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Firm Steps in 2011 toward Palestinian Independence
January, 2011

We bid farewell to yet another year of occupation, repression and discrimination against our people in our beloved native Palestine, a year of arduous struggle in the face of an ultra-right Zionist government that has persisted in sustaining its criminal measures against Gaza, the West Bank, Jerusalem and the territories of 1948.

It was a year of confrontation with the Israeli politics of aggressions, murder, land confiscation, the destruction of thousands of fruit-bearing trees, the burning of crops, the construction of settlements and of the Wall, in addition to the blockade of Gaza, the Judaization of Jerusalem through the expulsion of thousands of its residents, arrests and the continued imprisonment of thousands of sons and daughters of the Palestinian people.

The year that passed was full of pain and worries, but marked by the will of a people who will not surrender or give in, a people that is advancing and battling day after day to lay siege against the enemy, to restrict its space and to convert into reality the dream of millions of Palestinian who yearn for freedom and to bring the hour of independence nearer.

The last few days of last year — thanks to Latin America — turned into a bright promise along the path to victory and support for Palestinian rights. Countries of great weight (Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay and Ecuador) gave a fatal blow to the occupier and raised their voices with dignity in recognition of the Palestinian right to an independent state in the territories occupied on June 4, 1967, with Arab Jerusalem as its capital.

Our people, in the homeland and in the diaspora, welcome the new year of struggle with firm steps and a will that is more decisive and solid that ever. We are accompanied in this just struggle by friendly forces, solidarity movements, governments and fraternal peoples determined to convert 2011 into the year of international recognition of the independent Palestinian state with the borders of 1967.

The achievement in the last few days of 2010 is a victory for the Palestinian cause and the right to our emancipation from the occupier, the return of the refugees and the creation of a sovereign state equal to that of any of the peoples of the world.

This advance is the fruit of the efforts and continuous struggles of Palestinian people using all means and at all levels everywhere, with the support of all lovers of peace and justice in the world.


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