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Efforts to Protect the National Project

The latest events have taken the Palestinian people and our cause down a dark dead-end alley, in addition to costing enormous material and political damage to our national struggle at the Arab and international levels.

Those tragic events allow Israel to execute its plans directed against the Palestinian national project by truly separating the two geographical and political parts of the homeland and imposing the project of a state with provisional borders, as well as continuing its policies on the West Bank.

The main task of our people continues to be to struggle to reach the national objectives of freedom, independence and return to our lands, as well as to confront the genocidal policies of Israel. This requires that quick steps be taken toward a bold and brave solution regarding the painful events that Palestinians are going through. This means the indispensable and necessary condition of strengthening unity, consolidating the stability of the Palestinian people in their territory, in addition to maintaining the national, social and democratic achievements we have attained through our historic struggle.

Therefore, we reaffirm the following:

1. - our overwhelming rejection of all types of military solutions to inter-Palestinian disputes and the consequences that result from these. We affirm that the extensive and global national dialogue, based on the Document of National Reconciliation and the Cairo Agreement, constitute the only means of solving the contradictions. This is required to create the appropriate and positive environments to reach success. In this context, we call upon the brothers of the Hamas Movement to withdraw and to relinquish all recent measures taken as a military solution in the dispute in the Gaza Strip.

2. - the immediate cessation of all transgressions and violations against individuals, properties and institutions in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, and the taking of all official and popular measures that put an end to these practices, in addition to ending the practice of wearing hoods and masks.

3. - to reaffirm the necessity to respect the Constitution and the Basic Law. To apply democracy, and the principle of the peaceful transfer of power and dialogue as the only road to protect the Palestinian political system.

4. - to rehabilitate all of the institutions of the PLO in its character the sole and legitimate representative of our Palestinian people and its highest political reflection: the Palestinian National Authority. To take preparatory steps to democratically choose the Palestinian National Council based on the principle of full percentage representation and the participation of all sectors according to the 2005 Cairo Agreement and the Document of National Reconciliation.

5. - to consolidate the democratic process of our people, the achievements reached on the basis of diversity and political pluralism, to respect freedom of speech through legal means endorsed by the National Palestinian Constitution, as well as the freedom of the press, the freedom of the trade unions and civic organizations and to reject all efforts to impair these achievements or any that unfold.

6. - to reform the security apparatuses and to unify them in accordance with the law and to eliminate all positions of division of power and the influences of different factions, in the functions of the same.

All the above mentioned constitute the basic and essential conditions to strengthen the unity of our people and to consolidate our internal front, which is not isolated from the tasks required to create the appropriate environment that allows the holding of presidential and legislative elections on the basis of the principle of full percentage representation so that our people, in this sense, will have the final word.


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