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Text of the Initiative of the Republic of Yemen for the Resumption of Inter-Palestinian Dialogue

First: To return to the situation reining in Gaza prior to June 13, 2007. To fulfill the commitments signed by the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) and to hold the anticipated legislative and presidential elections.

Second: To renew national dialogue on the basis of the agreements reached in Cairo in 2005 and in Mecca in 2007. These rest on viewing the Palestinian people as a whole, for which the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) constitutes the institution of political power, including the president and the elected parliament, the executive power represented by a government of national unity; as well as the commitment to follow Palestinian law in all its components.

Third: To affirm respect for the Palestinian constitution and its application by all.

Fourth: The formation of a coalition government of national unity, in which all groups are represented according to their representation in the Legislative Council, and its empowerment to exercise its full responsibilities.

Fifth: The creation through the Arab League of a commission of the countries involved, such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Jordan. The Republic of Yemen has expressed its willingness to participate in this commission if requested. Such a commission will have the responsibility of implementing and putting into practice all of the above-mentioned actions.

Sixth: The various Palestinian institutions and all of their components will be included without discrimination as to their political positions, and will comply with the supreme authority as well as the government of national unity.

March 2008


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