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Ninth Congress of the DFLP in Lebanon supports five Cuban political prisoners in USA

Comrades, Cuban heroes held in the prisons of the empire; comrades, the staunch families of the prisoners – we send you revolutionary greetings.

Greetings of loyalty and common struggle; we send these from the camps of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon , staunch encampments that resisted Israeli aggressor in Lebanon in 1982 and became an example of heroism…

From our glorious prisoners, our detainees in Israelis jails, who are proud of the resistance you have put up in the battle of all, the free of the world, they send us greetings with fervour of the legendary resistance that embodies the school of the Palestinian struggle which has taken root for more than 50 years.

On behalf of the ninth congress of the organization of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine in Lebanon , we salute them for their admirable resistance in the jails of the US terrorism. We affirm that our Palestinian people and all freedom and peace loving peoples are with them and support their just cause.

Our solidarity with you means solidarity with ourselves, with the humanity’s noble values. Their cause is ours; it is the cause of people who defends their land and people in the face of savage capitalism and the globalization of terrorism that murders and destroys the earth.

Dear comrades,

The jails and the constant terrorism practiced by the United States against the peoples of the earth and all humanity will not be able to stop the resistance of the peoples or their desire to be freed from the new colonial yoke guided by the United States and its plans.

Imperialism will not be able to brake the emancipatory process begun by the peoples of Latin America, Africa and Asia . They have discovered the true objectives and imperialistic plans, the intent of stealing the wealth of peoples, destabilizing their security and interests and leaving rivers of blood, transferring terrorism from one area to another.

We are inspired by their experience in defense of the Cuban people and their commitment to the noble human values that constantly are violated at the hands of the Washington ’s forces of aggression and terrorism.

We salute them, and their leader, the leader of Cuba and the world revolutionary movement, comrade Fidel Castro Ruz.

The Palestinian people and all of the free of the world support them. Their cause shall prevail. You are freedom and freedom is you. You are dignity and pride. They are the red banners of the revolution that extend from Cuba , passing across Venezuela , Nicaragua and all peoples who US hegemony and the Americanization of the world.

The sun of the freedom shines above the shoulders you, glorious fighters.

Victoria for your just cause!
Freedom for you!
Fraternal greetings to their relatives
Long live Palestinian-Cuban friendship!
Ninth Congress of the DFLP in Lebanon

Beirut – December 27, 2006


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