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Which National Council do we want?
By: Mohammad Al-Sahli
December 1, 2016

For the success of a new session of the National Council, there should be done a review for the Palestinian policies which are adopted in all axes.

It has been noticed recently, that the talking that the Preparatory Committee for convention of the Palestinian National Council has completed its preparations for a new session, and it is just waiting to determine the time and place.

More remarkably, that this talk did not come from a meeting of the Executive Committee of the PLO, which is supposed to be primarily concerned with following up this matter and ensuring the completion of the political, organizational, and financial reports, which put the Council in front of the conclusion of the previous stage and monitor clearly and accurately at the performance of the institutions and bodies which were formed by it in the last held session.

And the Talk did not clarify anything about the membership of the Preparatory Committee, which was engaged in the preparation of all these arrangements, which does not seem that the Executive Committee with the presidency of the Council may have formed it or taken over the trends and axes that were highlighted by the reports, which the Council according to them should elaborate the all required policies in the National Action.

It’s normal and necessary to push for a new session of the Council, as an important national entitlement. If the national mechanisms are available to prepare well for the council meeting, this session will make a unique transition in the Palestinian national course of action, and thus it will put the Palestinian case before a new stage that puts an end to the marginalization that was experienced by the Palestinian people Parliament over the past stage.

Perhaps the most prominent of what impeded the role of the Council is the spread of use-trend in dealing with the national institutions and bodies, which has often been invoked in certain stations to formalize policies and orientations that do not have the national consensus; the examples about this are many.

Since a year ago, there has been a dubious call for holding a session of the National Council, then it was appeared that the target behind it, was the limitation of the task of this session to only renovate the Executive Committee of the PLO. When the supporters of this call were argued, that this call is not regular according to the rules of the Council. There has been an order to a large number of the Executive Committee members to resign in order to legalize the holding of an emergency session that achieves for the supporters of this call their goal in the re-formation of the Executive Committee, which corresponded to their self-calculations. And when there was an intention to hold a regular session of the Council with a complete business schedule, and they put the obstacles in front of this session and pushed toward delaying it.

In that recent period, there had been the preparing for the Seventh Conference of the Fatah movement, which is supposed to take place a few days later. Many conflicts emerged within the ranks of the movement and have not subsided yet, about the conference convention mechanisms. And the preparations for it.

The members of Fatah noticed before others the attempts to form the membership of the Conference according to the concerns and calculation for what was called at that time the «triple Kitchen». Therefore, it was understood that the invitation for an emergency session of the Council in order to reshape the Executive Committee only, as an involvement for the Council in the internal problems of the Fatah movement.

While the talk is happening now on the eve of the Seventh Conference of the movement (which we wish it the success in its work) about the closeness of the convention of the National Assembly and the completion of the preparations for it, the question is whether it was within the acceleration in the formation of the new leading bodies of the movement in the national institutions and bodies which are supposed that The council to re-elected them.

Of course, this is a legitimate right. But what is important in this is the focusing primarily on the success of holding a new session of the National Council in order to put the national policies that are capable to face the existing and future challenges in the light of the significant decline that hit the Palestinian national action in front of spreading the division rampant In light of misguided policies that became addicted to bet on a settlement that is not based on foundations that ensure the embodiment of the national rights of the Palestinian people.

Many points should be highlighted in the session of the Council, and in the forefront of them, is the re-consideration for the national institutions and their decisions. The escape from the application of the last Central Council resolutions, a clear example. This experience has confirmed great defect in dealing with the decisions of the national bodies, and institutions and the working behind the scenes against their decisions in many stages. This was reflected negatively on the internal national relations under the marginalization of the national partnership that assumed by the Palestinian national movement as a liberation movement of the colonialism.

On the political side, the Palestinian «official» Policy still tends in many cases to exit of the determinants of the national liberation program, the least, what the Central Council recently done to correct the relationship with the occupation and to stop the security coordination with him, and in the continuation of the Palestinian endeavor to open up to the United Nations and its institutions and opening a political and diplomatic battle in its fields from the internationalization of the Palestinian issue and the trial of the occupation for its crimes against the Palestinian people; the Council also decided to break with any settlement unless it is based on the relevant legitimate resolutions.

For the success of a new session of the Council, in our opinion we should, make a deep and a precise review of the Palestinian policies that are adopted in all axes, whether at the level of the national program or the commitment of the decisions of the national bodies and institutions. And in front of the Palestinian National Council, there is the continuous division with the continuation of the partisan and subjective policies that were the primary cause of its occurrence.

Before of this crisis, there are serious steps that are required for holding the session which should be finished the declaration to end the division and restore unity, so with that the Council could enhance these efforts, in a way that enables the Palestinian case to regain the initiative after it was able to unify the national efforts to fight the occupation. In this area, as the Central Council confirmed at its last session, it is supposed to focus on the need for the revival of the popular resistance by supporting and protecting it politically.

In front of all this, just the talk about the achievements made by the Preparatory Committee on the path of a new session of the National Council is not enough. What it is important is the sort of these preparations and its adoption reference then presenting them before the National Council in order to achieve the objectives behind holding its meetings.

Mohammad Al-Sahli is Editor in Chief of Al-Hourriah newspaper, the official speaker of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Translated by Al-Hourriah English staff

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