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Who is Punishing Whom?
By Mohammad Al-Sahli
January 10, 2018

The great majority in the United Nations is standing against Trump's policies; however, Washington is threatening the whole world!

The United States delegate found itself "demilitarized" in the UN General Assembly, which does not depend on "veto" in voting mechanisms on draft resolutions.

All she could do was to indict accusations to the United Nations, after her administration threatened all who would vote for resolution against the Trump Declaration.

Although the Israeli delegate joined in the attack on the international organization, his government was more involved in the preparation for settlement projects. Recently, it announced that it will build about one million new settlement units, one-third of them are in Jerusalem, in the sense that Tel Aviv is aware of the opportunity to build on the current US policy to serve its expansionist policy.

So, after rejected the meeting of UN General Assembly following the adoption of the resolution which rejected the Trump Declaration was over, the legitimate question remains about the ability of the international organization to support the Palestinian rights.

The Hebrew state was only once interested in the United Nations before it was recognized and accepted as a member in the international organization.

By accepting the Protocol of Lausanne, in which it included its acceptance of resolution 194, which guarantees the return of Palestinian refugees to their homes and property. As for it, this was a passport to its seat at the United Nations. When it did so, it turned its back on everything it agreed upon.

In principle, the occupying state repealed the condition of its membership in the United Nations, and this would be enough if the Charter of the United Nations was activated, so, it was to be outside the United Nations, but the European countries and the United States, which adopted defending it, kept it in its seat and provided it with material and political assistance. So, it can complete its colonial Zionist project on the ruins of the Palestinian people who have become as refugees in all over the world. Except that period, Tel Aviv and its allies have vetoed on the implementation of United Nations resolutions and the United States in particular has acted against any attempt to implement them.

Through this unfair equation against the Palestinian people, the state of occupation has been granted political and material protection, while the Palestinian has been left under the oppression of this occupation, and the Palestinian refugees have remained outside their homes and properties, which were looted by the Zionist gangs.

Within this equation also, the occupation state has addicted to the policy of indifference to the international organization, but that doesn’t mean that it has not always sought to change the map of positions in the General Assembly of the United Nations, where the United States can’t protect it because of the veto is not used in the vote. Tel Aviv and Washington have invested the political situation, resulted from the collapse of the Soviet Union and the system of socialist states in Europe and the state of American exclusivity as a single global pole, so, they exerted more pressure on the members of the UN General Assembly and won the cancellation of its resolution, which considers Zionism as racist.

In addition, the occupying state considers that the General Assembly is a group of states whose decisions are worthless and it remained dependent on the American protection in the Security Council. This is the same for the UN institutions and agencies, especially UNRWA, which Israel regards as a non-desired organization, as it seeks to ease the burden of refugees, so, Israel has always sought to change the mandate of this agency and to transfer the situation of the Palestinian refugees to the International Refugee Commission, to settle them outside the homes and properties, which they have been expelled from and to cancel their right of return for ever.

The only shock Tel Aviv received from the United States was late of the last year, when the Obama administration passed Resolution 2334, which was issued by the Security Council and condemned the settlement. However, the resolution did not have mechanisms to be implemented, because it was not taken under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations, and the fears of the Netanyahu government completely faded with the coming of the Trump administration, who, since his candidacy has attacked the resolution about settlement.

As Trump declared his recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the occupying state and his intention to transfer the US Embassy to it, it became clear that Washington has taken on the task of defending the occupation and speaking on its behalf in and outside the United Nations institutions and has begun to exert pressure and blackmail against anyone trying to incite and boycott the occupation.

But this has put the United States in the face of the international community, as appeared during the voting in the Security Council on the Egyptian draft resolution, which rejects the Trump Declaration, so, Washington appeared as an isolated party, and this was repeated in the UN General Assembly voting on a draft resolution in the direction that took place in the Security Council, and 128 states resisted the American intimidation and threatening and sided with the resolutions of international legitimacy that were adopted on Jerusalem, and this was a blow to the American-Israeli alliance.

The current situation in the United Nations is based on a striking contradiction, where the majority in the international organization stands against Trump's policies towards the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, which contravene the relevant international resolutions. However, the United States alone with Tel Aviv continue to threaten the entire world and declare its intention to defend the Israeli occupation and its aggressive policies, which raises the legitimate question: Who should be punished?

This scene opens up the possibility of the Palestinian situation to benefit from this emerging situation, and to immediately submit to the General Assembly of the United Nations a request for the full membership of a Palestinian state under the item of

“United for Peace” and to call for an international conference under the auspices of the United Nations and the five permanent members in the Security Council, and request the international protection for the Palestinian people, its land and properties in the face of the looting policy, settlement and Judaization.

US policies have recently removed any justifications that could be used by those who have bet for a long time on the US role in the unfair settlement that the Palestinian negotiator has entered for nearly a quarter of a century.

So, there is no way before the Palestinian situation to progress on the path of achievement of rights, but the rehabilitation of the national program of liberation and aborting the policy of waiting, which has contributed in continuing the occupation expansionist projects.

Mohammad Al-Sahli is an Editor in Chief of Al-Hourriah newspaper, the official speaker of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Translated by: Rasha Abo Allan
Revised by: Ibrahim Motlaq

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