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Hurrah for the 46th anniversary of the glorious foundation
22 February is a new dawn in the history of Revolution and of the people


• To put an end to division and to achieve internal unity again is the path to recover political initiative and to undertake once more the road of combat

• The failure of the useless negotiations implies for us the adoption of a new political strategy that would unite the fight on the ground with the political and diplomatic struggle

• The new policy requires the reconstruction of the political, economic and social system at the service of war for Independence

On February 22, we welcomed the 46th anniversary of the glorious foundation of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine. This was a national occasion celebrated by the Palestinian people and their political forces in the fatherland and the diaspora on the road to return, to self-determination and to the independent state with total sovereignty and Jerusalem as its capital, within the borders prior to June 4 1967.

This year we remember the anniversary under the shadow of the political challenges that our Palestinian cause is facing, and in the midst of increasingly complicated internal, regional and international situations. This is something that demands from all Palestinian forces to be up to the national and patriotic responsibility to strengthen the political horizon vis-à-vis the persistence of the national struggle in all its forms with the view of attaining the inalienable and legitimate national rights of our Palestinian people.

■ ■ ■

The first of those challenges is to put an end to division and to recover internal unity, since our bitter experience has demonstrated, since June 2007, that without putting an end to division and without restoring internal unity, the Palestinian situation will continue to be powerless to confront political demands, besides consolidating its forces to resist occupation and colonialism. At the same time, it would be impotent to recover the political initiative, above all with the arrival of the negotiating process, in the light of the already experienced conditions and mechanisms known and acknowledged by its own masters, of the barred roads.

Beginning its forty-seventh year, the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine reaffirms that putting an end to division and recovering internal unity are the two necessary conditions for the development of the Palestinian political system and the implementation of its mechanisms, and also for the strengthening of its potential and its national capacity, in order to be up to the growing responsibilities that lie ahead on the difficult and complex path of our struggle.

Putting an end to division and recovering internal unity are the two conditions to turn the page of the useless negotiations and to present a new and alternative political initiative for our Palestinian national movement. Without these two conditions, the Palestinian situation will continue to suffer from two problems that assail it and force it to wear out, on improper things, its energies for the struggle. This slows down the struggling progress of our people and disperses them in battles in which they are all losers and Israeli occupation is the sole winner.

It is necessary to reaffirm the need to call on the Provisional Palestinian Leadership to convene an immediate meeting with the view of eliminating the obstacles and impediments to put an end to division and to recover internal unity, after our experience has proven the failure of other solutions, including the bilateral solution between Al-Fatah and Hamas.

■ ■ ■

At a political level, the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine –now celebrating with our people and their political forces its forty-sixth anniversary— calls on everyone to recover the political initiative, ever since the current negotiating process entered into a blind alley, and our bitter experience has once more proven the blind alignment of the United States alongside the Israeli enemy. Meanwhile, successive Israeli governments have rejected the possibility of replying to the demands for a balanced arrangement that would guarantee our struggling people its inalienable and legitimate national rights, represented in the act of returning, in self-determination and in an independent state.

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine calls for the implementation of a new alternative policy based on the following elements:

1- To adopt an offensive diplomatic policy by activating the incorporation of the State of Palestine to international institutions and organs, and to denounce, before the International Criminal Court, the crimes of occupation, collective harassment, colonialism, and the assassination of defenseless civilians, and to judge the Israeli who are responsible, to isolate de Zionist State and to de-legitimize occupation. To internationally widen the enclosure of economic, academic and political boycott of the enemy state. To extend the circle of recognition to the Palestinian State and the legitimate national rights of our people, including the right to return to their homes and properties, by virtue of Resolution 194, as a fair and legal solution to the cause of refugees.

2- To adopt a struggling policy on the ground, on the road to integral popular resistance and of every legitimate form of struggle of our people to confront occupation and colonialism, and this requires the cessation of all forms of security coordination with the occupying force and a general boycott of the Israeli economy. Furthermore, to adopt an alternative economic, social and financial strategy, to support the zones endangered by colonial constructions, to strengthen the resistance of the poor strata and the strata of modest incomes, and to put all the economic, political, media, security and other potentials at the service of the battle for Independence and liberation from occupation and colonialism.

3- To work towards the goal of lifting the blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip, with a view to guarantee the necessary capacities to resume the reconstruction of what was destroyed by Israeli aggression, and to take the necessary measures in order to adopt a policy of defense for Gaza, including the construction of a united front of national resistance with a joint headquarters, under a collective political leadership, in accordance with the principle “partners in blood … partners in decision.”

4- To strengthen the unity of our struggling people in the fatherland and the diaspora, by offering more political and social attention to the situation of Palestinian refugees in exile, above all to our people in Syria. This would be achieved through the creation of a special committee for crises within the Executive Committee that would provide all sorts of financial and material support for dozens of thousands of displaced people, and also by working with the parties involved, with the goal in mind of withdrawing the armed groups from the refugee camps, especially the Al-Yarmouk Camp, and to help their inhabitants to return and to turn the camps again into secure and stable zones. Apart from supporting the struggles of our people in Lebanon for their right to work, to lodging, to the achievement of the reconstruction of the Nahr Al-Bared refugee camp, to the establishment of a Palestinian university and to the development of the services of the United Nations Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA).

■ ■ ■

Entering into its forty-seventh year, the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine addresses the fighters that are prisoners in Israeli jails with a greeting of combat, and reaffirms the firmness of our people with its struggles for freedom, the destruction of the chains of the jailers, the dismantling of the settlements and the expulsion of the occupying force. It also addresses the families of the martyrs with a high respect for their invaluable sacrifices on the path to freedom, to national salvation and to the certain victory. We express the renewal of our commitment to all the sons of our people, to their political forces, as well as to all the detachments of the Arab National Actions and to the international democratic forces, in order to continue the struggle and to carry on with our attachment to the undisputed objectives of achieving our inalienable rights, until the enemy picks up its luggage in preparation to abandon the Palestinian soil. Then the sun of the return of refugees to their homes and properties will rise and shine.

• Long live the forty-sixth anniversary of the foundation of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine!

• Long live the unity of our people around the goal of returning, of self-determination and of establishing an independent State with full sovereignty!

• Eternal peace for martyrs…! Recovery for the wounded...! And freedom for the prisoners of liberty!

• Victory for the Revolution…! Glory for the fatherland!

Central Committee
Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
February 22, 2015


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