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22 February: The Birth of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP), a New Dawn in the History of the Resistance, the Revolution, the Intifada, the People and the Fatherland

• 49 years in Resistance, Revolution, Armed Struggle and the popular and political battling, in defense of the people and the fatherland.

• 49 years of struggle for our legitimate national rights to self-determination, the independent state with its capital, East Jerusalem, on the borders before June 4, 1967, and to return of refugees to their homes and properties, from which they were expelled in 1948.

• 49 years vis-à-vis alternative projects, from Jordan instead of Palestine, to the Oslo Agreements, the state of provisional borders, the Road Map plan, the Geneva-Dead Sea Agreement and, lastly, “The Deal of the Century”.

• 49 years of struggle for Conditioned National Unity, under the banners of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and the Unified National Program.

• 49 years and thousands of martyrs, injured, prisoners, kidnapped and disappeared people in defense of the Revolution, the People and the Fatherland.

• 49 years of struggle building the Prisoners Movement in the occupation jails, and furnishing the conditions of firmness and resistance, and strengthening their role in the national battle until the recovery of freedom.

• 49 years in favor of democratic reform of the national institution through free, impartial and transparent elections, on the basis of the Law of Percentage Representation.

• 49 years with a view to develop the combat rule of the Popular Unions and their reform on the basis of the Law of Full Percentage Representation, in defense of the interests of workers, peasants and refugees, women, youth and other strata and sectors of Palestinian society, in occupied territories and in places of banishment, in cities and the countryside and refugee camps.

• 49 years in defense of the permanence of UNRWA, and keeping up its functions, the continuity of its programs and their development for the service of Palestinian refugees and for the acknowledgement by the International Community of their political, legal and moral responsibility for the Palestinian National Disaster, Nakba, as well as for the reaffirmation of the rights of Palestinians to return.

• 49 years of struggle, side by side, with the Arab liberation forces, for a wide body of popular resistance against imperialism, Zionism, totalitarianism, corruption and dictatorship, and in favor of the right of peoples for freedom, democracy, national dignity and social justice.

• 49 years together, side by side, with the Arab Liberation Forces for an encompassing front of popular resistance, against plans of imperialist annexation, subordination and control of the wealth of Arab peoples, their plunder and the destruction of national economies.

• 49 years of internationalist struggle, at the side of national, democratic, leftwing, liberal and human-centered forces against the US arrogance and Israeli colonialism; as well as against all forms of colonization and enslaving of peoples and wars of aggression, and for a world in which peace, security, justice, human rights and stability prevail, well removed from all forms of exploitation of human beings, the destruction of the environment and the plunder of wealth.

The masses of our people, firm and resistant, in the fatherland and the diaspora:

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) celebrates (together with our people and allies in Arab countries and the Middle East and together with all the freemen of the world) the forty-ninth anniversary of its glorious founding, on February 22, 1969. We commemorate it with renewed stamina and the will to pursue the struggle at the side of all the sons of our people in the fatherland, the diaspora, banishment and exile, together with all the national forces, marching on the path of return, of self-determination and the establishment of the independent Palestinian state and its capital, East Jerusalem, on the borders before June 4, 1967, with a view to defeat occupation and to dismember colonization, to bury alternative solutions, and the most recent of them, “The Deal of the Century”, engendered by the administration of US President Donald Trump.

We celebrate the 49th anniversary of the glorious foundation of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) at a time in which our cause and our legitimate national rights are subjected to a ferocious US-Israeli push with the goal of liquidating the Palestinian issue and to have the state of Israel be the only force in the midst of a regional alliance among its objectives to destroy the future of Arab peoples and their national interests, to plunder their wealth and to incorporate them to the United States – Zionist project. The constant mention promoted by US and Israeli media on “The Deal of the Century”, that finds its echoes in Arab media, is no more than the prelude to prepare the path for this project.

We celebrate together this anniversary, while the Palestinian official leadership maintains a wait-and-see strategy without putting aside yet its bet on the Oslo Agreements and its sad choices. It has not yet ceased to bet on the possibility of occupying a place in the US project that would preserve it, as well as other allied strata of the Palestinian bureaucracy, which accumulated financial interests and financial, economic, social, sectorial-political and divisionist privileges at the expense of the supreme national interest.

Our political battle in the ranks of the people and the PLO is, at the present time, being waged between two currents:

• The first is represented by the official leadership and its allies, supported by some Arab capitals and others, who continue to bet on the crumbs that might result from the Oslo Agreements, and is busy looking for margins that might allow it to coexist with “The Deal of the Century”.

• The second is represented by the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) and the encompassing ranks of Palestinian national democratic and liberal forces and millions of our struggling people everywhere they might be. It struggles to go beyond Oslo, to turn the page of betting on its remains, and favors a new and alternative Palestinian national strategy whose features, headlines and elements were traced on the stopovers of the Palestinian National Dialogue in Cairo (2005), Gaza (2006), the Cairo dialogue (2011) and (22/11/2017), and in the two sessions of the Palestinian Central Council, on 5/3/2015 and 15/1/2018.

Masses of our people:

Our path to unseat the occupation, dismember colonization, bring down “The Deal of the Century” of a US Brand, and to provide our people with the possibilities of resistance and firmness in their struggle for their legitimate and inalienable national rights, is the path of the encompassing and coalitional common-goal national unity, it is the path of the unified and unifying national program, it is the path of the Intifada, resistance and the internationalization of the cause of Palestinian national rights. It is the path reiterated by the PLO Central Council on 15/1/2018, let us fight together in one close rank, counting on the support of Arab peoples and the friendly and peace-loving forces on this path and by way of:

• Getting rid of the commitments of the Oslo Agreements and their political derivations through the withdrawal of the recognition granted to the state of Israel.

• Putting an end to coordination on security with the authorities of occupation, and instructing the national security organs to follow a new policy that would provide protection for the sons of our people, and for our combatants vis-à-vis the unpunished and criminal actions of the occupying forces.

• Delinking ourselves from the Israeli economy, besides from boycotting work in the settlements and boycotting its products, as well as all that might be liable to boycotting of Israeli products, and to renounce the use of the Israeli currency, the Shekel.

• To free the civilian registration of population and lands from the control of the occupation civilian authorities.

• To welcome, support, strengthen and develop the popular Intifada on the path to a total Intifada and towards a national insubordination, and at the same time to provide assistance to prisoners, detained persons, the wounded and the martyrs.

• To take the Palestinian cause to international fora, including:

• To request the full membership of the state of Palestine in the United Nations, by virtue of UN general Assembly Resolution 67/19 that recognized the state of Palestine as an observer member, with its capital in East Jerusalem on the basis of the borders before June 4, 1967, as well as to solve the problem of refugees by virtue of Resolution 194.

• To guarantee international protection for our people under occupation, as well as for our land and our Jerusalem vis-à-vis colonization and the theft of land.

• To convene an international conference on the Palestinian issue, under the auspices of the UN and the five permanent member states of the Security Council on the basis of resolutions of International Law that support the national rights of our people to self-determination, Independence and their return to the fatherland.

• To submit to the consideration of the International Criminal Court (ICC) Israeli war crimes and crimes against humanity, through well-sustained claims, with a view to put on trial Israeli leaders for their crimes against our people. We say NO to an international conference which identity is unknown, of unknown political reference and international legality.

• To immediately constitute a Palestinian national unified and coalitional reference in relation to Jerusalem, and to facilitate every tool and component of force and firmness with a view to strengthen the potentials of our people in the capital of the state of Palestine in their combat against Israeli occupation and siege, against the policy of destroying the Palestinian component in the Holy City, which intends to favor the policies of a progressive and accelerated Judaization.

• To implement a new national strategy to defend UNRWA from the US-Israeli push that is attempting to force the international organ into bankruptcy and to sabotage its work, in the framework of maneuvers that point in the direction of erasing the right of refugees to return to their homes and goods.

• To convene the Committee of Reactivation and Development of the PLO to an immediate meeting with the aim of rebuilding Palestinian national unity, encompassing and global, on the basis of a coalition and by virtue of the principle of participation and joint responsibility in decision-making and to be vigilant of its implementation, in accordance with the principle “Partners in blood… Partners in decision-making”.

• To convene the Preparatory Committee of the Palestinian national Council for it to renew its works towards a new Palestinian National Council, elected on the basis of full percentage representation, and in which all parties would participate, including every detachment of the PLO, and the brothers from Hamas and Yihad movements, and that it would meet in a mutually-agreed, conciliated place, that all parties could attend, and in which the new Executive Committee, Central Council and specialized parliamentarian committees would be elected.

• To eliminate sanctions and the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip, and to allow the government of the Palestinian National Authority to take its full responsibilities and obligations vis-à-vis our people in Gaza, as well as to guarantee immediate solutions to their social crisis on various scenarios, and to preserve the gun of resistance through a Joint Staff subordinated to a unified political reference.

• To extend support to our Palestinian and Arab prisoners, in the occupation jails, in their struggle to recover their freedom, and to facilitate their families, and those of martyr heroes, with every vital resource for resistance.

Masses of our people:

This is the path of freedom, Independence and return; the path of resistance, of the Intifada and the internationalization of the Palestinian cause and national rights, the path of freedom and national dignity.

On this 49th birthday, we make a commitment before our people, before its national forces and before Arab peoples, before our friends throughout the world, to continue the struggle regardless of the cost in suffering or sacrifices.

Long live the 49th Anniversary of the glorious foundation of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine

Long live the PLO, coalesced and sole, legitimate representative and banner of our participatory and democratic unity

Glory to the Fatherland
Immortality to martyrs
Freedom for prisoners
Speedy recovery for the wounded

Central Committee
Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
February 22, 2018


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