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Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP): The call of the Land to all of our Palestinian people on the glorious Palestinian Land Day… in the Fatherland, in every site of banishment and the diaspora…

Heroic masses of our Palestinian people…

In every place of firmness, you are the conscious force vis-à-vis the challenges posed to us, facing the Arab common lack of action with respect to facing the crisis that the Arab countries are suffering. Their lack of action with respect to the implementation of a national project to confront the crises that have turned into bloody battles did nothing but stimulate the racist, extremist and fascist appetite of Israel. Israel thus penetrated the region at the expense of Palestinian and Arab inalienable rights due to the inter-Arab conflicts, in the midst of sensitive, risky and complex local, regional and international junctures.

Our Palestinian people is united everywhere it is. That is why, on an official level, the Palestinian leadership must rise to the level of this popular unity, putting in practice all the necessary steps to attain unity within the Palestinian ranks, supported by all the parliaments and states of the world in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. We do not stand alone, but we are the first frontline, facing superstitions and hallucinations contrary to every logic and history, after humanity has left well behind the racist, fascist and tragic chapter of history. This chapter is again showing itself in the extremist and racist State of Israel with new Rhodesian formulas in the annexation of the Palestinian territories occupied in 1967 and with the pretext of evasive formulas such as “only one state”, which, in the interpretations of Netanyahu, means “a purely Jewish state” in which nothing else can exist. The interpretations of this statement go beyond the varied forms with respect to the total “Land of Israel”. Nevertheless, these interpretations reflect only a few differences with respect to its common denominator, the chapter of apartheid, among the rightwing and extreme rightwing representatives, according to Jabotinsky’s terminology, adopted by his followers.

This is the reality corroborated by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for West Asia (ESCWA) in its report about “the establishment of an apartheid regime that predominates over all of the Palestinian people and divide it into four categories, subjecting each one of them to a different group of legal ordinances. Both realities and proofs demonstrate, without the shadow of a doubt, that Israel, with its policies and practices, is guilty of exercising apartheid such as it has been defined by the norms and articles of international law”, and this is what Netanyahu confirms in his statements: “There are two conditions for the existence of a Palestinian State: the recognition of Israel as a Jewish State and the abandonment of its capricious idea of destroying us, and Israeli control of security in the West of the Jordan River” (!)

And so to avoid that anyone might be confused, it is not a bi-national, laic state based on equality and democracy, the right of refugees to return to the homes from which they were expelled in 1948, and in agreement with International Resolution 194. At the same time, this is not the goal posed by the PLO in 1969, which was to establish only one democratic, laic, non-religious state in which everyone could live on equal footing: what Netanyahu proposes is colonialist domination by racist apartheid to worsen ultimately the situation… but to the detriment of the noble Palestinian blood.

Heroic masses of our Palestinian people…

A few days ago the visit of the Secretary-General of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Cde. Nayef Hawatmeh, to Moscow took place, on the invitation of the Russian ministry of Foreign Affairs. A series of meetings occurred there with the different institutions of the Russian Federation, taking an alternative, clear and pinpointed program in the light of the great challenges emanating from the dangers that threaten the Palestinian cause since the attempt to put in practice the agreements of the Palestinian dialogue in Beirut. The program includes the formation of a national unity government that would put an end to internal division, the holding of elections for all the institutions of the PLO and the Palestinian National Authority. Moscow reaffirmed its firm position in favor of the right of the Palestinian people to an independent state within the borders of June 4, 1967, and its support to the convening of an International Peace Conference under the auspices of the five permanent members of the Security Council, and the support of the Russian Federation to this conference, on the basis of the resolutions of international law. Moscow underlined its support to the decisions of the Preparatory Committee of the Palestinian National Council with a view to put an end to division and to the reconstruction of full national unity, goals ratified in the encompassing Palestinian national dialogue in Moscow, and the meetings of all the detachments with Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Serguei Lavrov.

Cde. Hawatmeh reiterated that the regional conference convened on the basis of North American ideas only satisfies the colonialist, expansionist conditions of Israel, and that no negotiations can take place without the complete cessation of colonization, the lifting of the blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip, since that regional conference intends, in its initial steps, to begin the normalization of relations between the Arab states and Israel, and to bypass the political and legal UN resolutions, among them the return of Palestinian refugees to their homes, from which they were expelled through fire, gunshots and massacres, by virtue of international Resolution 194.

On this glorious Land Day, we reaffirm the rejection of the Palestinian people vis-à-vis the regional conference that responds to the conditions of Israel and the unconditional support of the United States. We make a call to put in practice the resolutions of the Central Council of the PLO (March 2015) and the resolutions of Arab summit meetings, as well as the Arab Peace Initiative on the basis of the resolutions of international law and the lifting of the state of siege imposed on the heroic Gaza Strip.

Masses of our heroic Palestinian people:

On the glorious Land Day, we reaffirm our decision to continue forward on the path of struggle in spite of difficulties. We greet the prisoners of freedom. Eternal glory for martyrs. We will continue forward on the path that they traced to confront aggression, colonialism, evil and odious racism. Clashing against their struggle and popular unity will end up destroyed the racist, fascist hallucinations and hysteria that are again lifting their heads in this new Rhodesia, in the heart of our Palestinian fatherland, after history wrung its neck, and people said good-bye to them by breaking the jars. That is how their fate must turn out…

Long live our heroic Palestinian people everywhere it might be!

Eternal glory to martyrs...!

Liberty for the prisoners of freedom!

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Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine

March 30, 2017


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