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Statement of the Palestinian National Dialogue Conference
May 29, 2006

The Palestinian National Dialogue Conference held its’ sessions in the Presidential Residence in Ramallah and the Al-Shawa Center in Gaza City on 25 and 26 May 2006. The following statement was issued at the end of its’ session:

1- The sanctity of Palestinian blood

The national dialogue conference confirms that the unity of the Palestinian people and the unity of their political factions and national and Islamic parties is the strong armor that has kept our struggle alive. It has caused the defeat of our enemies and their imperialist and settlement plans to steal our homeland and cause the displacement and exile of our nation forever.

And because of the extent of our national awareness and the resolve of our nation, the political factions of our nation, through their struggle, was able to preserve and reinforce our national unity in all stages of our national struggle inside the homeland and abroad. The conference confirms that the different political positions that are represented in the national arena are the result of all the effort and support given to advance our sacred national cause, and that the conflicts that take place between the sons of the nationalist struggle should succumb to contradictions that will lead to a change in the resolution of our struggle..

As the contradiction is not present between our citizens and the parties that represent them, so the conference confirms that all cases of disagreement should find their national solution by democratic dialogue and with awareness of the intense nationalism of our people, there is no place for the use of weapons between the sons who support this nationalism.

The conference rejects the malicious calls for a civil war as our enemy is the only winner from such a scenario. The conference calls for a national document of honor between all of the factions and parties, which prohibits the use of weapons internally, whatever the reasons. At the same time the political dialogue between the parties which follow the line of nationalism should be able to find a solution in the interest of our nation through dialogue and not by the use of weapons and the shedding of Palestinian blood.

2- The political, economic and financial blockade imposed on our nation

The national dialogue conference confirms its rejection of this unjust blockade of Israel and US that our nation has been subjected to for three months after the PLC election. This blockade is a collective punishment imposed on our nation which is already under occupation, and daily faces aggression, the building of Israeli settlements and the separation wall, and we know that this blockade will not serve security, peace and stability in the Middle East. This dangerous situation requires Arab and international intervention to end the blockade and to resume the aid that is granted to our nation, and the revenues that is ours that the Israeli Government has refused to hand over for the third month.

The national dialogue conference condemns this unjust blockade and calls on our nation and our factions to take action that unifies our national activities in all the southern and northern governorates so that the whole world can hear the sound of our besieged nation.

3- Olmert's unilateral plan, the settlement and the separation wall

The National Dialogue Conference which represents all our nation's factions declares its’ rejection of and resistance to Olmert's plan to seize our lands and to turn our country into isolated cantons and ghettos that rotate around the Israeli security orbit. The Conference, also rejects all Israeli attempts to target and seize Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley region and the inclusion of settlements into the Israeli entity that will lead to its’ eventual seizure of 58%of West Bank land.

The Conference confirms that peace will not materialize as long as the settlements and the wall are present on Palestinian land, so there will be no peace nor security under the settlement and the wall.

The conference confirmed the impossibility of the achievement of peace and stability without a complete Israeli withdrawal from Palestinian and Arab land occupied in the year 1967. The conference calls on all Arab and international parties to reject Olmert's plan of settlement expansion and for the activation of the legal censures that should follow the ruling of the International Court of Justice in the Hague, which declared the invalidity of the occupation, the settlement and the separation wall -especially in the Jerusalem region.

The conference confirms the steadfastness of our nation to their land, our right to self-determination and the right of return, as well as the establishment of an independent Palestinian country with Jerusalem as its’ capital, and rejects Olmert's plan to demarcate the country with temporary borders.

4- The reinforcement of the authority of law, the legal system and judicial system to ensure the decline of lawlessness

The national dialogue conference confirms that the reinforcement of the authority of the legal system with an independent judiciary is one of the first national tasks placed on our shoulders. The conference accepts that no authority in our homeland is above the law that we accept responsibility for the management of our society and our homeland. The conference confirms that the phenomenon of lawlessness presents a dangerous threat to the homeland's security and the security of all citizens. And here we confirm the absolute commitment to the basic law that guides the work of the legislative, executive and judicial authorities in the PA. In addition, we commit to the reinforcement of the security organizations and to supply them with all of the necessary tools, whether these be weapons, or by training men to be capable of putting a limit to the phenomenon of the lawlessness.

5- The reactivation and the revitalization of the PLO

The conferees called on the chairman of the PLO Executive Committee, Abu Mazen, to respond to the call of the upper committee which emerged from the Cairo dialogue of Cairo that was comprised of the president and members of the Executive Committee, the National Council head and the General-Secretaries of all Palestinian factions and numerous independent national personalities as soon as possible, and at a date before the end of June. The call focused on the need for the reactivation and revitalization of the PLO as the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people.

6- The resistance is a legitimate right of our Palestinian nation

The national dialogue conference confirms that resistance to the occupation and settlement building is a legitimate right of our nation that is granted legitimacy by both divine and international laws, and is guaranteed to be continued by our nation. The conference calls on all our nation’s factions and our public to face the Israeli aggression, the settlement and the wall, and to form national unity committees to defend the land and the people in each village and city.

7- The right of return is a sacred right of Palestinian refugees

The conference confirms that the issues of Palestinian refugees is an issue of both a current homeland and the future one, and for this, the conference confirms its complete commitment to UN resolution 194, which refers to the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and their homeland. The conference rejects all attempts which aim to drop the right of refugees to return and their continued displacement in countries around the world. The conference confirms that the right of refugees is a sacred right in their homeland and it is a collective and individual right, and no power in the world can take away the right of our nation and the right of our refugees to return to their homeland, their land and their homes.

8- "The document of national harmony” from the Prisoner’s Movement

The conferees praised all of the initiatives and the documents that were submitted to the conference especially the document of national harmony that the leaders of the Prisoners’ movement took the initiative to submit and that we consider suitable for the national dialogue.

The conference confirms that all of the organizations and the factions will continue their work that aims to secure the release of all prisoners release and calls on all Human Rights’ Committees to reinforce all their efforts in this direction.

9- The national dialogue committee

The conference ended by seceding the continuation of its’ work to a national dialogue committee under the presidency of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, and which includes in its membership representatives of the National Council, the Palestinian Legislative Council, the Palestinian Government, the Executive Committee, all of the Islamic and National factions, the Parliamentary blocs, the private sector and civil society organizations. The committee will begin to work immediately towards the development of a unified national program that will reinforce and deepen national unity.


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