifies things and facts, and resorts to the glorification phrases, and making of personalities, positions and titles, the Palestinian land is seeping from between the fingers of its sons, and the prisons (the Israeli jails and the PA jails) are overcrowding with strugglers and oppositionists, the internal situations in the PLO and in the ruling party, also are deteriorating and getting worse.

The real solidarity with the Palestinian people and with its national rights, must start this time from within the official Palestinian institution, this is the basis and with courageous steps to turn the page of the past in favor of a new struggling pages, these steps could be:

* Stopping the bet on the negotiations and the failed initiatives, American or French or otherwise. After what was tangibly proved that the real negotiation table is on the field.

* Reviving the resolutions of the Central Council (March / 2015) and the Executive Committee, as a gateway to return to the revival and the adoption of the national program, including the restructuring of the PA, and halting the security coordination and cooperation, and boycotting the Israeli economy, and forming a program for the ministries of the PA to make it a struggling tool in the face of the occupation.

*The re-construction of the institutions on democratic foundations, to be the institutions of the national movement, and the Palestinian liberation movement, free from all forms of corruption and bureaucracy. By the transparent and fair elections, and on the basis of the full proportional representation.

*A struggle program, in the field, against the occupation and settlement, that adopts all forms of struggle and resistance, backed by a program for a diplomatic and political movement toward the United Nations institutions and the international forums, to internationalize the legitimate national issue and rights of the Palestinian people.

With this, we can restore the rights and the unity of the people in all the regions of its presence [1948 and 1967areas and the Diaspora]. We can also restore the unity of the PLO and transform the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People to a special day, beyond the limits of the media statements and reports.

Notes: Moatasem Hamadeh is a member of the Political bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Translated by: Ibrahim Motlaq

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