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Political Initiative of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
To all the forces, personalities and institutions of civil society
Towards a peaceful and democratic solution to the internal crisis


Our Palestinian people are undergoing a most dangerous internal crisis that, if it continues, will eliminate all of the achievements reached throughout decades of struggle and sacrifice. For the first time, Palestinian national unity is being threatened with a dangerous division and is at the point of handing the enemy exactly what they want, which is to separate the Gaza Strip from the West Bank.

The crisis that shakes the Palestinian political system is at the edge of a cliff. The use of weapons to settle differences and the premeditated use of force has reached its limit, introducing unusual practices totally foreign to the traditions and norms of our people, which could destroy all bridges of national dialogue and violate legal and democratic rules.

The bitterness and discord that we experience should not blind us to the dangers that the continuing division between Palestinians means. And the political and institutional separation between the West Bank and Gaza, if it persists, will mean the weakening of the national Palestinian struggle, deforming its image and lead to the destruction of its achievements.

The status quo of this division opens the door to all kinds of foreign intervention in the internal affairs of Palestinians and paves the way for a guardianship, assimilation and annexation; at the same time, it leads to the slow deterioration of legality, the breakup of representative national unity and the weakening of independence. On the other hand, this situation feeds the contentions of the Israelis about the absence of their Palestinian counterpart and gives them the pretext to intensify their aggressions, to break their internationally legal commitments and to evade their obligation to look for a solution to the conflict.

To find a way out of this dilemma constitutes the most important priority for all Palestinians that really work for the future of the national cause and must imply abandoning sectarianism and short-sighted self interests, with prudence and in the supreme national interest.

Any solution of the actual crisis inevitably requires a broad national reconciliation, which can only be accomplished through dialogue. Nevertheless, to prevent this dialogue from being converted into just a goal or a curtain which permits the consagration of the actual state, brought about by the force of arms, it's absolutely necessary to set conditions of its success, eliminating, in the first place, the consequences of a military solution in the Gaza Strip and also abandoning the formula of a bilateral dialogue which would only fall into bargaining for a division of power and influence. In this context, a national dialogue must be carried out with the formula that guarantees the active and effective participation of the entire Palestinian political spectrum, personalities and institutions of civil society.

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine proposes the following four points as a basis for a serious dialogue that will seek a true solution to the current crisis:

First: Renounce the results of the military solution carried out by Hamas in the Gaza Strip, which were a blow to the democratic option, work to maintain political pluralism and democratic freedom, and dissolve the Government formed in the Gaza Strip.

Second: Institute a provisional government that substitutes the twelfth government formed by President Mahmoud Abbas, on the constitutional basis of emergency cases, and on the condition that it is made up of national personalities that are not part of the current political polarization and led by a independent person accepted by all. The Provisional Government must work with an agreed upon deadline to reestablish security and order in all of the territories of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA), recuperate the unity of the official institutions of the PNA in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and create the conditions that will allow the people to be the true and genuine source of power and legitimacy.

Third: Modify the Law of General Elections, approving the principle of representation by percentage and carrying out new presidential and legislative elections, making this, with voluntary freewill, the peaceful and democratic solution to all differences.

Fourth: Restore the Palestine Liberation Organization as the only legitimate representative of the Palestinian people and the legal body, based on the Cairo Accord and the Agreement of National Reconciliation.

Rebuild its agencies and institutions on the basis of democratic coalitions through free elections of the new Palestinian National Council, within and outside of the homeland, including all possible places of exile. These elections must be carried out by fully using percentage representation and putting into practice the recent resolutions of the Central Council to apply this principle in the elections of all civil society institutions, in such a way that Palestinian refugees in exile take an active role in the self-determination of their own national cause. This will guarantee their sacred right to return to their national home, properties and the enjoyment of all their civic and human rights.

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine calls upon all of our people, in the Homeland and in exile, all personalities and institutions of civil society and all of our people in the West Bank, Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip to act quickly and put an end to the continual deterioration of our situation, protecting the National Palestinian Project.

We must work and unleash a popular movement to put pressure on all forces to agree to adopt these four points as a basis for a peaceful and democratic solution to the current crisis, with the goal that the Palestinian people reestablish unity and pull together their ranks to confront the occupation and the colonial movement, in favor of national rights, independence and the return of our people to their homes.

Political Bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine

July 4, 2007


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