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Why do they Hate Gaza?
By: Moatasem Hamadeh
April 18, 2018

Gaza means, the whole Strip with its: population, political forces, resistance, men, women, children , old people, youth, wounded, and its soil filled by martyrs’ blood.

It has been under siege for more than a decade, and the Israeli aggression against it has continued, in more than one bloody round of aggression. It has difficulties in all fields of life. Its economy has become almost destructed, and the unemployment rate among its residents is very high and dangerous. It has witnessed dramatic developments for many years, including the series of sanctions by both the occupation and the Palestinian Authority. Why do they hate Gaza?

• They hate Gaza Strip because, in these very days, it has presented a model of the state of national disobedience and the mass popular revolt against the occupation in an organized framework, in which thousands of people from the Gaza Strip have united in the Return Marches, which have highlighted again the Palestinian issue as an issue of liberation movement of a people under occupation and siege, struggling for its rights to freedom, independence and return to the homes that they have been expelled from , and it is not an issue of negotiations on an alleged "peace" based on acquiescence and the imposition of political, security and economic restrictions on the Palestinian people, by force under political cover offered by "a partner for a failed peace process".

• They hate Gaza Strip, because it has exposed the reality of the Israeli occupation and Zionist entity, dropped of it the false masks of democracy, and the alleged purity of arms and lifted the cover of its lies, and exposed it as a deadly colonial regime, that restores the Nazi methods to achieve its racist goals, of looting the land, destroying homes, killing women and children and the destruction of all what is related to humanity in the lives of the Palestinian people.

• They hate Gaza Strip because, for the second time, it has agitated the generals of the Israeli enemy, to recognize, as Yitzhak Rabin admitted before, at the zenith of the great national uprising, that there is no solution to a popular revolution except in politics, and that the violence and killing approved their failure. Now there is a striking contradiction between the statements of the generals of the occupation army, who have tried the killing in the Gaza Strip, not over the last three weeks, but over the years of the conflict, in which they have used all kinds of weapons in the air, sea, and on land, including that is Internationally forbidden, and Gaza Strip's steadfastness has not been broken, and it has been confirmed once again that this "invincible army" has failed to submit the Gaza Strip and force it to surrender. And the enemy generals' reaching to the conviction of the failure of power solutions to resolve the matter with the Strip, is but another form of surrender and recognition of defeat.

• They hate Gaza Strip, because it has refused to be submitted to humiliation. So, when the roads have been blocked before it, it has sought to get over the obstacles in search of the right to a decent life and dignity. It is natural that the army's leadership has calculated that the revolution will escalate among the people of the Gaza Strip and that they will push back towards the borders, but this time around towards the Israeli fence, not towards the borders at Rafah, which is a dangerous calculation that the Israeli occupation has taken it in its consideration, as a political "crisis," that would bring Israel into a dark tunnel at the international level.

• They hate Gaza Strip because it has dropped the statement that negotiations are the only possible option through which to reach a solution with the Israeli side. Because it has introduced various methods of struggle, all proved to be useful when used in their proper political context. It has given the resistance weapon its position in Palestinian political calculations, which will continue to protect and preserve it and its role, despite all the hysterical screams coming from the PA headquarter in Ramallah, with a rightful motto, that has been manipulated, about the "one weapon" and the "one law", and to control all the Strip and demilitarize its resistance from its legal weapon, which was and will remain the honor of forming the golden pages in the history of the Palestinian resistance. Hysteric screams, ignoring the fact that the resistance weapon in the Gaza Strip, is truly sacred right for the people and the cause, and it is a major card of its "cards of strength" and that the call to disarm it , serves only the other project, represented in describing the resistance weapon as “terrorism” by Israel and the United States, and isolating it of its natural position to put it, by force, through a blatant forgery in regional conflicts, which the Palestinian people did not and will not enter at all.

Many dreamed and wished Gaza Strip to be destroyed, and they are now trying to reformulate the rules without changing the goal, taking advantage of the state of division, that is plaguing the national cause. So, they have promised the Strip with fresh water, but they are the ones who have plundered its water when they have spread their settlements over its land. They have promised the Strip with a mobile port, but they have closed the sea before its fishermen and the friendly rescue ships. They also have promised it with life services, but they have destroyed its economy and made it a huge prison living on aid, and a hostage to the Israeli economy and its unjust procedures. They have turned the Strip, which is the victim of the occupation and siege, to a commodity, traded in the auction market. They present their human face to the public opinion, while their daggers do not stop tearing the body of Gaza’s people.

Whether they have hated the Strip or not, it will remain a major sign of Palestinian history. As the Strip is not a property of any political party or authority, but it belongs to its people, a stronghold of resistance and the March of Return.

Notes:Moatasem Hamadeh is a member of the Political Bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Translated by Rasha Abo Allan
Revised by Ibrahim Motlaq

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