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International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People and the Centennial of the Balfour Declaration

On November 29 of each year, our Palestinian people commemorate, together with all the free peoples of the world, the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

That date, approved by the United Nations General Assembly by its Resolution 40/33 of December 2, 1977, coincides with the date of the passing of Resolution N°181 of 1947, which proposed the partition of Palestine into two states, one of them Arab and the other Jewish, on the historic land of Palestine.

In accordance with that decision, the State of Israel was created, a state of occupation and violations, while the Palestinian people continue to be the victims of that decision and of every colonial policy that was initiated after the Balfour Declaration in the year 1917, a declaration that promised the Zionist Movement a “Jewish national home” in Palestine, thus inaugurating a policy of ethnic cleansing that deprived the Palestinian people of their natural right, enjoyed by other peoples of the world, to establish their independent state on the soil of their natal land.

The establishment, by the UN, on November 29, of a day of solidarity with our cause represented an acknowledgement of the legitimacy of the Palestinian struggle and of the Palestinian national rights.

It meant an impetus for the intensification of the struggle under the banners of the PLO, within the occupied territories and in the countries of refuge and the diaspora, with the aim of rescuing, from the paws of the occupying force, the national rights to self-determination, to a return and to the creation of the independent state.

This year, the commemoration coincides with the launch of a national campaign to remember the centennial of the infamous Balfour Declaration, a campaign centered on the call to turn the year 2017 into the year of constitution of the independent Palestinian state.

This is the time to ask Great Britain to repair its historic crime committed against the Palestinian people, and to recognize their national rights, and to ask the international community, in particular the United States, to redress the great injustice thrown upon the Palestinian people who experienced and continue to experience the occupation, the emigration, the continued catastrophes (Nakbat) and the confiscation of their national and human rights.

Our pride and appreciation go to the role played by the Palestinian communities in the diaspora vis-à-vis the national cause and to reveal the suffering of our people, to de-mask the crimes of the occupying forces and to mobilize every type of support and to defend our rights.

We express our confidence in the role of the communities to transform the newly coming year into a year to put an end to occupation and for the implementation of continuing activities in favor of the struggle for freedom.

To transform this year into a year of pressures on the government of the United Kingdom in order to force it to apologize to our people for the crime of the Balfour Declaration and to redress their crime through the acknowledgement of the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes, from which they were expelled by military force, as well as to recognize the State of Palestine over the totality of occupied territories since the aggression of June 4, 1967, and the City of Jerusalem, eternal capital of the people and the State of Palestine.

Let us turn this day, from an opportunity to recall, and into a true tool to make progress along the road of the recovery of our rights.

The Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian Cause is a special day in the Palestinian national struggle and in the internationalist commitment of friends and people who convey solidarity and who support and defend our rights.

With the struggle of our people and the efforts of our friends who convey solidarity we will welcome the coming year with greater capacities for action and to influence on, and awaken, the consciousness of the world towards our continuing Nakba.

Palestine and its people are and will always be a symbol of the cause for freedom and justice in the world.


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