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Declaration Issued on the Work of the 4th Conference of Palestinian National Dialogue

In response to the praiseworthy call by the sister Arab Republic of Egypt, and under the auspices of President Mohammad Hosni Mubarak, meetings of the Palestinian National Dialogue took place in Cairo. Participating were national and Islamic activist organizations, and several independent Palestinian personalities. The objective was to put an end to division, to regain national unity and to reconstruct Palestinian institutions – in the first place the institutions of the PLO and the National Authority, on the bases of national and democratic unity.

The participants agreed to the following:

First: to appreciate the role of Egypt in its perseverance, sponsorship and convening of the Palestinian National Dialogue.

Second: the ratification of the beginning this dialogue points out that our people will turn the page on a painful past, characterized by divisions suffered by all, and will begin the reconciliatory march toward solid national unity.

Third: to create the following five dialogue commissions:

1 - The Government Commission, with the objective of forming a government of national reconciliation

2 - The Security Commission, to guarantee the construction of the apparatuses of security on non-partisan professional bases, by virtue of the Cairo Declaration and the Document of National Reconciliation.

3 - The PLO Commission, with the purpose of developing, activating and reconstructing its institutions by virtue of the Cairo Declaration and the Document of National Reconciliation.

4 - The Elections Commission, with the objective of holding presidential and legislative elections within the legally established time periods.

5 - The Reconciliation Commission, that will consolidate the culture of tolerance, democracy, and values of mutual respect, as well as prohibit internal confrontations.

Fourth: to create the Supreme Orientation Committee.

For all these commissions, representatives of the organizations and independent national personalities were named. In addition, understanding was also achieved in terms of the general framework of the tasks and mechanisms of its work. It was also recalled that the work of all the commissions should begin this coming March 10 and conclude before the end of that month.

Fifth: the immediate beginning of the freeing of political detainees in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, and to cease all types of persecution, and the violations of rights and democratic freedoms.

There was also a reminder of the need to stop mutual media campaigns and to pursue actions according to mechanisms that have been agreed upon.

This meeting was carried out due to the national need to respond in a responsible form to the desires and yearnings of our people, their resistance and stability, demonstrated by the confrontation with criminal Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip and by the constant attacks on the occupied West Bank. This was raised within the framework of the common struggle to resist all types of colonialist expansion, the Jewification plans and the blockade imposed on our people. At the same time it favors the rapid lifting of that blockade, the opening of border points and the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip.

Greetings to our persevering, resistant and resolute people!

Glory to the martyrs!

Freedom for our heroic prisoners!

Immediate healthcare for our wounded!


February 26, 2009


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