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The Program of Al-Badil’s list

Al-Badil’s list is a democratic union that includes the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) Palestinian Peoples Party and the Democratic Palestinian Union (Feda) in addition to a group of nationalist, independent personalities, in order to participate in the legislative (a tic election, this union represents an _expression of sincerity to wards the sacrifices of the martyrs and their struggle through the history of the Palestinian people, defending the independence of their home land , and at the same time an _expression of the ambition of the Palestinian people to lead a dignified life, and to (respond to the needs of the deprived social groups, that suffer of injustice and marginalization, we hope that Al-Badil will constitute a center of democratic large alliance that will change the present domination one-party authority.

The need for change will put an end to anarchy and corruption that elistinguish the present political Palestinian system It is time for our people to participate actively in decision making, and that will reinforce the national unity, and the steadfastness of our society against occupation and settlement and that will enable him to gain in a sovereign state with Jerusalem as Capital, in the territories occupied in June 1967 and the right of the Palestinian refuges to return to their home land according to U.N.G.C 194 we will struggle to achieve the following:

1. Putting an end to the life of poverty of the majority of our people, through adopting a developmental policy in order to raise our national production to a higher level, and lo unify the program of working and social welfare in unified national fund , administered by an honest administration that secures the participation of the representatives of electected members of the workers and professional this fund will receive all internal incomes, and external assistance , devoted to social help and to begun according to a developmental policy, that will provide, working opportunities and to encourage, small project, cooperative ones, without discrimination.

2. Waging a war against corruption. and favorability and dishonesty toward public fund, application of the law of illegal profits, and equality among the citizens regardless of their political affiliations in occupying public jobs and to take advantage of public services and governmental facilities.

3. Reorganizing the budgets in away that will give priority to program that will fight against unemployment and taking care of the families if the martyrs those with special needs victims of Israeli aggression and supporting the steadfastness of Jerusalem and other victimized arias by the Israel racist wall, and to improve the substructure and basic services including educational, municipal and health ones.

4. Protecting the rights of the worker and employees through application of the laws of civil service and work and improving the law of social security in order to cover health security system unemployment. Motherhood and the establishment of asocial security fund.

5. Protecting national production from foreign and Israeli competion and improving it’s quality and revising customs policy and authority support in this field, and application of the law of protection of consumers.

6. Supporting the agricultural sector development of the deprived rural areas and to provide it with basic services.

7. Revising the law of local governing bodies to reinforce the independence of elected councils in order to enable them to secure the basic services for the citizens.

8. Improving the standard of living in the refugees camps, and enable them to run their affairs by themselves through elected popular committees.

9. Development of education sector, and securing it’s material and human needs in order to enlarge the field of educational services, especially in university level, and reducing the costs of learning development of school – curricula on the scientific level, and adopting a democratic national orientation, and rejection of all foreign pressures to deform these curricula, and at the same time encouraging cultural and artistic creativity, and responding to the legal demands of the workers in the educational sector.

10. Securing sufficient funds to develop the health sector, in away that enable it to provide the citizens with the necessary medicine within the frame of a general health security system.

11. Taking care of the citizens with special needs and application of the law that guarantees their right of employment and social and health care.

12. Reinforcing the role of youth, and enabling them to participate in decision making process and securing their right of access to education and work and development of their sportive cultural artistic talents and providing them with working opportunities.

13. Full equality between males and females in all political, economic, and social fields and full participation in decision making and enforcing laws that abolish all kinds of prejudice, and defending her social status.

14. Protecting basic freedom rights and dignity for all citizen, respecting human rights and the establishment of a democratic parliamentary system securing division between authority and a peaceful exchange of power through regular elections.

- A development of the basic law in away that defines the responsibility of the executive authority towards the legislative council.

- Development of the election law in away that guarantees a just representation of all social strata’s and regions in the legislative institution including the reduction of the age of nomination and securing a defined percentage of representation for women not less than 30% of the council seats.

- Putting an end to anarchy and security disorders and imposing the law, and reinforcing the authority of the judicial system, and its independence, and enriching it’s human and technical resources, and offering the legislative council the right to employ the judges and reconstruction of the security system.

15. Immediate freedom for the prisoners in the authority prisons, and putting an end for political imprisonment.

16. Establishment of a national unity government adopting this program, that includes all forces who will participate in decision making processes.

- Reviving the PLO as the sole and legitimate representative of the Palestinian people and reconstruction of it’s institution on a democratic basis and as a reference for the Palestinian authority. A legislative election in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Jerusalem, paves the way to do the same in the Palestinian Refugees.

- Camp in exiles to choose new Palestinian national council that represents all political tendencies of that Palestinian people in side and outside the occupied territories, and as a unified leadership for this people.

The force of Al-Badil and through it’s representation in the P.L.O institution and in the legislative council will activate P.L.O and support communal leadership and correct it’s policies, concerning the running of the conflict with the Israeli combining between a realistic approach defending our rights of resisting occupation and at the same time readiness for negotiations on the basis of international legality we will work for:

- Resisting the racist wall as the first priority of our struggle depending on the judgment of the hague court , and launching an international campaign to practice pressure on Israel, including enforcing sanctions to bide by the judgment and to stop building the wall and destroy what it had built Resisting trials by Israel to isolate and judies Jerusalem, and to establish a unified national reference for the citizens of the holy city acting on the basis of a plan to support the stead fastness of the citizens in educational health housing and protection of lands and estates in addition of defending the sacred sites, of Moslems and Christians.

- Defending the right of the prisoners in Israel jails according to Geneva Convention and releasing them.

- Complete, stoppage of settlements activities and dismantling the present ones and enabling the Palestinian institution in Jerusalem to resume their activities

- Rejection of partial settlements and temporary ones including sharon’s plane with temporary frontiers for the Palestinian state and calling for organizing an international conference in order to achieve comprehensive solution that will applicate the resolution of international legality that will secure full with drawl of Israel forces to the lines the 4th of June 1967 and dismantling all settlements and the establishment of the Palestinian state with Jerusalem as it’s capital, and resolving the question of the of the Palestinian refugees according to resolution 194 that offer them the right to return to their home.

Brothers and Sisters:
Al-Badil needs your support to achieve success. It’s time for the change. Your vote is a historic responsibility, uses it in a conscious way in order to build the alternative.

January 5, 2006


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