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Why were the Resolutions of Central Council Absent from New York Speech?
By: Moatasem Hamadeh
October 4, 2017

President Abbas has not only neglected the resolutions of the Central Council and the Executive Committee, but also has returned to adopt the policy of waiting as a strategy for the next stage.

Since he has addressed the UN General Assembly, the media, which is loyal to the PA and president Abbas, has been mobilizing all its energies and capabilities to reintroduce the speech, on a false way, considering it as a historic brave and genius speech. Even, some of them saw it as a new strategic vision for the next phase of the Palestinian national cause, without forgetting one of the editorials that saw President Abbas as the Palestinian, Arab and even the international leader, who spoke by using the language of universal humanity, when he presented the Palestinian cause to the world public opinion, from the top international platform.

We will leave this row of journalists and media professionals drawing and writing what they want and portraying it as they wish, although we did not read in one article of them, in their praising of the speech of President Abbas, a presentation of what was stated in the speech. Also, none of them identified where is the strategic vision which carried by the speech to the next stage of the life of the national cause. Only descriptions, without addressing the text of the speech and its contents, and without using even one sentence of the text, which was distributed by the official agency «Wafa», after we listened to it with the attention required, during the presentation at the international forum.

That President Abbas, in the name of the Palestinian people, presented the injustice toward this people to the world public opinion, this is something expected, not surprising. Even though this is not the first time that President Abbas presented this injustice. It was preceded by the late Yasser Arafat in 1974, when he entered the General Assembly with the rifle in his hand and the olive branch by the other hand, armed by the national program adopted by the PLO (the interim program), which considered the PLO as the only legitimate representative for the people of Palestine.

This time, as in previous times, President Abbas entered under the framework of the Oslo program and the adoption of bilateral negotiations with the Israeli side, and under the auspices of the United States, as a single option. In return, he has dropped all alternative options, i.e. the options of: Al intifada, the resistance, the internationalization of cause and rights away from the single American hegemony. He also entered the General Assembly under his vague option of the "peaceful popular resistance", which is the same resistance that was subjected to repression, pursuit and arrest by the security services of the Palestinian Authority with a clear and explicit confession of the leaders of these services from the platform of the international newspapers.

When he presented the Palestinian grievance, he presented the injustice of occupation toward Palestinian people, but at the same time, it is the grievance of Palestinian people with the Oslo Accords, about a quarter of a century ago, which opened the way for the occupation to plant the West Bank and Jerusalem areas with colonial settlement ,and to impose dozens of Judaization projects on the capital of the Palestinian state, and to get the current situation, with the words of President Abbas himself, to «an occupation without cost», (after the option of negotiations as a single option) and "an authority without power" (after the PA has given up all elements of power and resistance), and after the occupation has turned the negotiation process into a futile process, with the Palestinian side, while at the same time, the PA has provided the occupation, with a political cover to its repressive and fascist practices and presented it to the public opinion, as a partner in peace and in the negotiating process, the PA also has stopped to consider its people 's cause as a national liberation movement for a people under colonial occupation, and turned it into a mere negotiating issue on the so-called the permanent solution issues.

President Abbas, once again, but this time from the top international platform, admitted the failure of his political project, which he signed on 13 September 1993 alongside Shimon Peres. President Abbas once again admitted that Israel was evading from the entitlements of the political settlement. But he did not explain to the public opinion, why the Oslo project has failed. Also, he did not explain to the public, why Israel has succeeded in evading from the settlement commitments for a quarter of a century. At the same time, he did not provide an alternative solution to this failure, and did not provide a solution to prevent Israel from its evading. He only has kept the negotiation bet, and the bet on US sponsorship. This was revealed to members of the Fatah Central Committee, which met President Abbas after he returned from the United States, in which he expressed his satisfaction by the meeting with President Trump, and expressed his happiness that the meeting was comfortable, and Trump assured him his promises to launch the negotiating process at the earliest opportunity. Trump was also quoted as saying to President Abbas that "patience" must be set until the launch of the negotiating process.

In a timid voice, Abbas hinted that he would call on the National Council to study the current situation of the Palestinian cause, and to study what measures should be taken in the face of the Israeli intransigence and evasion.

Such timid speech, was to justify the ignorance of President Abbas's speech that the Palestinian institution has taken a series of decisions, to overcome the failure of "Oslo", to turn the page of this failure and to draw a new page for the struggle of the people and its cause.

•It ignored the fact that the Central Council of PLO has adopted a series of resolutions on May 3, 2015, namely, to stop the security coordination with the occupation authorities, to boycott the Israeli economy, to internationalize the national issue and rights; and to ask the Security Council to convene an international conference under the resolutions of international legitimacy to end the colonialist occupation, to enable the Palestinian people to exercise their rights in self-determination on their land, to refer the crimes of the occupation to the International Criminal Court, and to ask the UN Security Council to make an official request (Not just a media statement) to provide the international protection for the Palestinian people and its land against the occupation and the colonial settlement.

•It ignore the fact that the Executive Committee has decided to build on the resolution 19/67, to accept the State of Palestine, as an observer member and to recognize it on the borders before June 4th, 1967, with East Jerusalem as its capital, and the right of refugees to return under resolution 194. Also, asking through "United for Peace", to develop the General Assembly's resolution to accept the State of Palestine as a full member in the United Nations, on an equal footing with the rest of the member states.

• It ignored the necessity of activating the resolution 2334 of the UN Security Council by the end of 2016, which condemned the colonial settlement in the West Bank and Jerusalem and called for stopping it, and demanded the International Criminal Court to assume its responsibility for this crime of settlement.

• It ignored the series of decisions that were taken by the PLO Executive Committee at its meeting on August 8, 2017, which constitute a successful basis, for a political strategy on the ground, against the colonial occupation and settlement, and in the international forums to delegitimize the occupation and isolate the Israeli entity , and the recruitment of the international institutions, concerned with the Palestinian cause.

•Last but not least, it ignored that the diplomatic action against Israel has been frozen, on the day that the PA built its failed hopes for Paris Conference, which France called for, and was held without any impact on the general situation. In the same context, it ignored that according to the Arab «tips», and on the basis of an «American guidance», that the PA has frozen all the moves to join the State of Palestine, to the international organizations (in this context, the Ministry of Tourism withdrew the request of the State of Palestine to join to the International Tourism Agency), it also ignored that according to the Israeli-American-nine conditions that the PA has begun to rearrange the "its ranks", in preparation for entering the negotiations, including the jumping from the demand to stop the settlement «as one of the requirements for the success of the negotiating process» (according to the Palestinian Authority in its media).

The conclusion ignored by the pro-PA president and media, is that President Abbas's speech ended with a bet again on the US role. Which means the adoption of a policy of waiting again for the American side, to intervene, which is met by an Israeli active policy based on deducting and stealing more Palestinian lands, building and approving the construction of thousands of new colonial settlement units, deepening the policy of Judaization of Jerusalem, punishing the Jerusalemites after they defeated the Netanyahu government on electronic gates and smart cameras, expanding the powers of the civil administration of the occupation authorities, to become, practically, the supreme authority of the Palestinian Authority government, and enacting new laws for the normalization, legalization and resettlement of the colonial presence in the West Bank as if the settlements have become legally a basic part of the Zionist entity.

We think that it is time for waiting policy to be set aside. It is time to revive the decisions of the Palestinian institution. What is the value of admitting failure, if it is not based on the adoption of struggling alternatives?

Unless we want this admission of failure, as a new maneuver, to justify the policy of waiting, which is still the title of the political strategy of the Palestinian Authority.

Moatasem Hamadeh is a member of the Political Bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Translated by: Manal Mansour
Revised by: Ibrahim Motlaq

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