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A Political Statement on the 69th Anniversary of Nakba
May 18, 2017

Let's make the 69th anniversary of Nakba a year to liberate our cause from the Oslo compromising ties, a year of national salvation and mobilization of our national forces against Zionist project on every single inch of Palestine land.

* 69 years of Nakba, and our Palestinian people still adheres to its homeland and full legitimate rights.

* 69 years of Nakba, and our brave people it still commits to the Covenant with the martyrs, wounded and missing, to face the alternative projects for the national solution, the solution of return, self-determination and an independent and sovereign Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.

* 69 years of Nakba, and our Palestinian people is still facing the Zionist project, backed by the US, in an open conflict, until achieving the victory, and the return to homeland.

* 69 years in the continuous struggle, in all fields, despite the geographical dispersion, under the banner of the national program, the program of the unity of the people and the unity of rights under the leadership of the PLO, its sole and legitimate representative.

The anniversary of Nakba is coming this year while the battle of the empty intestines of our captured heroes is entering its fifth week, and the Intifada of the youth people has returned to its glare, after some thought that it had subsided and that the security cooperation had put an end to it.

The 69th anniversary comes and our people, in all areas of its existence, within the Zionist entity, in the occupied territories of the West Bank, Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip, and in the diaspora, is more firmly to its national and legitimate national rights.

Neither laws of repression, the apartheid policy, kidnapping, mass arrests nor murdering were able to weaken the faith of Palestinians in their national cause, and their willingness to sacrifice for it.

We can see that the uprising of the Palestinian National movement, the prisoners revolution, the popular movements in the West Bank, Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip, the waves of clashes with the occupation authorities in the cities of the West Bank, the refugees movements' steadfastness in the diaspora, and the creativity of the Palestinian communities throughout the globe, all these are Lessons and signs affirm daily, that the struggle, though the difficulties, will reach us to achieve our national goals.

To make the 69th anniversary as one of our struggle stations, that requires us to work towards the following:

1) Closing the Oslo page and its humiliating agreements, including cancelling the recognition of Israel, and the return to work with the united Palestinian national program, the program of return, self-determination, independence and sovereignty.

2) Ending the division between the Fatah and Hamas movements and restore the internal unity.

3) Re-shaping the role of the Palestinian Authority and its institutions to serve the struggles of our people and its struggle against occupation and settlement.

4) Cancelling the security coordination with the occupation authorities and entrust the security services to protect our people.

5) Boycotting the Israeli economy in favor of the policy of building the national economy and establishing an independent Palestinian state, which means the cancellation of Paris Economic Protocol.

6) Closing the page of the bilateral negotiations and the betting on the American role, and working to internationalize the Palestinian cause and national rights before the international forums such as the Security Council, the General Assembly, the International Criminal Court and others.

7) Internationalizing the issue of prisoners in the occupation prisons before the international forums, especially the ICC, to hold Israeli officials accountable for what they commit against them.

8) Resuming the popular resistance and protecting it until reaching a national declaration of disobedience to revive the war of popular liberation in the face of the Zionist project and its various manifestations.

9) Rebuilding (the PLO and the Palestinian Authority) by fair and democratic elections according to the system of proportional representation, which would renew the legitimacy of it.

10)Empowering the refugees' issue by providing political and legal protection for the right of return to homes and property, and to support their struggles for their social and humanitarian rights, especially in terms of UNRWA services.

We will make this new anniversary a year to get our cause out of the quagmire of the Oslo accords and their political derivations. We will make this new occasion a year of national salvation and gathering of all our forces to confront the Zionist project on every inch of the land of Palestine.

Central Committee
Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
May 15, 2017


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