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Will Obama release his Palestinian deposit before leaving?
December 11, 2016

Despite the pre occupation of the seventh conference of Fatah movement and its political results which restored the commitment to the Oslo agreements and its economic and security protocols which were signed with the occupation, the Palestinian references stopped in front of the sharp critical tone that the American secretary of state "John Kerry" used to talk about the Israeli settlement projects. When he described that the half ministers of Netanyahu government are opposed to the two-state solution, which was issued by the United States and was adopted by the international quartet.

The Palestinian side tried to explore what is behind Kerry's comments and his sharp attitude. Moreover, it considered that they reflect the American desire to save Israel from any draft resolutions may lead to end its existence as a Zionist Jewish state which is related to the American policy in the region, and forms as a protector for its interests. But they do not reflect in the same amount the keenness of the United States on the Palestinian right in self-determination including the establishment of its independent state with full of sovereignty.
For that this side did not exclude that the Kerry's comments to be as an introduction to a move by the current American administration in its last hours towards the international security council; and to submit a draft resolution that reaffirm on the two-states solution as "the only way to the peace" in the region; and that this project to provide a mean to match the Arab initiative in the mid-way (Beirut 2002).

The Palestinian side described this move as an aim to release the Palestinian deposit of Obama in a way that forms a restriction on the coming American administration headed by "Trump", especially that his policy in the Middle East and what is related to the Palestinian cause is still unclear. Knowing that the last given advice to trump was by the diplomatic "Denis Ross" when he advised him to not give large initiatives in the region.

Noting that "Ross" played an important role in the patronage of the negotiating process and the Israeli Palestinian relations in the period of the previous American administrations and he was so aligned in his moves and attitudes towards the Israeli side, boasting about his friendship with Israel, and that his family spends its annual vacation in Israel at every time.

Source: alhourriah.org

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