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60 years of the Palestine Catastrophe
March, 2008

Sixty years have lapsed since the Great Catastrophe (Al-Nakba) of May 15, 1948. It was then that the Zionist invader, supported by the forces of world colonialism, expelled the Palestinian people from their land, depriving them of their natural development, as would occur to any people in the world rooted in their homeland.

Through horrendous massacres committed by Zionist terrorist groups (Haganah, Irgun and Stern) against children, the elderly and women, and before the eyes of the international community, Palestinian people were robbed of their homes and properties and were forced to live in bitter diaspora, without rights and in inhuman conditions.

Since May 1948, the struggle of the Palestinian people and their national movement has continued as they seek to eliminate the traces of Al-Nakba and win the right of the return of refugees to their homes, by virtue of UN Resolution 194.

The cause of the refugees is their oldest struggle, about which they have been able to make humanity aware. This situation remains unresolved due to Israel¡´s refusal to execute resolutions of international law and because of the blind support of imperialism, headed by the United States.

During the last few years, an active movement of committees and Palestinian institutions has been created that is dedicated to defending and protecting the right to return in the face of naturalization and dispersion efforts. These structures, along with the different organizations of the Palestinian National Movement, are called upon to intensify the political and diplomat struggles so that the cause of the refugees and their rights take their rightful places on national, regional and international agendas. In addition, these groups must remind the international community to fulfill its responsibilities relating to resolutions on the refugee issue.

The commemoration of the 60th anniversary of Al-Nakba with activities, mass movements and information campaigns, and with the support of progressive forces and solidarity movements around the world constitutes a solid barrier to breaking the most diabolical attempts to liquidate the right to return.


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